The Twilight Saga

Summary: When sixteen year old Bella Swan and her Mother, Renée Swan, have the chance to visit Bella's Father during the summer, they take it with joy, but what
happens on the way there? Life-changing things that makes Bella to
think different on life. But what exactly happens? Will they ever
reach their goal to Charlie?

All the characters belong to Stephenie Meyer!

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Chapter one

“Are you happy to see Charlie again?” asked Bella's Mother, Renée, as Bella was looking out of the plane window. The sky was almost cloud-free and the sun stood on its highest level. They had left early in the morning and both Bella and Renée were exhausted. They were going to visit Bella's Dad together for the first time in many years. Phil had been so busy practising with his baseball team that Renée thought it was time visiting and that it would be a great opportunity. It came to Bella like a shock, it was a long time ago her Mum had even wanted to visit. She guessed it was an impulse thing. Her Dad had also been shocked when they asked him about it but he recovered quickly telling them that they were more than welcome and could stay as long as they liked. It was summer and Bella had enjoyed the summer holidays spent together with her Mum and Phil when he got time. She had also read a lot and Wuthering Heights was packed in her bag, the spine on the book nearly making it as it was her favourite book. She had read it twice this summer and guessed it would be a few couple of more times before school started. She reminded herself to go to the library in Forks too and try to find anything good there, or go to Port Angeles and by something. She had a list with a few books she wanted to read.

“Yes, I really miss him”, answered Bella as the plane TV showed that they were now almost there. She felt her eyelids get heavy and she felt her Mum putting a blanket around her. She could close her eyes for a few seconds before landing in Seattle. She thanked  her Mum mentally and relaxed even more. Her Mum would be there when Bella woke up and they would see Charlie in a few hours. She could feel herself smiling before she drifted off to sleep.

Her eyes shot open and she felt the panic go through her body.

“Mum, what's happening?!” The whole plane was shaking and she felt her panic rise even more. Her Mum looked back at her with a shattered expression on her face. She was as pale as Bella had ever seen her and sweat was visible on her forehead.

“One of the engines are broken”, she whispered and Bella could feel her tension and the horror Renée felt. As soon as her Mother said that her panic got the best of her and she wanted nothing more than to make it stop.

“Can they do anything about it?” she asked as she took her Mum's hand in hers and squeezed it hard. She could tell that Renée was at the verge of tears and that was enough of an answer for her. They were going to crash and no one could do anything about it. She looked around at the other passengers and her emotions reflected in their faces. The air hostesses looked at each other in panic, trying to keep calm and help everyone, trying to help them to be as safe as possible, but when they looked at each other and saw the panic in the other's eyes, they also knew they couldn't do anything to make it stop. It was just to stretch the seatbelt tightly and follow the safe manual as much as possible. Bella could see people cry, children hugging their Mothers and Fathers, people talking on the phone, saying their goodbyes. She could also feel the plane fall down in a big right turn and that fast. She couldn't help but to look out of the window. The ground grew bigger and bigger as the seconds passed and it felt like she couldn't look away. She knew that there would only be minutes until they crashed and once again her panic rose.  All these children, they would never experience how it would be like to grow up. They would never fight with friends over a boy, find new friends when starting at college, find love, get married, have children, and grow old. Then she realised something, neither would she. When she realised that she realised that she was going to die. All of them would because they were now crashing to the ground. She squeezed her Mother's hand and looked at her. Her Mother was still shocked and she could see tears streaming down Renée's face. She wiped them away from her Mother's cheeks and hugged her as tight as possible. She didn't want to lose her. She had always been the hard rock in Bella's life even though she was the one with a childish mind. She had always been there for Bella in wet and dry and she was the one she could always count on. And Dad. Even though Bella didn't see him often and even though it was kind of awkward between them, he was always there for her. They would spend time together and enjoy each others company and there was some kind of bond between them so they always felt that they meant much to one another and that they were needed. Charlie... the only family he had and now... in a few seconds he hadn't. They said that death was peaceful, simple. And that life was harder. Bella just hoped that they were right. 

“I love you Isabella”, whispered her Mother to her.

“I love you too Mum and I always will”, whispered Bella back and held Renée's hand as if it was no tomorrow. And in fact, it wasn't. She looked out again, scared of what she would see. The only thing she saw was trees. Trees everywhere and no houses. She betted they were near but she thought it felt good to know that they wouldn't cause any more trouble with what happened than it already was. She kept her eyes closed, this was it. The seconds before she knew they would crash felt like minutes, hours. She didn't know how long, only that she was crashing for her death and it went in some kind of slow motion. Not as on TV, it was something else, something that couldn't be explained. Time was running by far too quickly and at the same time, it felt like it took hours, even though Bella didn't want anything more than for this to never happen, she wished she was back in Phoenix reading or already being in Forks with her Father and Mother, that this wouldn't happen to anyone, not them, not anyone else in the plane or anyone else.

“I love you”, whispered Bella to Renée. She felt the pressure as they hit the ground hard and she heard the bang ringing in her ears. Heat was overpowering.

