The Twilight Saga

Bella is the half sister of Lucy and Peter Pevensie and they go to Narnia. She is 15 and they meet Prince Caspian who is 19. They fall in love and despite their age difference they want to be together. But one day Bella gets attacked so they keep her inside for safety, but she has enough and argues with Caspian about it and then storms off only for her to fall off a cliff. Caspian saves her from drowning but she can't remember anything or anyone. Aslan sends Bella back to London to protect her but Bella falls in the cluthes of her Crazy Ex-Paul who kidnapps her. Caspian has a dream Paul wants to kill Bella so Aslan sends him back to save Bella. What will happen?


Chapter 1: Closet to Narnia

Chapter 2: The Ball

Chapter 3: Lesson 1~Riding a Horse

Chapter 4: The Lake

Chapter 5: Lesson 2~Combat

Chapter 6: Lesson 3~Archery

Chapter 7: Poisoned Apple

Chapter 8: The Last Lesson

Chapter 9: The Accident

Chapter 10: Kidnapped

Chapter 11: The Last Goodbye

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Inspired by this song :)

Chapter 1:  Closet to Narnia


Lucy was playing hide and seek with her two siblings, she ran into the big empty room in the house and saw a closet covered with a white sheet, she walked over and pulled it down, the closet was rather old, she opened the door and saw there were lots of coats inside, she got in and closed the door behind her, she leaned back thinking there was a wall but instead she fall back and she landed on her back and she blinked, she looked around, she was in what seemed like a garden with monuments and it was summer.

"Luce?" Bella and Peter called looking for her, they saw the door slightly open and then the closet, they looked at each other and went to open the door "Boo" they said as they opened it but Lucy was gone.

"Lucy?" Bella asked as she looked in and then tripped and landed beside Lucy in the same garden "What the...." she asked looking confused as Peter joined them.

"Where are we?" He asked looking confused just as the two sisters did, Bella and Lucy both shrugged.

"You're in Narnia" a deep voice said behind them, they stiffened and turned around to see a Lion there, they all screamed all in one.

Aslan let out a soft chuckle "Don't worry I am not going to hurt you, I am Aslan" He said and gave them a smile.

Bella looked paler then a ghost "But...but you're a Lion and Lion's don't speak" she said and stumbled back a bit and gripped on Peter's arm.

Peter looked at Bella and pulled Lucy close to him as well holding them close, each by his side, Peter was the oldest at 17, Bella was 15 and Lucy was 12. "Why are we here?" He asked looking at him 

Aslan looked at Bella "Well in Narnia we do, and a warning another animals here speak as well" He said then looked at Peter "There are many reasons as to why you are here, some may be personal so some of you and some may not be, but you will discover them in time"

Bella looked confused "I am sorry but I am still confused"

Aslan chuckle "Oh, Narnia is a different world you see, its a magical place" He said

"Magical?" Lucy asked looking at him "How magical"? she asked and raised an eyebrow slightly.

Aslan chuckle "Lets just say, there are lot of strange but wonderful things around here, I am Aslan and you are?" He smiled at them

Peter looked at him "I am Peter, and this is Lucy and our half sister Bella" He said as Bella walked over to the water and splashed her face with the cold water and sighed.

Aslan smiled "Its nice to meet you, I will see you around soon" He said then ran off into the woods as Bella drank some water as she was thirsty.

Meanwhile Prince Caspian was running through the woods, he felt something tackle him and he fell backwards onto the grass and a voice said "Chose your last words carefully" a small sword was being pointed at him.

Prince Caspian sat up as he looked up "You're a mouse" He said and he blinked, a Mouse tackled him? Oh Jesus.

The mouse sighed and huffed "I was hoping for something more original" the mouse said as he lowered his sword and then jumped off "Who are you?"

Prince looked at the mouse "I am Prince Caspian" He said as he got back on his horse that was tied to a tree near by, the mouse looked at him and nodded and then bowed

"I am sorry your majesty" 

Prince Caspian looked at the mouse "It's alright" He said and then rode off, he rode near the lake where Bella, Lucy and Peter were by the garden.

Bella heard what sounded like a horse and Caspian's horse panicked seeing new faces and he jumped back front legs in the air and Bella gasped as she fell back into the water "Easy boy" Caspian said calming his horse down, he then jumped down and held out his hand to Bella "You okay miss?" he asked looking at her into her eyes, he smiled at her warmly.

