The Twilight Saga

Hey guys, this is my first Fan Fic. It's about a girl named Alli who is supposed to marry a vampire named Edward Cullen. But things go wrong. All rights go to Stephenie Meyer's characters. (Banners Allowed)



"Don't worry, you'll be fine," mom says, patting my hand. We're sitting inside her Volkswagon Bug as the rain pours down.

I sigh and let my fire-red hair fall into my eyes. "He won't like me."

"He'll love you. Now go before they change their mind." She gives me a little nudge.

I hop out the door into the rain. The Cullen house is right in front of me. I can't believe Mom set me up for this, but it's too late to turn back now. I make my way to the house, without any second thoughts.

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I hope you guys like it..sorry i forgot to add that :)

When are you going to update? I wanna know what goes wrong!!!! Update soon!!



Aww. Thanks. I'll probably update every Wednesday, Friday, & possibly Mondays & Sundays. Keep checking in! Thanks for reading.
-Crystal <3

Hi Crystal,

looking forward to reading more. Update soon.

Chapter 1

I groan and flip over on my stomach. Please not this again, I think.
"Wake up, Alli, It's almost time for school." Mom pokes me a couple of times.
I sit straight up. Oh, right. It's Monday.
Mom smiles when she sees me awake. I guess Mom and I look a lot alike. People always say we do, though I don't see it. She admits she even doesn't. Sure, we have the same long, blonde hair and hazel eyes, but it stops there. My older sister Caroline looks a lot like her though.
"I'm gonna get ready, Mom. Can you leave, please?"
She sighs and replies, "Sure, whatever you want."
We haven't been very close since she told me I'm going to marry a guy I haven't even met. I'm a senior in high school. But does that mean I have to marry just because I'm suddenly legal to? It's not even fair. Okay, she did it to Caroline, too. Caroline got lucky and married a guy she actually ended up liking. I'm just worried I won't like the guy Mom set me up with.
His name is Edward Cullen, apparently. He lives in Forks, Washington. I live in Brooklyn, New York. I'm really not looking forward to the trip to get to his house. I haven't seen any pictures of him yet because Mom wants him to be a surprise.
I get dressed in a hurry and rush downstairs. On the fridge, I see the calender. December 2nd, this Friday, is the day Mom and I are leaving to visit him and his family. I sigh and take an apple.
At school, my best friend Karla greets me. "Do you know how much imma miss you?"
"Chill, I'm going to be gone just for the weekend. I'm back on Sunday."
She looks down sadly. "Yeah, but after we graduate. You're going to be off married and happy-'
I cut her off. "Um, no. I'm not going to be happy."
"Whatever. Imma still miss you."
We start walking to our first period together in silence. "Listen, I'm not going to be gone after we graduate. I'm going to screw up our visit so this guy will hate me."
Karla smiles. "Great idea. Can i help?"
"Yes, I'm going to need all the help I can get...Here's what we'll do..."
Sorry it was short.. i promise next will be longer..
-Crystal <3

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! XD Can't wait for more!!!



Chapter 2

Karla and Mom are waiting outside for me when I come out. Karla smiles, already knowing the plan. She let me borrow her older sister, Jade's, clothes. Jade is like, goth, so it's perfect. I'm wearing her long black peacoat skirt, black T-shirt, black jacket, navy blue knee-high socks, and black combat boots.
Mom's smile fades when she sees me. "Oh, honey, it's not.. the dress I picked out for you.."
I blow a dark black bubble of gum near her face. "So? If I'm going to marry this guy, he might as well know who I truly am."
"But..this isn't you.." Mom looks like she'll explode with panick.
I shrug and throw my suitcase into the trunk. "It is now. Besides, I've already packed."
Karla pipes in, "Come on, Ms. Porter, you said this Edward guy is mysterious. Maybe he'll like Alli's look."
Mom's eyes blaze and she looks down at her watch. "Well, we have to go now. Alli, I'll take care of all" -she gestures at my outfit- "this later."
I hop into the front seat and wave at Karla. She waves back and winks at me. Mom comes in and doesn't even look me in the eye. We pulll out, and leave behind my home.
I realize I don't even know how long this trip is, but i don't bother asking Mom.
I have a plan, and I can't wait to pull out all of my tricks...

UPDATE SOON!!! Can't wait for more!



i like it :D

This story is interesting
Chapter 3
I flick a rubber band at the windshield. We've been in the car for almost an hour, and I'm getting pretty hot in my outfit. Mom just gave me a huge lecture about my image and whatever. My side of the conversation was preetty much saying, "Yeah", "Uh-huh", "Whatever", "Yes, I get it".
I can tell Mom's pretty mad, but that's the least of my worries. She told me we're going to a mall in about ten minutes. Usually, I'd be super happy to go shopping. But I really want this plan to work and I don't want any cute guys to see me looking like this. I tried talking Mom out of it, but she is totally determined to have me look nice for this Edward guy.
Once we pull into the parking lot of the mall, I reluctantly climb out. It's blazing hot out here. I shrug out of my jacket and throw it onto the front seat. Every parking spot is filled. Great.
We walk into the mall and it's filled with people. Mom leads me to Forever 21, my favorite store. I groan when I see a bunch of things I like.
"Now, you are not allowed to get anything goth. I trust you, Alli." Mom sits down on a seat.

K, sorry, I'm pretty lazy today. I'll update soon.


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