Bella could feel her eyelids flickering and light made it impossible as she tried to see. Was she dead? Where was she? Then she felt the sharp pain. She wanted to scream out in pure agony but no sound left her lips. It was as if she was trapped in her own body as it was on fire, nobody letting her out. The pain was starting in her left shoulder and went all the way down. She could hear ambulances, people screaming and fire licking the trees that surrounded them. Her eyes still fought against Bella and she still couldn't see anything. What was happening? Where was she? Was Renée okay? She heard people shout, what were they saying? No, of course she wasn't dead, death wasn't supposed to be this painful, was it? A hope lit up inside of her. What if her Mother was doing fine? Then it felt like someone was stabbing her in the back and the pain shot up and down her spine, making her want to scream out in pain in pure agony. No, Renée could be alive, but not fine she realised with a sharp intake of breath. Renée needed her, Bella realised and she needed to open her eyes! The pain came in spells and she couldn't move an inch when one of these came. When the pain didn't overpower her senses, she couldn't feel a thing. She was totally and utterly numb. Her head felt pressed under water making it pound like never before, as if she was drowning and she took ragged breaths every time she tried to breathe. She needed help. Her Mother needed help. Everyone needed help. Couldn't someone hear her? Couldn't someone try to find them? Didn't anyone see the plane passengers? All she wanted was her Mum to be all right and all the others too. Only if someone came to help them! The pain once again shot through her and she gasped in vein.

“Is someone there? Can anyone hear me?” She heard a distant male voice scream over the sound of licking fire. Yes, we're here! Please help me, I don't know where or how my Mother is! She wanted to scream but it still didn't work to use her voice. Now she could at least open her eyes, but as soon as she opened them she wanted to shut them close again. The fire was everywhere around the plane and it seemed like she was stuck in some kind of way. She tried to look around. Everyone's eyes were closed, couldn't they open their eyes as she couldn't a minute ago? The pain that went up and down her spine still came regularly and she tried to focus on the people instead. They couldn't could they? She meant, they were going to be all right, right? Yes they were, she tried to convince myself.

“Hello?” The voice again. Come over here, please! She tried to speak to him mentally, knowing that it was hopeless, and she knew that if they didn't find her she would actually die. Then her mind went into shock. She had actually lived through a plane crash...! It was... impossible, that just happened in films or books, not in reality. It came crushing down to her too quickly she guessed because in the next second she could hear herself gasp. It was almost a scream you could call it and it was the most she could muster. It was the loudest she had sounded since... since when all this happened. She could hear voices now more clearly. They were coming closer and closer and she just hoped they would find her. And that soon. The pain shot through her again but her throat was too hoarse to scream, this time she could just breathe. Nearly that. Her Mum. Was she okay? When the pain didn't shot through her she still couldn't feel anything or move any part of her body. She couldn't feel or squeeze to check if her Mother's hand was still in hers. Was it? She tried to turn her head unsuccessfully and mentally sighed. This wasn't working, why didn't they check the persons in the plane? She could hear from the noise outside that they had the fire under control now. Then the moving noise again. It felt even closer now and she tried to show the person or persons that she really was breathing. She tried to look as much as she could but couldn't see anything but up in the plane ceiling. Closer.

“I've found one! She's breathing!” exclaimed someone and Bella felt everything go black.

She groaned as she tried to open her eyes. Once again it was so light it was impossible to see anything. Did she pass out? Was she still in the air plane? The others? Everyone else, were they okay? As she blinked hard enough her vision seemed to form a bright shining room. Wait, was it her mind playing her a joke or wasn't she in the air plane any more? The only thing she could hear was some kind of beeping noise far in the distant, otherwise it seemed like it was just her there. Now when she looked around she seemed to be in... a hospital, yes that was it! Then her eyes caught something. Or someone. There, on an extra bed was Charlie. He was sleeping, she could tell by his snoring. But his face... it looked hunted as if he was having a bad dream or something. He had dark purple circles under his eyes, his face would twist as in a bad dream. She could see that tears had streamed down his cheeks and he clutched the bed stand so hard his muscles became white. What had really happened? Bella couldn't let him suffer like this! Was it because of her? Where was Renée? She realised that she could move her head and she turned around to see if someone else was in the hospital room. Empty. Where was her Mum? Was she somewhere near? In which department? Her Dad made some noise in his sleep, sounding like he was about to have a panic attack. He seemed to clutch the bed stand even tighter with his hands and Bella was afraid he would hurt himself. She no longer felt any pain, just a numbness in her whole body.

“Charlie?” she whispered tryingly. To her very surprise she could faintly hear her own voice. It sounded hoarse but  she could at least speak. Charlie stirred as if he heard her and then went back to sleep far too anxiously. She watched him, not sure what to do.

“Bella!” called Charlie suddenly, his voice dripping with panic. At first Bella thought he was awake, but he kept his eyelids closed. She needed to wake him up, he was starting to get a panic attack.

“Charlie!” She tried to call out a little louder, pressing her voice to the ultimate. He stirred for a little longer until his eyes shot open in the blink of an eye.

