The Twilight Saga

What would you do if you somehow got into the Twilight series, with all the knowledge from the books?

*note: All the regular disclaimers about the twilight characters (except for my own characters). Also, please do not take my story, or any of its plot as your own. Think of this as copyrighted. :)

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1. Reality?

I opened my eyes and gazed around me. I found that I was lying on the floor, and quickly righted myself. Besides for a slight dizziness from the quick upright, I was perfectly fine. What had happened? More importantly, where was I?! I surveyed the new area I was in and then panicked. This was not a place I knew. I seemed to be in some kind of forest. It was cool and wet, and hardly any light was coming through the dense treetops.

I tried to remember what had happened a few moments ago. I had been reading that one passage aloud and suddenly….. I was here. But where “here” was, I wasn’t quite sure. Deciding to try and figure everything out when I had a clear head, I spotted a path a few feet away. Maybe if a followed it, I would get out of this forest and find someone who could tell me what was going on.

So I stepped over a moss covered log and walked over to the path. When I looked in the direction the path seemed to come from, I was able to make out a brighter light ahead. That’s all I needed to have me running with as much speed as possible towards it. I was not afraid of the dark, but this eerie setting had me on edge, and I would be happy to be out of it.

Finally I seemed to be nearing the end, and I saw an opening. When my eyes adjusted to the light, I realized there was a house not too far away. Though I was sure I had never been here before, there was something familiar about the house. I knew I had seen it before, but not with my eyes. More like I’d envisioned it. It was a very strange feeling. As I approached the house I was able to take in more detail. There was a short driveway, and in it was parked a very old looking Chevy. Like the house, there was a strange familiarity about it. I shook of the feeing and decided before I could figure anything out; I would need to get help first. And this house seemed like a good place to start.
So ignoring the strange feelings, I walked up the front steps and rang the doorbell. As I waited for someone to answer it, I glanced at the sun and concluded it had to be around 7pm. The light was growing dimmer as the sun was slowly disappearing over the horizon.

Then I heard footsteps in the house and quickly returned my gaze to the door, trying to prepare a story for whomever it was, that didn’t sound completely insane. The door opened, and a girl a little older than me answered it. She looked at me for a moment, confused.

“May I help you?” she asked politely.

I was about to state my case when I finally, really, looked at her. My mouth fell open, and I probably looked like a complete idiot, but I couldn’t bring myself to close it because I knew this girl. I also now knew why everything here seemed so familiar in a weird way. Because I had seen this place before. Through the pages in my book.

Everything suddenly connected in my mind. Everything here was from my twilight series BOOKS!!! I had some how, and I had no idea how that was, been, basically, put inside the pages of one of my favorite books. It was like if you had come home and found snow white cleaning your house. It was just not possible. But here I was, standing right in front of Bella, the Bella, Bella Swan! I felt suddenly very light headed.

Bella (I couldn’t believe I was really saying this) was still waiting for my answer. I must have looked really stupid just standing there staring, so I quickly tried to collect myself. Tried, being the key word. I was not able to completely mask my shock, so Bella’s expression became even more confused and now a little worried

“Are you okay?” she asked, taking in the new color to my skin. I was sure my face was now a few shades paler. “You look like your about to pass out, why don’t you came in and I’ll get you some water.” She opened the door wider for me, and I stumbled in. She led my to her kitchen, the kitchen I had read them having discussions in many times.

She helped me into a seat and turned to get me some water. I gazed at her as she returned with a glass for me. When I didn’t take it, she put it down in front of me and then took a seat herself. She smiled at me kindly and said “Do you live around here? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before, I mean, with such a small town, that’s pretty rare” She gave a tiny laugh and then when she saw I was still staring, frowned a little. ‘What’s your name?”

I shook off my silence and finally answered her. “My name is Megan, and I don’t live here. I guess you could say I’m new, really new,” I couldn’t help but realize how true those words really were.
She smiled again and replied, “That’s nice, we need some new faces around here. My name is Bella by the way”

Before I could stop myself I blurted out, “I know, you’re Bella Swan. I’m pretty sure that true now, so if you’re Bella, then this must be Forks. This is so weird!” Then some intense pleasure hit me. “Oh my god! If you’re here, that means Edward is here too! I’ve always wanted to see him for real! I’m mean, you can only imagine so much. It’s never as good as the real deal.”

Bella just stared at me for a moment with her mouth hanging open. Finally she seemed to collect herself a little and whispered, “How do you know all that?”

The question seemed so funny to me I had to laugh. I mean come on, who didn’t know all about Bella and Edward and Forks? “Oh, come on. I know everything about you guys. I’m your biggest fan! Your life is so amazing! I mean, except for the always being in danger and all that. You really are a magnet for trouble, as Edward always puts it. See? I can even quote people.”