Bella looked at him, she took his hand gentle as he helped pull her back up to her feet, she got lost in his eyes, he looked so handsome, she blushed "Thank you" she said after a while when she managed to find her own voice again. She bit her lip gentle as she was soaking wet.

"Are you okay Bella?" Lucy and Peter asked as they ran over to their sister and the Prince.

Bella nodded "Yeah, I am just wet, that's all" Bella said as she squeezed her shirt so the water would come out a little bit.

Prince Caspian looked at them "I never seen you here around here, I am Prince Caspian" he said and smiled at them warmly but just mostly at Bella, she was the most beautiful girl he ever layed his eyes on in his life.

Lucy looked at Prince Caspian "Umm we kind of new here" She said "I am Lucy" she said

Bella smiled at the Prince softly "I am Bella" she said, her cheeks were pink as she was blushing, she thought he was rather sweet.

Peter looked at the Prince, they seemed about the same age "I am Peter" He said and then nodded at what Lucy said "Yeah, we're new here, kind of, well we don't exactly belong here, we're from London"

Caspian looked at him "Ahh, so you just came here though....."

Bella looked at him "A closet" she said and he just chuckled nodding. Yeah it sounded rather amusing, since when do people walk into a world through closets?

Peter then shortly burst into laughter with Lucy and then shortly Bella joined in as well as she shook her head "Yeah, I know it sounds rather amusing" she said

Caspian chuckle nodding "Yeah, it does" he said then smiled at her and her siblings "Do you all have a place to stay?" he asked looking at them.

Bella shakes head "No, not exactly" she said and bit her lip as she leaned on a tree and took of her jumper as it was wet, she wore a t-shirt with straps beneath, it was slightly wet but her jumper was more wet so she squeezed it out.

Prince Caspian looked at Bella and smiled at her softly then at her siblings "Well, you could stay with me, at my castle" He said "If you want, I mean seeing you don't have a place to stay"

Bella, Lucy blinked in shock with Peter grinned "Sure" He said

Caspian smiled at them "Well follow me then" He said about to get on his horse but then stopped "Right, I only got my horse with me" He said looking at them

Lucy and Peter smiled "We'll walk," they said at the same time before Bella could protest about it.

Caspian chuckle "Alright then" He said and helped Bella get on his horse then got on his self "Hold on tight" He said and he took of, his horse walking so Lucy and Peter could keep up. Bella wrapped her arms round his waist to hold on so she would not fall off the horse. The wind blew in her hair and it went forward tickling his neck which made him chuckle

"Sorry" Bella said as she pulled her hair up into a pony tail and he just smiled at her letting her know its okay.

Bella blushed more as she saw Peter and Lucy smiling at them both beaming, they seemed to think that Caspian and Bella made a rather cute couple. 

Caspian stopped by the stable outside his castle, he jumped off and then helped Bella down, his arms were strong and he had a rather strong but light grip on her waist as he helped her down so she would not fall off. Bella blushed as let him help her "Thank you" she said

He smiled at her "You're welcome" he said as he gentle took her hand in his kissing top of it before taking his horse to the stables, then rejoined the 3 siblings "You 3 must be hungry, right?" he said and then he heard their stomach growl and chuckled "I guess that answers my question huh?"

All 3 of them laughed nodding as they walked inside with him. Bella saw people rushing about "What's going on?" she asked as she looked at him 

Caspian smiled at her "They are preparing everything for the ball" He said and brushed his hand against hers before walking into the dinning hall 

Lucy smiled "Oh cool, can we go?"

Peter looked at Lucy "Luce"

Bella giggled and looked at Caspian "I am sorry, she's just well her self" she said as they sat down.

Caspian chuckled "It's alright, I was about to ask if you wanted to go anyway" He said looking at Bella.

"Just Bella?" Lucy asked and raised an eyebrow slightly.

Caspian felt him self blush a little "No I meant all of you" He said and looked down, he did mean Bella mostly, as his date. But he was not sure how to ask her, they just met and he already felt attached to her.



Again a new story that i love !!!


It's my older one lol but yeah :)

Chapter 2: The Ball


After they all ate, some of maids took Bella, Lucy and Peter and they helped fix them up for the ball. Lucy and Peter were finished first and they joined Caspian in the main hall where the Ball was taking place. Caspian looked around "Where's Bella?" he asked

Lucy smiled at him "I think they're still fixing her up" She said and she had a feeling that he liked her sister, she did not mind as Bella and Caspian made a rather sweet couple.

