The Twilight Saga

This is a vampire story that I was making up for a while now tell me what you think
A juvenile and kind hearted girl Star one day met a mysterious, immoral, and gorgeous vampire named Night, and some how they become bonded in a close relationship. Night decides to take Star with him, sealing his dark past behind. She leaves behind her parents, her sibling including her loving little sister Mary Lu, her friends and Jack who was her admirer and seeks for revenge. One hundred years later Night and Star live peacefully together hidden in the modern world. But soon shadows from the past not only come and hunt their relationship but also endanger their lives and the entire vampire race.

Chapter 1
Cold Soul
Night sauntered though the murky woods. The warm zephyr whistled passed his ears. The dry earth crunched underneath his black polished boots and the breaches and leaves brushed against his black justaucorps coat. The temperature was too warm for his gray long sleeved shirt or black leather plants, but he didn’t show any discomfort.

He heard a rumble in the distance. At first it was faint but then it sounded like wheels rolling along a dirt road, and the ambling of hooves. He planned to make it to the next town by morning and didn’t mind to hitch a ride. He broke in to a run. The trees rushed passed him, a new harder wind blew against him. He somersaulted over a boulder and alighted on his feet. He dashed passed the last few trees and stopped at the edge of the road, abiding for his ride.

From a far distance he could see the wagon come into perspective. It was a covered wagon, it would be easy to sneak into without being notice, and it appeared to go the same destination as his ways. He lurked towards it.
The wagon was pulled by two chestnut horses. The man sited in the passengers set looked like he was in his late-forties or early-fifties. He was warming some worn out garments and a cap. His dark sleepy eyes tried to force on the road.

Night egresses from the forest and followed behind the back opening and ascended on. The wagon was full of carts and other luggage, which were covered with sheets. He sat with his back against the inner wall of the wagon, away from the man's view if he were to look around.

Instantaneously, his body became immobile as a rock. He heard the man mumble that it was awfully dark. Night gazed into the sky and laughed faintly; if he had his eyes he would say it was too bright. After a while he became somnolent from exhaustion and fell asleep.

In his dream he entered a similar position. He was floating, yet he left like he was walking. He was concealed in a thick murky cloud. The air around him was gelid, congealing his skin and blood. There was nihility but occasionally small flickers of light drifted passed him, stocking his skin with obscure snugness. He would come to this world, his world, a reflection of his life. Lonely, isolated, despised, and inane.

Abruptly, everything felt like it was shacking, as if there was an earthquake. He gulped for air as he broke through the darkness. Night's eyes flew open when he crashed his head hard on the wall. He rubbed the sore spot, trying to right himself. He found himself under the thick sheet.

What in the world happened? Did the wagon flip? He thought
Then a strong scent of blood hit him. He heard a man bawl of pain and sounds of beatings and laugher.

That's the old man.

He pulled the sheet off, and ripped through the canvas of the roof and saw three men in black coats, dark leather pants, and heavy metal boots. They were beating the man, who was covered in blood and sweat, as he was gulping for air on the ground.
“Think he's dead.” said one of the men.

Night recognized them, they were the Wild Riders. When he saw them a few days ago, their leader Sam caught his attention. It humored Night the way he felt very pleased with himself. Though out the years not once have anyone survived their attacks. An apparently the feeling of being unknown and fear by the world made him feel unstoppable. It even made all his muscles tightened in pride and power.

Night began to shake, it was too much. Humans put themselves in those positions were such simpletons. As they made their way towards their horses, he released a dark laugh.
“Who in the devils name are you?” said the man. He put his hand on his raffle. Night just laughed harder.

“Sorry their lad, but I'm afraid that it's too late for you friend there.” Sam smiled. “It's a pity that you have to share his fate, should have stayed hidden under there.”
Night stared at him, for them to think or even hope they, could eliminate him was unbelievable. Such useless vermin. He thought.

“He's not dead yet.” Night finally spoke
The smile on Sam's face faded. “What?”
“Unfortunately, I don't intend on forgiving you rotten low lives.” he replied darkly, a wicked smile spread across his face, revealing he's perfect teeth that shined in the moon light.

The horses cried in fear and galloped away. His raffle shook in his hands. Night felt the two long fangs protruding from his upper lip. Their hearts were beating faster, louder, and gave out a stronger sent of delicious blood mixed with on growing fear.
“Y-y-your a v-va-vampire!” shuddered Sam.

