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Queen Isabella Kuran


This is a story that will involve an Anime Series called Vampire Knight, the TV show The Vampire Diaries and the movie Twilight.

In this story Bella’s real name is Isabella Kuran, she is the only pureblood left in existence. But she doesn’t remember that (the story will say why) anyway, in her mind, she is the younger sister of Stefan and Damon Salvatore. She remembers nothing of her past. She also witnessed the "death" of her brothers. After years of depression she decided it was time for a change, so she changed her last name and started off her new life....what she doesn’t know is that her brothers are still alive....when she finds herself with the Cullens she realizes that love and life lives on....she is also learning how much vampires have changed. Sense they are so different from her. But when she meets the Cullens, Carlisle Cullen recognizes her from his past. And when Bella sees him, memories start coming back. Because Carlisle Cullen has met her before, but not as Bella Swan, but as Queen Isabella Kuran, the ruler of all vampires.

When her “brothers” find her alive will the truth finally come out? Will Bella find out who she truly is? How will she react when she finds out her whole live has been a lie? Will she fall for Edward, or will she take her role as the queen of vampires?

Chapter 1 - BPOV (Bella's Point Of View)

Entering Forks High School wasn't an easy thing to do, especially if you haven't been around humans for a couple hundred years, and when the entire student body has their eyes locked on you doesnt make it any easier. I've been on my own sense my brothers were killed in 1864 by my own father, if i could have stopped him i would've. But i couldn't, and only because...

"Hi, you must be the new girl!" Said someone from behind me.

I turn around to see a human girl with a smile on her face.

"Hello." I tell her with a small smile on my  face, she has a very interesting smell, but not appetizing enough to make me thirsty

"My name is Jessica."

"I'm Bella, Bella...S..Swan." I cant tell this human my name, i cant tell anyone, at least not my real one. I think in my head.

"Have you gotten your scheduele yet?" She asks me.

"No i havent actually, can you show me the way to the office?" I tell her.

"Sure its this way." And she start walking away from me and i follow.

"Here is it." She says as she stops in front of a door.

"Ok. Thanks, Ill be right back." I tell her as i walk in.

"Hi how may i help you?" The lady behind the counter asks me.

"Yes im new and i need a schedule of classes." "Oh sure. Whats your name?" She asks me.

"Its Bella Swan." I tell her in a nice voice.

"I'm sorry but you're not registered at this school."

I look around the little office, and when i see that no one is looking i look into her eyes and say...Yes i am in the roster, i am a junior student here and you will give me a list of classes for  me to go to.

"You are on my roster, you are a senior student at her and i will give you a list of classes to go to." She whispers.

I hate doing that but its the only way to get in without no one finding out who i really am.

"Here you go. Im sorry for the misunderstanding." She tells me.

"Its ok. Bye." I tell her as i walk out the door.

"Let me look at your schedule!" Said Jessica while grabbing the piece of paper in my hands. I took everything i had not to growl at her.

"Aw thats to bad, we only have two classes together, here you go, ill see you in lunch!" She said to me while walking off.

"Thank God." I said under my breath while turning around.

"Ow!" I yelled as i bumped into someone that was as hard as stone.

"I'm sorry." Said the person.

When i look up i instently back away with a gasp, "Are you ok?" He said.

I nod and look away from his golden eyes, "I'm fine." I say.

Ive never been face to face with another vampire before, especially not one of these


* * *

During lunch i got to meet a couple more humans, Angela, Erick, and Mike. They were all nice to me, but Mike was to nice though, and Jessica didnt seem to like that. But now its time for Physics.

"You must me Bella." Said the teacher from behind his desk.

"Yes sir i am." I told him.

"Well Bella, all the seats seem to be taken so you get the pleasure to sit next to Mr. Cullen." He told me.

I turn to see the vampire starting at me with a look of frustration. Come one Bella, you knew this day was coming. Now its time to get it over with. I think to myself as i walk and sit next to him.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen. You must be Bella Swan." He says to me in the most angel like voice. "Hi." I said to him.

"Good morning class, there will be a blood drive this week and i think you students should know your blood type. So you will be priking your finger and putting a drop of blood on the disk. So lets begin shall we?" Said the teacher.

"Blood?" I whispered to myself. I cant do blood, i havent feed in weeks. I thought to my self.

"Ow!" Yelled a student when they poked him. "Oh no." I told myself when the smell of blood got stronger.

When i started to feel my face change i put my head  down and stopped breathing. Hoping the hunger would just go away. But it just got worse. "Hey are you ok?" Asked Edward. "I'm fine." I told him, well more like growled at him.

"Mr. Banner. Bella isnt feeling well, can i take her to the nurse?" Edward asked.

"Yes go ahead."