Caspian nodded "Oh" he said and bit his lip as everyone else started to walk in, Peter patted his shoulder and smiled at him, a princess noticed Caspian and she smiled at him flattering her eyelashes at him but he just seemed to ignore the flirtatiousness, he was interested in Bella. He didn't care that Bella was not loyalty or that she came from London. 

Bella was done, she was outside the hall and she looked at the massive door "Come on, don't be a chicken" she said to her self taking a deep breath as she parted the door walking in, her hair was wavey and some of it was pinned back, her dress was elegant and light. Everyone seemed to stop doing what they were as Bella walked in and all eyes fell on her which made her blush bright red.

Lucy noticed Bella walk in and she nudged Prince Caspian who seemed to be spaced out "She's there" Lucy said and smiled nodding to the right.

Prince Caspian looked at the direction to where Lucy nodded at, he saw Bella and his heart leaped inside his chest as his breath caught in his throat. Their eyes locked for few moments before he walked over to her and kissed her hand softly "You look so beautiful Bella" he said and smiled as she blushed

Bella bit her lip softly "Thank you, you look Handsome" she said and kissed his cheek softly as he smiled at her.

Prince Caspian looked at her and smiled "Bella...I umm I was wondering if you'd like to be...."

"Your date for the Ball?" Bella finished smiling

He nodded "Yes" he felt him self blush slightly "I know its bit late to ask but..."

Bella stopped him by putting her finger to his lips softly "I'd love to" she said and smiled at him. He just smiled as he led her to the dance floor and bowed to her, she curtsied. He wrapped his one hand round her waist while he held her other one in his as her free arm rested on his shoulder, they danced to the music, moving us one.

Bella noticed people watching them as Caspian held her closer "Why is everyone watching us?" she whispered as she blushed bright red

Prince Caspian smiled "Because I am dancing with a beautiful, special girl like you" He said and pressed his lips to her cheek softly, his lips brushed her cheek in a tender way and smiled at her when he pulled back.

Bella blushed bright red and she bit her lip "I am not special Caspian, I am an average 15 year old girl from London" she said looking at him

He looked at her "Well, you're special to me" he said and kissed her forehead softly and smiled at her warmly as he twirled her around elegantly then into his arms again

"How can you say that? You barely even know me" Bella said as she looked at him, her finger tips ran down his cheek softly 

He smiled at her "I know, but I feel like I know you already" He looked at her "Does that sound crazy?" he asked

She shakes her head "No, it sounds rather sweet" Bella replied "I mean....I..."

Caspian chuckled "You mean what?" he said and smiled looking at her

Bella bites her lip "I mean, my life took a slightly crazy turn today, so it might be a bit crazy but at the same time its nice" She said and leaned her forehead on his shoulder

Caspian smiled as he held her close as they danced, her buried his face in her soft brown hair and closed his eyes, her hair smelled of roses and lavender. 

Lucy was watching them with Peter, she smiled "Aww, they look so cute together" she said and giggled and smiled

Peter chuckled and nodded "Yes, they do" he said "Maybe we should find you someone too Sis"

Lucy burst into laughter "You're so funny Peter" she laughed harder, but he had a serious expression on his face

Awwww they looke so sweeet !!!!!

Hahahahahah you love Narnia a lote !!

xD I love it too !!

Ben Bandes is really cute !!!


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I know lol

Chapter 3: Lesson 1~Riding a Horse


The Next Morning Lucy ran into the dining hall where Bella was with Caspian "Bella"

Bella looked at her sister "Yes Luce?" Bella asked placing a hand on her sister's shoulder softly and smiled at her, She saw the expression on her sister's face "What did Peter do now"? She said just as Peter walked in

Lucy looked at Bella "Peter is trying to find someone for me, He's crazy, I am 12" she said all panicky which made Bella and Caspian chuckle softly

Bella smiled "Aww Luce, you're becoming a young lady" she said but Luce groaned

"Not again, Bells please" Lucy said looking at her "I don't want to have "The" talk" Lucy said

Bella laughed "Oh, I am letting Peter give you "The" Talk" she said and patted her shoulder and laughed as she saw Peter's pale shocked expression

Peter groaned "Why me"? he frowned and looked at Bella annoyed

"Because mom made you give it to me, that's why" Bella said and giggled
Caspian chuckled "Okay, okay your lessons will start today" He said as he leaned his hand on a chair looking at them

Lucy looked at him "Okay, so Mathmatics and Ancient History?" she asked

Caspian laughed "No, sadly no" He said "Aslan wants me to teach you how to ride a horse, combat, use crossbow and arrow and fight with swords" he said

Lucy's jaw dropped "Oh, why sword fighting last?" she asked then

Caspian looked at her "Because, its the most difficult one from them all and I want to give you longer to learn that then the others" He said "And besides you're the youngest so it might take you longer to master that"

Lucy nodded "I just hope I won't poke anyone's eyes out" she said as they walked outside and Caspian put her over his shoulder "Oi" she giggled "Okay, reality check, I am in Narnia and carried by a Prince, who is rather Cute in Bells opinion"

Bella laughed "Yes you are" she said and giggled she then blushed "Wait wha..."

