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This is a love-triangle story about Jacob Black, a very special girl named Caitlyn Moore, and the newest member of the Cullen family, Eli. Renesmee was never born, Bella turned into a vampire, and Jacob gave up on love, untill he meets Caitlyn. He knows from the start that she's special.... And she has a thirst for his blood.


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Chapter One;; Seemingly Hopeless

Caitlyn's P.O.V.

"No." My voice was cold and commanding. "You are so not shipping me off to Forks." Okay, Deal is, my parents used to be mega rich. Like, get-anything-I-want-at-the-moment-I-want-it stinking rich. Then my oh so wonderful father decided to get drunk(Not trying to include a drug reference here, just speaking the truth....) and gamble nearly all of our family's money(Didn't ask either, jeesh this man is on a roll). So now my parents are so mega poor that they can't even afford to take care of their only child, me, and decided to give me to some of Mom's old friends, Carlisle and Esme Cullen. "Caitlyn..." My mom's sad face turned into an even sadder looking smile. "We've discussed this. Esme has your room ready and is expecting you today. We love you. We wish you the best, baby girl. Goodbye." She reached up and kissed my cheek and hugged me tightly, then turned me over to Dad. This is where I teared up. He made mistakes, but God I love the man to death. I've been a Daddy's Girl since I was born. I hugged him tight and for the last time inhaled his amazing scent. "I love you Daddy..." I whispered into his shoulder. He pulled me away a little and kissed both my cheeks. "I love you too baby... I'll miss you." Then he released me, and with one last look at the both of them, I reluctantly walked to my car to begin my new life.
* * * 
I sighed softly as I got off the plane and looked around. I spotted a brunette woman with a kind, heart-shaped face, and a blonde, smiling man standing with her. I slowly walked toward them as their oddly gold colored eyes found me. The woman, whom I'm guessing is Esme, smiled warmly. "Caitlyn!" She said loudly, and confirmed that it was her. "Um, hi." I said, smiling a little when I got to them. She happily took me into a hug. "I'm Carlisle, and this is my wife Esme." He said, smiling a little. "Um. Well, I'm Caitlyn Moore, as I guess you already know." Esme gently took my hand and lead us all to a beautiful black Mercedes. "Well, I'm happy to tell you you'll be beginning your new life with us." She smiled, yet again, and opened the door to the car, and I got in. New life alright.... i thought to myself. One that's just waiting to attack me. 

I hope y'all enjoyed! This is my first fanfiction, but I encourage all criticism!

-Caitlyn (Hehe, yes I'm using my own name for this.... :] )

A/N:: Sorry that was soooo short!! I'll try to update soon!

Chapter Two;; New Life

Caitlyn's P.O.V.

I gasped slightly as I got out of the car and looked at the house. It was amazing. Big and beautiful, and a creamish-white color. I didn't really notice it was raining until Carlisle and Esme herded me to the front porch. The door swung open before anyone of us touched it, but I realized someone opened it from the inside. "Hi!" exclaimed a girl with black.... pixie looking spiked hair as we hurried in out of the cold rain. Just after I took my jacket off and hung it up she took my hand, smiling. "I'm Alice. And I already know you're Caitlyn." What's up with everyone knowing my name...? "We're going to be great friends. You like shopping, right?" Before I could nod and say yes, a big, yet very hot-looking guy interrupted. "Alice, she just got here." He smiled a bit and came down the stairs with his hands in his pockets. "I'm Emmett." His deep, booming voice seemed to swallow me up. "I'm Caitlyn.." I said shyly. "We know." People had come up behind him, and a guy with cool bronze colored hair said that. "Get in line!" Alice shooed them all into a perfect looking line. "I'm Alice, as you know, this is Rosalie," She motioned to a blonde, and I was surprised she smiled at me. "Bella," She motioned this time to a cute brunette girl(I'm not lesbian, but hey, 'cute' was what described her....) "Edward," The feminine man with bronze hair. "Jasper," She beamed at the stiff looking man with blonde hair. "Emmett, as you know," Edward and Emmett had a hold of another man by the upper arms and brought him forward. "And, this is Eli." Her chirpiness suddenly faltered a bit as she gently took me and slid me behind her body. The first thing I noticed about Eli was that I was immediately attracted to him. Second thing, his eyes were completely black. So fast that I couldn't keep up, Eli was out of Edward and Emmett's hands and flying at me. "No!" everyone shouted at one time, and Jasper slammed into Eli and knocked him aside. Eli let out a furious growl and climbed over Jasper, threw Alice aside, and tackled me, latched his teeth onto my neck. Then, I did something that clearly surprised everyone; Instead of screaming, I moaned in pleasure and hugged him closer.

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