Bella was suddenly suspicious. Her eyes narrowed as she asked, “How do you know about Edward?”
“Are you kidding? Who doesn’t know about Edward Cullen? I mean he’s…. him!” Then I started spilling out questions. “What’s he really like anyway? What’s it like when you’re on his back and he’s running super fast? Is his skin really cold as ice?” The stream of questions just kept coming and I had to pause to take a breath.

Bella now looked at me with a shocked and slightly frightened expression. She just stared at me for several minutes with the same expression. I was growing impatient at her lack of answers so I continued with them. “Are you going to answer me or not” I demanded. “I want to know every detail about being in love with a vampire!”

That did it. Bella’s expression shifted from shocked to horrified in all of 1 second. It was like she was surprised that I knew about this. I mean, really. Who didn’t? Then I realized that I was in the book itself now. This was the story, and I had just become a character in it. Bella didn’t know her life was a novel millions of people had read. I must have seemed like a spy or something. Then I remembered that only she knew about the Cullen’s in this story. As far as anyone else in this story was concerned, life was as normal, as, well…reality.

Bella was only frozen for a minute longer. Then she abruptly rose and headed out of the room with a quick “excuse me”. I heard her run upstairs and then run back down. Then I heard her voice in a low murmur and realized she must be calling someone. With a thrill, I guessed that she was talking to Edward. He was probably going to come over! Then a realization rolled over me. Bella was whispering in panic. I must sound crazy scary to her, and Edward would only be coming over to make sure she was safe……from me. This thought made me giggle. It was just plain hilarious to think anyone would need protection from me.

Bella soon returned with a small silver phone still in her hand. “I invited a few friends over who I think can help with this… situation. I don’t know why you’re talking all this nonsense about vampires, but I’m sure we can straighten things out”. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she returned to her seat across from me.

“I know you know that the vampire stuff is not nonsense. I just have some very good …. insight on what has happened since you met Edward” And more to myself than to Bella I added, “It would also help if I knew the events going on right now”. If I knew what was taking place, I would know what story and what part they were up to. Then I could figure out what was going on.

2. Searching

Bella and I just sat there for a couple minutes staring at each other. Neither of us seemed to be able to find something to say. I was still marveling over the reality that I was actually here. Unless of course, this was some kind of dream. Well, if it was, I hoped it would never end.

After a few more minutes of just sitting there, Bella rather abruptly stood up and started to cross out of the kitchen. Over her shoulder she yelled “I have to go to my room for a moment. I’ll be right back”
I nodded and then decided to think over my situation. Edward would be here soon. Bella had also said others were coming, a few friends. By friends I assumed she meant some of the other Cullen’s. Now that would be cool. Maybe Alice would come over, and Emmett too. I’d always wanted to see them for real. I wondered if Alice was really so small and if Emmett was really so big.

I pondered over what kind of conversation I could have with them, when I suddenly realized a key point in this situation. The Cullen’s were coming over to find out what was up with me. From their point of view, I must sound crazy. They’d want to know how I knew all that stuff about them, or, they would try and convince me I was dreaming and that what I thought they were wasn’t true.

When they did arrive, I would basically have a lot of explaining to do. But come on, what was I really supposed to say. Hi, I’m Megan and I just appeared out of nowhere and know everything about you because you’re all fictional characters from a bestseller book that I’ve read about a million times.

Yeah, I was sure that was going to go over well.

What was I going to say! I had no idea how to present my case, and didn’t have any time to come up with one. They would be here soon, and I was going to be put on the spot. Lucky me!
The panic started to push into my mind. I wasn’t ready to be confronted. I had to have a story first.
With only this thought in my mind, I quickly jumped out of my seat and ran to the back door. It was kind of funny to me that I knew where everything was in this house.

When I was out the door, I stared to sprint to the front yard and then down the road. I didn’t really know where I was going, but it didn’t matter to me at the moment. All I wanted to do right now was get away and try to think straight.

I hadn’t been running long when I heard a car behind me. The first thing that popped into my head was a picture of a shiny silver Volvo. But when I turned around it was just an old looking truck. When I didn’t stop running, the truck pulled up beside me and slowed to match my pace. The driver inside rolled down the window and peered out while I ducked my head.

“Hey” the stranger said, “Where are you going? I could give you a ride if you want”

I finally looked up at the driver and was surprised to see that it was Mike Newton.
This day was really turning into something.