Lucy giggled "Ha"

Bella shakes her head "Do you like to embarrass me or does it come naturally to you"?

She laughed "I think a bit of both" she said then looked at Caspian "How about you just teach Bella and me and Peter watch?"

Caspian chuckled "Nice try Lucy" he sets her down as he walked to the barn "Who first?" he asked as Peter and Lucy jumped back leaving Bella to go

Bella raised an eyebrow "Really?" she giggled and looked at Caspian "Okay, fine I'll go then" she said and took a horse outside and got on.

Caspian smiled as Bella got on "Okay, getting on a horse is mastered, now go around in zig zag" he said and watched her and smiled

Bella took hold of the horse's rains but the horse went in circles

Lucy giggled "I don't think your horse knows what a zig zag is" she laughed as Peter was in laughter as well and shaking his head

Bella giggled and her horse went faster, she lost her balance and fell off hanging upside down "Well, this is not fun"

Caspian chuckled as he helped Bella and took that horse back and came with another "Sorry, he does not listen, this one would be better for you" he said

Bella giggled "As long as I don't end up hanging upside down again I'll be fine" she said and got on again and made her horse go in zig zag faster each time she went round

Caspian smiled "Very good" he smiled "No, for jumping, just don't jump of the horse in the process" he chuckled as he pointed over to the logs for the horse to jump over.

Bella giggled "I wouldn't to that" she said and made her horse pick up speed and jump over the logs.

Lucy and Peter stared at her in shock "Wow, you're a natural" they both said at the same time

Caspian smiled "My thoughts exactly" he said and got on his horse and looked at Bella "So, you think you can take me on? To the woods and first one back wins?" 

Bella smiled at him "You're on" she said and giggled, they both stood in the same spot next to each other and their horses took off, dodging through the trees and leaping over logs, Bella's horse was a better leaper then Caspian's but Caspian was a better rider.

Bella's horse picked up speed as she leaped over more logs and trees that were on the forest floor, she span her horse back round and she rode back, she got to the stables at the same time as Caspian

Peter pouts "Aww, its a tie, gosh, you're both good as each other" he said and chuckled and smiled "So, who's next, should I go or Lucy?"

Lucy giggled "I'll go last" she said as Bella jumped off her horse and stood by Lucy, she put her arm round her shoulder as Peter got on the horse, Caspian gave him the same instructions and Peter done well as well, he then jumped off his horse and helped Lucy on.

Caspian smiled at Lucy "Okay, I'll go slower on you, just go in zig zag first" he said and smiled at her watching

Lucy nodded and the horse went in bit messy zig zags, but she got there in some time.

Caspian smiled "Not too bad, now you think you're ready to try the jump?" he asked and smiled at her

Lucy nodded bit unsure but tried it and as the horse jumped she fell off but Peter caught her "Okay maybe not" he said setting her on the floor "You okay Luce?"

She nodded "Yeah, just dizzy" she said as she leaned against Peter to regain her balance

Prince Caspian smiled at her "Don't worry Lucy, it takes some time to master the jump, anyway you all done great in Lesson 1" he smiled "We all deserve a break" he said as they led the horses back to the stable, well Bella and Him.

Bella smiled at Caspian softly as he looked at her "You did really well Bella" he said as he tied his horse and Bella hers.

She smiled softly "Well, you're a great teacher" she said as she looked at him and bit her lip as he stepped closer to her slightly

Caspian smiled at her as he rested his hand above her head on the wall "Well it seems like you didn't need much coaching, you're a natural" he said as he leaned in closer to her, his breath on hers, he slid his arms round her waist pulling her closer

Bella blushed as she bit her leap, her heart was beating faster against her chest, she looked into his eyes getting lost in them, her hand rested on his chest

Lucy walked in just as Caspian's lips almost touched Bella's "You coming?" she asked

Bella and Caspian jumped apart before Lucy noticed, or they think she didn't but she did "Yeah, coming" Bella said and walked out after Lucy

noo !!! why Lucy have to break the kiss ???!!!


ps.i loved it !!!