Then he finally saw it his eyes, his glowing murderous white eyes that were reflecting off of his preys’ eyes, as slowly approaching him. Night ran his tongue along his lip, as dozens of ideas of how to kill them races his mind.

“No!” cried one of the men as he began to scramble away. Night appeared in front him in mid second. The man collided against his body like a wall and fell to the ground. As the man was pushing himself up, Night stomped his foot at the center of his back. The sound of his spine and ribs cracking mixed with his dieing screams.

In a flash, Night kick the man's side, and sent him flying into the other man. The force was so great that they both collided into a tree, shaking it leaves.

As the two men mourned in pain, Sam sat in the dirt, shaking and shuttering his teeth. Night zipped behind him, in a crouched position, and encircled, his arm around his chest. He put his face close to his neck and inhaled deeply. The blood was so extraordinary, with such strong emotion of fear.
Sam gulped.

“You should be grateful really.” Night said in a casual tone as he warped his figure on his shoulder and crushed it. Sam screamed in pain. “You are the first dissent meal I had in a long time.” with a twist of his wrist he disconnected the shoulder bone, ripping the flesh.

The blood dozed out of the wound; its scent polluted the air, intoxicating Night's lungs. It caused a chemical reaction in is body, releasing many wild hormones manipulating his mind and body. His mouth water, as his eyes grow wider with hunger.

Night tossed the man to the side, into the dirt. He laid there griping his shoulder and looking at him with pleading eyes. Night got up and closing the gap between them. Sam tried to crawl further, but Night quick hand garbed his legs and twisted it till the bones broke and the muscles ripped. Sam gave out scream, but his mouth was too full with blood to make a sound. Sam gave out scream, but his mouth was too full with blood to make a sound.

Night became bored of the game and was already at the edge. He lifted Sam by the neck and whispered in his ear, “For should a horrific human you are such a coward.” with that he sank his begging fangs into his neck and drank the sensational nectar. The cells burst into scream of fear, which was sweet to his tongue. It filled him with the feeling the greatness of a predator. It made him feel so good, so strong.

The man became dry in minutes. Night dropped the corpse. He glared at it licking the blood from his hand, he was still unsatisfied.

Ahead of him he heard a faint morn. He looked at the two dieing men by the tree. He almost forgot about them. He wouldn't be able to waken any fear into their blood, but he was he was far too hungry to leave anything to waste.

He leaped into the air and landed five meters away. Night twisted and broke the rest of the men’s limbs; if he was going to eat them he might as well get as much taste of pain and suffering into their blood.

The men mourned their last breath as he sucked their blood. Night growled. As he expected they weren't even half as delicious as their leader. He kept forgetting to safe the best for last. Maybe if the leader were to see what was coming to him maybe his blood would have being more sweet.
Night threw the last man over his shoulder like a rag and it landed with an unexpected soft cluck. Night saw that the body landed on the old man, who was half dead. He zipped to him and kicked off the corpse. The man laid face down.

Night examined the man injures, the cuts weren't too beep, some cracked bones, and bruises. Nothing vampire blood can't heal. He turned the man over on his back. He griped the tip of his jaw and opened his mouth. Night put his wrist to his mouth and bit it.

Blood ran down his arm. He positioned his hand over the man's mouth and let the drops of blood fall into his mouth. But he choked on it.

He growled in irritation. Stupid human. They can't do anything themselves. He roughly grabbed the man collar and sat him up.

Night sucked on his wrist and bite into the man's throat. His fangs ripped two slits. He carefully positioned his mouth that his fangs kept the wounds opened enough for him to fill it with his blood, without slipping any. This technique took him half a century to perfect. It came in hand when his allies were injured or lost of lot of blood.

After injecting three mouths full of blood, he laid the man back on the ground and waited.
The old man slowly opening his eyes, and saw the road and he's wagon. He was probably wondering if he was about to died and was looking at the world for the last time. He tried to get up, cautious not to make his wounds bigger. He shook, but not in pain. He examined himself. There were no bruises, no cuts. He was sure that he was beaten by the Night Riders. He could see the tears in his clothes at were soaked in blood. This made no sense to him.

Night watch as the man sat on the ground pathetically confused.
“Your wounds healed quit nicely. Don't you think?” said Night.

Mat slightly lifted his head to see who it was. Not far off the road, he saw the three Night Riders on the ground. There limbs were twisted and broken, and their necks coved in blood with two deep holes. His muscles contracted, he couldn't move. He just stared at them, not able to look away.
Night glared at him. “You could the very least give me a word of thanks.” said irritated.
The man didn't know what caused him to lift his head higher, against the horror that he was in, and look into the glowing eyes.

