The Twilight Saga

It was warm outside, I was running. I wasn’t sure what I was running from, I just knew I was running. The sound of paws hitting the ground rang in my ears as I began accelerating. The paws are getting closer, closer, closer. The noise is coming from all sides now. All I can see are walls and 20 pairs of bright, yellow eyes. I skid to a stop and look around. There are thousands of wolves around me; they don’t want to hurt me. Then they all raise their heads and howl at the full moon in unison. Their howls aren’t terrifying; instead they make a peaceful melody. I look up towards the sky and I see a million stars, then the moon. Then, I looked back down and every wolf is staring at me. They were staring at me like I was the alpha of the pack, but I was just a boy. I started walking and they all followed. It felt weird, being the only one walking on two legs, so I started walking on all fours. Suddenly, I was no longer me. I looked down and I had paws, a tail, and I was covered in fur. What had happened to me? One minute I was a boy walking home from my friend’s house then the next I’m a wolf. I suddenly smelt the most wonderful smell in the world. My pack and I ran towards the smell and it led to the only 5 star restaurant in town. The restaurant is called The Lone Wolf and I knew the workers would never give any food to a pack of wolfs. They would probably through something at us to try to get us to leave. I decided to go against my gut and lead my pack back there. It felt so strange, yet so right to think my pack that night. We all sat behind the restaurant and the others began a conversation.
“Dawn, what have you found out today?” One of the bigger wolfs asked. He had dark fur.
“Nothing yet, Midnight,” Dawn replied. Dawn’s fur was a sandy color, and from the size of her stomach I knew she was pregnant.
“Bald Eagle, what have you learned from the human’s?” One of the elderly wolfs asked. This wolf was as white as snow with a gray mussel. His voice shook from old age. When everybody stared at me I knew Bald Eagle was me.
“Well, I know I need to hide all of you before I go back to being human. In about a month they are sending out men to chase you all away. I’m not going to let some guys hurt you all,” I replied.
“Will the elders make the journey?” One of the wolf children asked. This one only came up to my knee and had snow white fur. There was a pleading look in her eyes.
“Rain, you shouldn’t interrupt the adult’s conversation,” another child who was an entire head taller than her snapped. This one had chocolate brown fur and from his behavior was about a teenager.
“No, she’s fine,” I quickly defended her,” if we stop every half hour they will make it all the way.” There was a look of hope in all of their faces.
“And if we don’t stop every half hour what happens?” Dawn snapped at me.
“About half of the elders will get too tired to make the journey,” I replied, my voice full of sorrow. Then the door to the restaurant opened and the man threw about 4 dozen half eaten steaks out. After we ate we planned on when we would start our journey. Everybody agreed tomorrow would be the best day.

When we all woke up it was still dark. I guessed it was 5 o’clock. We found some breakfast and headed out. We made it through four towns until we needed to stop for one of the elders. Amazingly, we only needed to stop six times until we made it to a safe place. We found a big, roomy forest to live in. We had plenty of game to hunt, and a river ran right through the middle. I was perfect. Then, I remembered my family, and how devastated they must be. Wondering where I was. My real name is Randy Lake, and yes, I’m Native American. By now my Mom is probably sitting on my bed crying with my dad’s arm wrapped around her. I then began thinking about all of these wolfs. If I hadn’t changed into a wolf they would have no clue what danger would be awaiting them. It was then, the first time in my 16 years of life that I made a decision that would benefit people who weren’t in my family. I had decided that I would stay a wolf forever. I knew that my decision hurt my parents. Every once and a while in the past 20 years I’ve gone by my old house. About 2 years after I left my mother got pregnant with twin girls. I was born when my mom was 20, so when she had my sisters she was only 38. I wonder everyday what would have been different with my life if I had chosen to go back to being a human that summer day. Now, the answer is a mystery.

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Chapter 8 is now up to A New Life! If you haven't read it cheak it out! It's called A New Life! It's about a girl that's 13 years old, named Melania Garcia who lives in Mexico and ends up turning into a vampire and she has to jion the Volturi. It is related to the Twilight Saga. Plz read it and comment! Here's the link:

I just finished reading your fan fic and it was awesome!
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