Lol hehe.

:) I am glad you like it

Chapter 4-The Lake


Lucy smiled to her self when she was walking back with them to the castle, she walked in on them almost kissing, too bad she had to interrupt before they did. Bella looked at Lucy "What you smiling about?" she asked her sister and raised an eyebrow at her slightly

Lucy smiled "Oh, nothing" she said as she walked into the dining hall, Peter looked at her and raised an eyebrow "I'll tell you later" she mouthed to him

Caspian walked beside Bella and he took her hand in his as they walked and entwined their fingers, her hand was soft against his, she blushed softly

Bella walked in with Caspian to the dining hall and Peter looked at their hands as Bella and Caspian let go of their hands and each bit their lip

Lucy couldn't keep it to her self any longer "So, are we gonna talk about what happened in the stables or what"?

Bella swallowed at Lucy's words "You saw?" she asked, her throat a little dry.

Peter looked between them "Saw what?" he asked then looked at Caspian "What did you do?" he raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest

Lucy looked at Peter "He almost kissed Bella"

"Almost?" Peter asked

Bella looked at him "Oh don't make a big deal out of this" she said and bit her lip again looking away and Caspian fiddled with his hands behind his back slightly nervous and embarrassed by this conversation.

"But it is a big deal" Lucy said looking at Bella "You think me and Peter don't notice you too flirting all the time?" she raised an eyebrow

"Its called being nice Luce" Bella said, trying to deny the fact that she and Caspian did flirt

"Oh Please" Peter and Lucy said at the same time "You two like each other, admit it"

Caspian looked at Peter "There is nothing to admit to" He said, he was not going to let it slip out that he was attached to Bella more then he should be, not just yet.

"Would you just drop it"? Bella said and crossed her arms over her chest and frowned, she was annoyed, so what if she had feelings for Caspian? What did her siblings have to do with that? It's her love life, not theirs. 

"But..." Lucy tried to protest but Peter stopped her as he knew Bella and Caspian had the right to keep that to them selves. They all sat down in silence and ate.

After Lunch, Bella tapped her fingers on the table with Lucy and Peter went back to their rooms to take a nap.

Caspian looked at Bella "Would you like to take a ride with me somewhere?" he asked looking at her, he wanted to spend some time alone with her, now it was the perfect time to do so.

Bella looked up at him and smiled softly "Yeah sure, I'd love to" she said and got out of her seat and walked beside him, their hands joined again, they walked to the stable and Caspian got out his horse and Put Bella on it, then got on after her and rode off to a lake

Bella giggled as she held onto as Caspian rode to the lake, she smiled and the wind blew in her hair softly, it had a light scent of roses and lavender. Her hair always smelled like that. Some got in his face as always, so Bella pulled her hair back so it would not annoy him.

Caspian chuckled as he stopped by a lake, he got of his horse and helped Bella down and smiled at her "I found this a while ago" He said "Good place to think" he said and wrapped an arm round her waist holding her close, the water was pure blue and beautiful

Bella smiled as she looked around "It's so beautiful here" she said as a piece of her hair fell over her eyes

Caspian tucked it behind her ear softly "Not as beautiful as you" he said and kissed her hand softly and smiled at her

Bella blushed bright red and gave his hand a little squeeze, she then took of her necklace and took his hand placing the necklace, well locket in his hand and closed his hand so he held it

Caspian looked at the locket in his hand "Bella...I..."

"Yes you can" Bella said stopping him and pecked his lips softly.

Caspian smiled and pulled Bella softly to him and leaned in, his lips brushing against hers softly and lovingly, he was about to kiss her fully but.....

"Ahem!" someone coughed behind them. They both sighed as they turned around to see Aslan looking at them with raised eyebrow slightly.

"Oh come on" Bella whined annoyed "You too?"

Aslan chuckled "I gather someone else interrupted you before?"

"If by someone you mean my sister Lucy, then yes" Bella said and sighed. Caspian chuckled softly and he kissed her hair softly.

He chuckled "Ah, well maybe she had no idea what might happen" he said

"Oh, I am sure she has" Caspian said as he looked at Aslan "Is there a reason why you're here Aslan?" he asked looking at him

"I came here to warn you, someone is after Bella" He said

Caspian frowned "Who?" he said, he got worried as he held Bella closer to him

"That is yet unknown" Aslan said and left

oh no :S

That is not good :(


It starts to become annoying !

They have to kiss !!!



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