“VAMPIER!” he scrammed in terror
At that instant the Night disappear into the dark woods. When he was at a distance he gave an wicked grin. Excellent. That man will cause uproar in town about me. This is going to be interesting.

After a few minutes of running, Night approached a bar. He stopped at the boarder of the light from the bar and the shadows of the woods and watched. Though the window he could see that the bar was filled with life of men drinking, singing, and playing. Some were even picking fights with each other. To Night this was as amusing as watch a barrel full of drunken monkey.

He clicked his tongue. “Humans are so pathetic. Such worthless low lives.” Night cared for humans as much as he did for their corpses. To him they were blood dolls, ready to play with, rip apart and thrown away.
He resumed on his way to town, unaware what he was going to find there.

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Hey here is chapter 2 tell me what you think :3
sorry about any grammar/spelling mistakes

Chapter 2
The Unexpected

Star skipped her way though the meadow, as she sang and swung her chalkboard in the air. She was nearly sixteen years older and she knew better then to be late for school, but she didn't care. Her father forced her to keep going to school, telling her that she needs to learn more new things, but she had not intention of doing so. She felt ridiculous being the oldest student in class and almost the same age as the teacher. She would rather be with her friends that already left school, and doing womanly life duties. Star knew that her life was short. She wanted to spend it exploring the mystery of the world and living her life the fullest. As she slowly made her way toward the main road of the city she hears a man screaming.


Star turned around and saw a worn out man that was running down the street. It seemed that he was running for a long time and was completely exhausted. His face resembled nothing but terror.

“What happened man? Get a hold of yourself.” yelled the sheriff. He garbs the man by the shoulders and shook him.

People were starting to come out to see what the commotion was.
“What are you talking about? Have you gone mad?” said one of the men nearby.
“Oh no, I saw it; I saw it with these eyes I have, I saw him after he took out the Night Riders. He must have left me because he was full. They are still there, their dead bodies.” he panted man

“Where are they?” asked the sheriff.
“On the south trail about five kilometers always from here.” he replied.
The sheriff got on his horse, as did the other men, and started galloping away, leaving Matt behind. The people started to mutter and discussed on what just happened. An old woman led the man into an inn. Star kept wondering if it was really true, whether or not that there was a vampire.

Star was back at home and was sitting at the front porch. School was canceled due to the uproar about the vampire. She wondered if the vampire was caught by sheriff and the other men and if he was okay.

She heard that vampires died in the sun light. She shivered at the though. Why would they want to kill the vampire, he did nothing wrong. Star never thought of anything in the world to be bad to the earth. A spider would catch pesky flies, mosquitoes and other insects, in there web and brink their blood. So why can't a vampire be like a spider, making sure that that bugs don't infests the world. That vampire chose to live the traveler alive and only kill the criminals, so he couldn't be a bad vampire.

Her head kept pondering about what the vampire would be like and what he was doing now. It like it was lost in a maze finding different answers at every turn. But, her searching was cut short when she realized that her friend Olivia was in front of her face and calling her name.

“Oh I'm sorry I didn't know you where there.” she said startled
“Always in a daze, sometimes I wonder what is going on though that childish head of yours.” Olivia took a hand full of Star's golden long hair and playful pulled it, like she was ringing a bell. “Ding dong Star time to grow up, this is why you are still at school.”

“I want to grow up, but I want to have fun too.” she patted her freed hair.
“Life isn't about fun. It's about hard labor and effort.”
“But I don't want to live only to work. Oh how I wish I was a vampire, heard that they live forever. I would have all the time of the world to do everything without worries.”

“Don't say such foolish things. Goodness me. A vampire.” Olivia hissed.
“Do you believe what the man said?”
“I only believe what I see. Now enough talk of the cursed creature. You remember that we are going to pick wild berries in the forest, with Brenda and Jack.”

“Oh yes.” she just realized. “I'll go get my basket.” she dashed off into to her house.
When Star was ready she ran out of the house like a bullet, and Olivia struggled to keep up behind her. Once they meet Jack and Brenda near the forest they made there was to the berry bushes.