“Do you want a ride?”, Mike repeated. I noticed that he was looking me over, and guessed he was trying to figure out who I was. My theory proved correct when he asked, “Are you new in town? I don’t think I’ve seen you before”

Hum. What was the right thing to say? “Yeah, I’m new. My name is Megan and I’m here…. visiting for a while”. There. That sounded like an ok explanation.
Mike was quick to continue the conversation. “That’s great, I mean, I could show you around. Will you be going to school here too?”

Well, I didn’t know how long I’d be stuck in this story, so what the heck. “Yeah. I’ll probably start on Monday.” If the time was the same as back home, then it was Saturday. This would give me a day to figure out what to do.

“If you still want a ride, I could give you one. Where are you going?” he asked again.

“I’m going to the freeway outside of town. If you could drop me off by there, I could walk to the place I’m staying. It’s kinda hard to find unless you actually walk to it.” This location just came to me. I should try and find the Cullen house. They were bound to find me soon anyway, so I might as well get some thinking time out of it by walking a little. Then I could get the interrogation that was bound to happen over with.

“Oh, ok. Hop in.” He did seem a little bemused by my drop off point, but didn’t ask any other questions about it. I climbed into the passenger seat, and we started down the road.

The drive there was sort of annoying. Though he didn’t question me about my destination, he seemed content to drone on about Forks and everything he did in the last few weeks. I could see why Bella never fell for him. He was cute, but kinda a big mouth who monopolized conversations. The only good that came from his constant talking was that I didn’t really have to talk back much. I was free to think of how to get to the Cullen’s house.

I knew the general area of the house, but I didn’t have a good enough knowledge of it for my directions to be worthy of a navigation system. I would have to get myself one of those.
Finally, and I mean finally, we made it to the freeway and Mike pulled over.

“You’re sure you don’t want me to take you the rest of the way?” he asked eagerly. The way he asked with such hope almost made me pity him. Honestly, it was kind of pathetic.

“No, it’s ok Mike, but thanks for the ride. Maybe I’ll see you around.” I added that last bit just to make him feel better.

It apparently worked, because a huge smile lit up on his face, and as he started the car up again he said “Yeah, that would be great. I can show you the whole town some time.” He said it as if there was much to show. It was kind of funny.

So I said my good bye and Mike pulled of the shoulder of the road. I watched as his car lights faded away down the street. Only then did I realize that it was almost completely dark, and I didn’t have any source of light. I was so stupid! How in the world was I supposed to find the Cullen house now?
There was still a little bit of sunlight over the horizon, so I decided to use it while I still could. I walked along the road side for what seemed like forever. Eventually, the little bit of light turned to darkness. Lucky for me, the moon was bright tonight. I continued down the road looking for that turn off that I knew was the drive way to the house.

It had to be late now. I had been walking for hours it seemed like, and I was getting tired. Every step seemed to drain me of more energy. It was strange. Usually I still had energy this late. However I got into this story must have taken a lot out of me.

To my extreme displeasure, clouds started to cover the sky, and even worse, my source of light. I was now in, basically, complete darkness. What didn’t help was that the shoulder of the road I walked on started to feel very rocky. Before I knew it, I was stumbling all over the place. Every few minutes I would trip to the ground. My drowsiness definitely did not help.

After a few more minutes of walking, I decided it was time to take a break. If I was going to make it anywhere tonight, I would have to save some energy. So I paused, and felt with my feet over to the edge of the roads shoulder and into the forest. There had to be a fallen tree or rock or something that I could rest on for a little while.

As I was feeling around for a seat, my feet suddenly hit something, maybe a root. Well, whatever it was had me falling over and tumbling down a small hill. My body was tousled around and around until I was brought to an abrupt halt by what felt like a large rock. My head slammed against it, making me dizzy at once. I was so tired by this point, that I couldn’t even lift myself into a sitting position. I just lay there curled up while my head continued to spin.

My vision was beginning to go in and out while it felt as though my body was shutting down. It felt good to lie down and not move. All that walking had drained me completely. I knew that because I hit my head I shouldn’t go to sleep in case I had a concussion, but I was so tired. A little rest couldn’t hurt. So after shutting my eyes and relaxing my body , I felt myself slowly drift into unconsciousness.

3. Carlisle

The first thing I was aware of was the sharp pain pulsing on the side of my head. I couldn’t comprehend why it was there. Then the night’s events came flooding back to me.

I had been walking…..and then I tripped. I also remembered hitting my head on a rock. That must be the cause of my pain! Jeez, I was becoming more like Bella every minute. I already seemed to have inherited her clumsiness. Well, at least I wasn’t a magnet for trouble. Yet.