“W-what?!” He looked around searching for the sound that had awoken him. As he took in Bella's worried look, soundless tears were starting to flow down his face.

“B-Bella!” He exclaimed and was about to hug her when he seemed to remember that she was in a hospital bed. Bella wanted nothing more than to stand up, go over to her Dad, wrap him in a hug and wipe away his tears. But once again she was reminded of what had happened and that she couldn't move an inch. She cursed under her breath for not being able to move and then she felt her own tears on her cheeks. Her relief to be alive, her worry for her Father and Mother, her pain. Everything was too much for her and seeing her Dad so sad made it even worse.

“Bella, I'm so glad y-you're OK!” said Charlie while carefully stroking his daughter's cheek. Bella couldn't help but to rest her head in her Father's careful hand as more tears flooded over. Just seeing her Dad when she never thought she would again... it was overwhelming and impossible to believe but she was there. She was with her Father, he was there with her, stroking her cheek gently as if she was a feather, breakable in every way. 

“Dad, where is Mum? Is she going to be okay?” Bella couldn't helpasking as soon as she could. Her mind couldn't let go of how hurt her Mother might be and that she wanted to see her. What if she was in pain? What if she didn't remember Bella? When the thought had appeared, she couldn't get it out of her mind. It could happen if someone was in a plane crash, right? That people lost their memory? Ooh no, what if it had happened?

“Dad, what's wrong?” Her Dad had gone quiet by then, looking at her as if he wanted to tell her something but couldn't manage to do it. That she was too breakable by then to be told something like that. What? It hadn't happened anything to her, right? Nothing too serious apart from the crash? Panic started to rise in her and spread in her whole body. Something was wrong.

“B-Bella... I don't know how to say this but...” her Father stammered but by then Bella already knew even though she didn't want to realise it herself. But then he finally said the words she didn't want to hear but that she knew were true.”Renée didn't make it Bella. She didn't survive.” His voice was dripping with sorrow and more and more tears streamed down his face. Bella could only look. Try to understand what he was saying because she didn't want to. The words leaving his mouth couldn't be true, she said to herself. It was impossible. Her Mother couldn't be... dead. And then he continued. “Bella, you were one out of nine others who survived. There were no others...” his voice broke when he said those words and Bella felt like she would be surrounded by blackness again. It couldn't be. Her Mother couldn't be dead! Her loving and caring Mother... she who made Bella smile, laugh and lightened up her day. Each day. She couldn't be... gone. In the back of her mind, Bella noticed that a beeping sound started to beep faster and faster and she wondered briefly what it could be. She ignored it once again and felt hot tears stream down her face like never before. Her Mother was... dead. The words didn't sink in because she didn't want it to be true. She didn't believe it could be true either, how could Renée die? She with the childish personality and such a big heart. What about Phil? Did he know? And Charlie. He was putting up a strong face for Bella, she realised, but how did he really feel? She wanted to be the one there for him, to comfort him but it was reversed and Bella couldn't even move a muscle even though all she wanted was to embrace her Father.

“Dad she can't...” whispered Bella because somehow, if she didn't admit it to herself that it was true, it wouldn't be? But deep down she knew it was and her heart ached for the loss of her Mother and made her feel like crap. Why was she to survive and her Mother not to? It wasn't fair. Life wasn't fair, she knew that, but what if it was Renée who lived and she was the one who didn't?

“Bella, sweetheart, she is. There's nothing we can do.” his voice was tender, pleading and right then Bella understood that her Father would do anything to get her Mother back, only it wasn't possible. She realised that he had been awake for hours thinking, hoping to get a solution to it all, making Renée come back. Bella's pain mixed with her Father's and she squeezed his hand, letting him know that she was there for him. And he squeezed back, letting her know the same as the tears streamed down both of their faces.


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it was wunderful.... pls post more, how sad...
Thank you Sara~! I was worried to post the first chapter so I'm so glad that you like it! I will post more as soon as possible, and I hope you will like chapter two!

Awesome story...more please!
Thank you M!R@ND@, I'm glad that you thought it was awesome this far! Hope to hear what you think about the next chapter too!

Wow, I'm so glad that you love it Evanna Bieber Launtner Felton and I'm glad you thought it was intense, it really means much to me! Of course I will keep you updated! Thank you so much! :)

Very good story. Very sad. I can't wait to read more. Post soon.
Thank you so much Kim67255! I can't wait to hear what you think about upcoming chapters and I'm so glad toy think it's good, I hope you will continue to think so!

poor bella this is an awesome story please keep me updated
Yeah... Thank you so much caitlin baldrick, I'm so happy you think it's an awesome start! I'll send you messages as soon as I update!

I think its a really good story.Please continue.I'm so sorry for Bella and Charlie.This is going to be tearjerker for sure.I can't wait for more!
Thank you Twilight Chick, I'm glad you think it's a good beginning! Yes, I am too... Thank you once again, I'm so happy to hear that you will continue to read this story!

so sad!! write more


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