“Jack be a gentlemen and do wait for us.” called Brenda from the edge of a stream.
“Oh you ladies always worry about ripping and dirtying your dresses, way didn't you wear an old one.” said Jack annoyed
“A lady had to look her best.” said Olivia

“At least you're not like that Star.” said Jack
Star was kneeling on the dirt beside a thick berry bush. “It fine if it gets dirty I will wash it later.” she said.
“Star don't you care about anything?” said Brenda

“Yes, I care if I will be able to get more berries then you before sun set.” her said and began to sing.
“You childish girl.” muttered Brenda.
Night woke from his sleep but didn't open his eyes. He wasn't sure if he was still dreaming because he heard someone singing. He opened his eyes, and saw the leaves that were tickling the tip of his nose. He stared a black berry as he listened to the lovely soft tune and slowly drifting him back to sleep. Then the singing stopped and heard some people talking. He grew fully awake.

Was I discovered?
He thought, and realized that he was still lying under a thick bush. Is the sun up? He roll over, close to his face he saw fabric of many patterns and colors of flowers.

It was a dress of a human girl. He froze and dared no to make any noise. Did she realize that I was here? What should I do if I'm caught? I would have to kill her. He hoped, begged that she wouldn't find him. He watched in terror as two hands touched the ground. Long beautiful golden hair, bright as the sun, fell down beside the hands like a waterfall. His mind and body suddenly became at ease when he found himself looked deep into gentle sky blue eyes. His view adjusted to a wider scene from the eyes to what he though was a face of gorgeous angel from heaven.

Her height cheek bones were pink; her skin was smooth and white. He couldn't look away; his eyes were locked on her gentle face that gave a kind warm smile with her wide swan lips.

“What are you doing under there?” she whispered

His muscles locked. He glared at her and hissed though his teeth. Fear flashed across her face. He felt something he didn't expect, a sudden pain that hit his very core. How much it hurt him to see that expression on her face. He didn't want her to run off screaming.

“You're that vampire that man seen, aren't you?” her voice wasn't coded with a single trace of fear but concern.

Night was confessed. Why isn't she afraid of me? With out warning she reached out her hand to him. He jerked away but didn't go far. Her warm hand slowly patted his head. He was bewildered. What is she doing? Is she trying to comfort me? He listened to her heart beat. It was unagitated. Its calm rhythm and her hand motion calmed him. Before he knew it, he was once again enthralled by her. Not aware of his actions, he took her hand and placed it on the side of his face; he closed his eyes and felt it warm his cheek.

“Are you feeling better?” she asked softly.

He started into her mystical eyes and smiled. She smiled back. He didn't know how long he stared at her, it didn't matter, nothing matter, but the girl that was in front of his eyes.

“Star! Star!” he barely notice the voices. He felt the girl's hand stiffen against his skin and slowly pulled away. He tightened his grip. Don't go. Not yet. He wanted to say but could find his voice. She must have seen the pain on his face.

“Don't be sad. Listen you have to be very careful the city knows about you and they are trying to hunt you down. So please don't get into harms way. I promise, I wouldn't tell anyone about your whereabouts.” she tried to pull way, but he wouldn't let go of her, she probably saw that here was still pain in his eyes. “Perhaps when things settle down we can see each other again” her voice was filled with hope.

Unwillingly, he freed her and she was gone. He stayed there; wonder if what just happened was a dream. He took his other hand and felt his cheek then his palm, they were hot. The girl’s face circle in his mind as emotions unfolded that he couldn't understand, never have he felt his way. He couldn’t unravel his feeling from the complicated knots, but all he knew was that he was happy. A happiness the tingled his body with warmth, it was a funny feeling. But he feed not long ago and he knew after great amount of feeding; a vampire gives off a fearful aura that caused all creatures to flee from their presence. He crawled out of the bush and made his way toward the bar that he pasted last night.

Through the window he could see that the bar was filled with life of men drinking, singing, and playing. He slowly made his way into the bar everything stopped. It was like all the fun and energy was drained out of the atmosphere. As Night made his way toward the chair at the end of the table, people kept looking over their shoulders at a distance. A bartender forcefully made his way towards him.

“What will it be sir?” he shuddered

Night looked looking down making sure no one saw his glowing eyes.
“Would you like to have a drink?” He asked an octave higher then before.
Night couldn’t help but smile.

“No I’m fine.” He chuckled and walked out the door. He heard a crash, and guessed that the server must have dropped the glass he was holding. But his mind flew back on the girl. Why wasn’t she frightened like them? He flashed through the tree back to the bush.