I seemed to be on a couch of some sort. There were pillows under my head and a blanket on top of me. I also felt something attached to my head. Hum. Must be a bandage. I was also aware of the intense quiet that seemed to surround me. My eyes were still closed, and I couldn’t open them. My lids felt too heavy. This reminded me of when Bella had so much morphine in her system, that when she began the vampire conversion, she felt bound by her own body. Maybe that was my problem.

Well, as long as I was cuffed by my own mind, I might as well try and make the time fly faster. I decided to think about the Twilight books. I mean, when in Rome. And this seemed very appropriate.
I thought of all the things Edward and Bella had been through. From the cat and mouse game by James, to the final battle with Victoria. These guys had been through a lot. Then I started to review all of my favorite quotes. Like, “I’ve never tried to keep a specific person alive before, and it’s much more troublesome than I would have believed.” I had thought that was funny. Also, “You’ll be the death of me, I swear you will”. Quotes like this just kept coming and coming to me.

Suddenly, I was brought back to the present time. I was now aware of someone probing around my head. Someone with a very cold touch. Then I realized that I had control over my body again. I could now feel my eyelids.

I slowly opened my eyes, and was surprised by the bright light shining on me. I turned towards its source and saw that it came through a wall made entirely of glass. I gazed at the window for only a second more before I became distracted by a movement in front of me. A man stood facing me only a few feet away. A man so beautiful it could only be a vampire. In front of me stood Dr. Carlisle Cullen.
Like my previous encounters with my favorite book’s fictional characters, the sight shocked me. How was it really possible that this was happening? Then I realized that I must have been found and brought here by one of the Cullens, and Carlisle had treated me. I suddenly became nervous. They only would have taken me back to their house if they knew who I was. The person who had been at Bella’s house.

As I gazed timidly at Carlisle, he came a step closer. With a friendly, yet somehow cautious smile on his face, he knelt down beside me. I noticed he only walked at human speed. He must have been trying not to scare me. Yeah, like there was anything I didn’t know about him.

“I know this must be disconcerting for you, but I will try to explain the best that I can” he said in a calm voice, continuing “ I found you hurt near our house and brought you here to give you medical attention. I would have brought you to the hospital, but a friend of the family recognized you and asked me to keep you here.”

Oh, so Bella was here now too. Well, I would have to get the interrogation over at some point. I sighed. “Just tell Bella and Edward and whoever else is here waiting to question me, to just hold on a sec. I have to reorganize my thoughts” I frowned. I had worked so hard on my explanation on my way here, and now I was struggling to remember it. Just my luck.

Carlisle also frowned. “I never said anything about Bella, or Edward for that matter. How do you know all this? Bella was right, you do somehow know much more than is possible. With this and all that quoting you did before, I wouldn’t be surprised if you knew everything!”

Shot! So I had been saying all those things aloud before had I? Well that was just peachy. Like I needed to give them even more excuses to be suspicious of me. “Er… about that….I sort of have a…. pre knowledge about you and the rest of the family. Of course, I have a better insight on Bella, but that’s beside the point. I don’t know how to explain everything without sounding crazy, but I want to get one thing straight for you right now. I swear that I am not a spy, or a physic, or a vampire (obviously). I promise that I won’t do anything to endanger you or your family” I had said this all so quickly that I was out of breath by the time I was done.

He just stared at me for a moment before he responded. “Hum…. This is very interesting. You say you know all about us, correct?” I nodded silently. “Would you care to explain your ‘pre knowledge’?” he asked.

I bit my lip for a moment and looked down, trying to figure out what to say. “Well, I can try to explain, but it’s going to sound crazy” I glanced back up at his face. He wore a patient expression, but I could see other emotions deep within he golden eyes.

“If you really know as much as you say you do about us, then you should know that we face seemingly impossible situations quite a lot.” Carlisle said, smiling slightly.

“Um, I’ll try and tell you what’s going on, but could I just tell everyone at once and get it over with? Are Alice, and Emmett and everyone else even here?” As I finished that sentence I couldn’t completely hide the anticipation I felt to meet the rest of the Cullens.

Carlisle also had to quickly recover from my reminder that I knew more about them than anyone else from the outside. When he did regain himself, he fixed a slight smile on his face and moved closer to me with an outstretched arm. “They are all here actually. Your appearance has caused quite a bit of confusion for us all. They are downstairs waiting as we speak.”

Great. That probably meant they heard this whole conversation. “They were eavesdropping weren’t they?” I said in a defeated tone.

He chuckled quietly. “Most likely, but don’t worry, they’ll be on their best behavior”.

I grabbed his offered hand, only subconsciously registering his icy touch. I had more pressing matters to worry about at the moment. He held the door open for me, and I slowly walked out of the room. The next couple of hours were going to be a lot of fun.

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