When i heard the ok i just got up with my face down and ran as humanly possible to my car. "Bella!" I heard him yell from behind me. "Get away from me!!" I yelled at him as i opened the trunk and got a blood bag. "Bella what is that? Why do you have a blood bag?" He asked me.

"I said leave me alone you vampire!" I yelled at him as i ran at vampire speed to the forest and climb the highest tree and drank the blood bag as if i was dying of thirst. "Dammit!!" I yelled at myself. I couldnt believe that on the first day i had blown my cover.

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sounds pretty interesting...continue please!

plz carry on it sounds great XD XD XD

awesome! you should really continue this!

This is interesting :) please carry on and keep me posted

Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Keep writing please!!!! It sounds so great with what is going on, I love your plot. Can you keep me updated with your story? I really want to read more of it! :)

PLease make a book out of it. I havent been on here for awhile but i really like this. Please do continue. 

Oh my gosh it sound's really great Keep us updated :)

I'm really sorry I haven't updated yet...things have been going on here at home and I didn't have the time to write.

But im back now and chapter 2 will be coming REALLY soon.


Chapter 2


"Bella." I heard him say from the bottom of the tree. "Leave me alone." I tell him while silent tears start escapiing my eyes.

"Bella." He says while he climbs the tree and sits next to me with a bewildered expression on his face. "You're crying." He says. "Of course i am. Doesnt everyone?" I ask him.

"But you drank blood, you ran as fast as a vampire." He says to me.

"Because i am a vampire. Just not like you." I tell him. "But that's impossible, you look like a human."

"Im a different kind of vampire." I told him. "Come with me." He said.

"What?" "Come with me, met my father, he might know something about you. He might figure out why you're like this." He said in a rush.

"I will not become some vampire doctors experiment!" I yelled at him as I turned around. "Wait! I didn't mean it that way. Its just that, we've never thought there were different kinds of vampires."

"Not yet." i told him. "I understand." he told me with a smile on his face.

"I cant go back there." I told him. "May i asked what happened there?"

"Its a long story." I told him. "Well we have the whole day."

"I havent been near humans in centuries. I was going through a tough time and i got away from human society. The only reason i would come in contact with a human was to ease my thirst."

"You drink human blood?" He asked me in a surprised tone. "I have to. Animal blood doesnt have any affect on me. Only the blood of a human will calm my thirst."

"Where are you from?" He asked me.

"From a small town called Mystic Falls. I used to live there with my father and two older brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore..."

"So your real name is Bella Salvatore?" He asked me. "

Yes, my brothers took really good care of me when I was with them, they would get me humans to feed on. They cared so much about me." "What happened to them?" He asked me.

"My father killed them." I said to him

- flashback -

"Stefan, Damon!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"Bella run!!" Stefan yelled at me. "

I'm not leaving you here to die! Father is trying to kill you because of me!" I yelled back while tears came down my face.

"Bella. You have to hide, if father finds you he will kill you without hesitation." Damon told me. "

But I..." "But nothing Bella, you will leave Mystic Falls and never return, don't look back, you run and run. Do you understand me?" Damon told me while grabbing my shoulders. "I cant." I told them.

"Go!" They yelled at me at the same time.

I ran from them, feeling so scared for them. I hid behind a few trees, still keeping my eyes on them, my brothers, my protectors. my family. "

Where is she?!?!" Yelled my father from behind them. "

She left father. You'll never find her!" Yelled Damon.

"You tell me where that disgusting vampire is or I will kill both of you!!" He yelled while gabbing Damon by his arm. "

We'll never tell you father." Stefan told father is a calm voice. "

Then you leave me no choice."

"Nooo!!!" I yelled while father brought up his gun and shot Stefan and Damon.

"Noooo!!" I said again while running toward father. "How could you?!" I yelled at him while grabbing his gun and braking it in half.

"Die!" He yelled while piercing me with a wooden stake. "Ahh!" I yelled while stepping back. "

I have to do this Bella." He told me while pushing me to the ground. "And I have to do this." I told him as I t up with vampire speed and bit into his neck. He stuggled but eventually his heart gave out, and I dropped his almost lifeless body to the ground.

While turning around to see my brothers for the last time I heard him say. "You were never my daughter." "What?" I turned around to face him again. "I never were my daughter, I'm not your father." And with that, he died.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, that couldn't be possible.

"Bella." I heard someone whisper. "Stefan!" I yelled as i ran towards him.

"Bella. Promise me" "Promise you what?" "Promise me you wont return to Mystic Falls again. People will never forget what happened here. There will always be people hunting vampires." Stefan told me.

"I promise big brother." "Now go. I don't  have much time left, and there will be people here soon." He told me.