Chapter 3


Star couldn’t get the vampire out of her head, glowing blue eyes, his dark night hair, glass smooth skin, his beautiful pale face. She looked at the hand that touched his ice cold skin. When he bared his fangs at her she knew he was scared but didn’t mean to hurt her.

She shook her head. I will bring him a quilt tonight. He could get cold outside in the woods.
She continued to stroll down the road. Suddenly a strong force pulled her into an alley. She struggled to break free and open her mouth to scream, but it was instantly covered by a cool hand.

“It’s all right. I promise I would not harm you.” A boy’s voice whispered in her ear. It was a low male voice that had a beautiful sound of bells.

She tried to turn to see who it was, but he kept a firm grip on her.
“Will you run away if I free you?” he asked

She shook her head. He released her slowly. She turned around and saw his black clothes and the same beautiful face that she saw under the bush. A smile crept on her face. How much lovelier he looked under the suns light. The sun! Her palms flew to the sides of her face. The boy’s face suddenly turned into stone. His body sifted in a ready position to sprint if she were to scream.

“The sun!” she panicked. “You are in the sun! We have to get you out of the sun!”

For a moment he just stared at her blankly. His lips formed a straight thin line, but he couldn't hold back. He bend over, holding this stomach, and gave out breaking laughter. He tried to keep quiet, it was very different. She just stared at him in shock.

“You are not turning into ashes.” she said amazed
“No, no.” he chuckled, as he wiped the tears from his eyes. “Vampires don't die in the sun, but its brightness is very irritating to us. That's why we stay in the darkness.”

Star collapsed to the ground on her knees.
“What's wrong? Are you feeling alright?” his voice was alarmed.

“I'm fine.” she smiled at him. “I'm just so relieved.”
He exhaled deeply and the tension in his face disappeared. He muttered something under his breath. She thought she heard him say “Thank goodness”. He looked at her and offered his hand to help her up.

“For a vampire, you know how to be a gentlemen.” she giggled as he helped her to her feet.

He leaned over and brushed the dirt of her dress. Every stroke send an electric current through her. “Just because I'm not human, doesn't mean I have no manners.” He returned her a smile. His face became serous and his eyes flashed towards the opening of the alley. In the distance there was the sound of people approaching.

“We cannot be seen here.” he took her hand and pulled her to the other end of the alley.

“Wait.” she stopped. His stopped died froze. “You can hide at my cottage. Come with me.” she whispered and she led him through the narrow passages. His hand relaxed
i like it, its really interesting.
hope you write more soon.
pls. update me, I'd love to read more. thanks
wowwwwwww keeep writing plaseeee
Could you please write more?
post more i loved it plz!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 3
Part 2

As they reached the small red cottage, located in a field at the edge of the forest, she told him to hide behind the barn, that was a few meter in front of the property, as she would check if there was anyone inside.
What a strange girl.he thought, he couldn't understand her at all. She reappeared panting.

“What happened?” he asked

“Oh, nothing I was just worried that you might not be here.”


“Because you might have thought that I led you to a mob that was waiting inside for you.”

There was a short silence and he look down.” Would you?”

“Would I what?”

“Would you hand me over to them?” he looked up and was completely serous

“No, no, no. I-I wouldn't do should a thing. I-I...” she said alarmed at the sudden question

“Why wouldn't you? I’m a vampire after all.” his voice was softer.

“You are not evil. I know that.” she whispered embarrassed. His eyes grow wide. “You are a very good”

“I'm sorry, forgot to properly introduce myself. What kind of gentlemen am I?” he said in a lighter tone. She giggled.

“My name is Night; it is a pleasure to meet you misses...”

“Star you can just call me Star, Night.”

“Star” he repeated. Her name pealed in his ears. Of a few seconds their eyes made contact, but Star looked away blushing.


“I'm sorry. It's just that your eyes are really bright.” it was clear in her voice that she was completely embarrassed. It made him feel happy in a way.

“I'm sorry.” he raised his hand to cover them, but she grab it.

“No, don't hide them, it just that they look so lovely.”

He knew that he was making an expression that would make a human boy face turn tomato red. At that moment something sifted deep within him, he sought to hold her, to be by her side and never leave. He wanted to forever look at her face, a face that glimmered with happiness. She manifested into his dark and cold world. She was like a new flicker of light, a coruscation of warmth that he never felt before. Then a feeling arose in him, a feeling that he couldn’t distinguish.
HELLA you better write more soon NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Please write more soon
really write more
please HELLA write more soon


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