"I cant just leave you here." "Bella, we have always loved you. But now its time for you to move on without us." Stefan said.

"Go and have fun, and beat some human butt while your out there." Said Damon with a small smile on his face.

"Even when you're dying you have some jokes." I whispered to him. "

Go Bella." Said Damon. "

I love both of you so much." I said to them as I got up and ran back to my hiding place just before the a couple more humans came.

"She killed all three Salvatores, must have killed the father then the sons with his gun before breaking it in half." Said one human.

"Check in the woods! She must still be out there!!" Someone else yelled. I turned around and ran, just when my brothers heartbeats stopped.

- End Of Flashback -


"Bella?" Asked Edward while whiping a few tears of my face.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I didnt mean for you to cry. I'm sorry for what you went through." He said. "You're a mind reader." I said with a small laugh.

"Yeah. I'm sorry, I didnt mean to get in your bussines." He said to me. "Its okay. Now i dont have to tell you the story."

"Where are you staying?" He asked me. "Honestly, nowhere. All my stuff is in my car." I said. Just when I said that his cell phone rang.

"Alice." He said.

"You're girlfriend." I said with a little bit of a sad voice.

"Not exactly." He said with a smile on his face.

"Hey Alice." He said through the phone.

"Tell Bella her room is ready to go, Carlisle and Esme are totally cool with her staying with us."

"What?" I asked. "Ok Alice."

"How did she..?" I asked when she hung up. "She can see the future." He told me. "She can?"

"Do you want to meet my family? Sense they somewhat know about you?" He asked again.

"*Sigh* I dont think I have another choice." I said to him with a small smile on my face. "Then lets go." He told me while holding out his hand.

I grabbed it and we both jumped off the tree. When we landed he let go and started to run. As I followed I asked him. "What about my stuff?"

"Oh yeah. I guess we should go get it huh?"

"Race you?" I asked him. "Ok." He said a little to confidently. And took off running, he was pretty fast for a vampire, but i was faster. I jumped on a couple trees and i was ahead of him.

"I win!" I yell as i reach my car first. "I've never met anyone who has ever been faster than me."

"Well you've never met me." I said with a huge smile on my face. Did i just flirt with him? I asked myself.

"Yes you did." He answered. "Oh crap!" I said. "Dont worry, i was too." He told me. "Come on lets go." He said to me while going to the passanger side.

"This is your house?" I asked him when we got there. It was three stories high! "Yeah."

"How many of you live here?" "Seven." "Seven?" "Come on." He said as he got out and opened my door.

Before we got the chance to open the door there was a little pixie vampire.

"Hi my name is Alice." She told me as she came and gave me a huge hug.

"Hi I'm Bella." "Oh I know. I saw you and Edward in the woods."

"Right." I said to her. Thats wierd. "Tell me about it." Edward said.

"What did she say?" Alice asked. "That she loves your clohtes." "You're such a bad liar Edward!" She told him while hitting his shoulder.

"Hey that one actually hurt!" Edward told Alice.

"Good!" Alice said.

They both smiled and Alice turned to go into the house.

"Come on." Edward told me. Going inside was just amazing. Everything was perfect. And yet i hadnt seen how many people were in the room, three girls and two guys, not including Edward.

"Bella youve already met Alice, and this is her husband Jasper." "Hello. Its a pleasure to met you Bella." Said Jasper.

"And this is Rosalie and her husband Emmett." "Hi." Said the blood one named Rosalie.

"Its about time we saw another face around here!" Yelled Emmett. "And this is my mother Esme."

"Mother?" I asked Edward. "Not my biological mother, we're all adopted."

"'Oh." I told him. "Hello Bella. Its so nice to met you." She told me while giving a hug.

"Where's Carlise?" Asked Edward. Carlisle? Where have a heard that name before. I asked myself.

"Hello Edward." I heard someone say from the top of the stairs.

When Carlisle saw me he gasped, and so did Edward. But when i saw him i saw a very familiar face, and just when i started to remember i got this HUGE headache.

"It cant be." He whispered. "What?" Asked Esme.

"Its Isabella Kuran." Carlisle said. "No. No my name is Bella Salvatore." I told him while rubbing my head.

The pain just kept getting worse.

"Isabella Kuran?" They all asked.

"You mean the queen of all vampies?" Asked Alice. "

No thats not me." I wanted to say but the pain wouldnt let me say it. "Ahh!" I yelled while falling on my knees.

"Bella!" Yelled someone, more than likely Edward but i couldnt tell.

"My head!!" I yelled at them. But the pain just kepy getting worse and worse.

And just then I remembered him, Carlisle. But the memory was so strong I passed out. "Bella!" Was the last thing i heard from the real world.


well, that is something new...wonder what will happen now


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