The Twilight Saga

                                                    Chapter 1


I saw the familiar doors i went through every day, but i dont pay much attention to them.

I stepped out of the car, and walked towards them.

And I wasnt expecting much to happen today, but i was wrong.


I was heading for homeroom, when I noticed my head started hurting, and then it started to grow.

From my forehead, to my eyes, to my temples, and then i blacked out.

I felt my back hit the wall, and I slowly lowered myself, trying to take control. How did this happen? This stuff never really happened to me.


"Whats her name?"

I dont know that voice, but it soothed me, the thought tht someone was paying attention to me.

With the thought that, somebody was helping me.

I felt the cold ground beneath me, then i couldnt remember, remember anything, what is happening to me? What will happen to me?


Then i felt mor people, surrounding me."Someone get a nurse, and hurry up."

"L-acy?" i choked out the words.

"Yea, it's k Hayley."


I didnt know Lacy tht well, but she seemed so protective over me, like shes known me for so long. Then i started concentrating on my eyes.

They wouldnt open, and the pain grew sharper and more piercing.

I let out a moan, and drifted off.




I was slipping in and out of contusness.

Every flash of tht dream i had, i didnt know.

I was moving now, but who was holding me?


I cracked my eyes open with all of the strength i had, but i didnt see who was carrying me, i only saw who was waching me drag out of the room.

i saw him whisper something at the nurse, while he was looking at me at the sam tim.

"Yes, shell be fine." she said.


"You can put me down now." I said, forcing my eyes opened. I never looked at his face. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." He put me down, and then I stumbled. "I think I should-"

"No, I'm fine. something." I started walking, but I kept stumbling. What was wrong with me?

Then, he put his arm around my waste and started leading me somwhere.


Then my eyes anchored closed again.

I was having more flashes of dreams, and they were of him, the one that was watching me go, and before i new wat was happening in it, i lie awake, in a bed in the nurses office.

The nurse called my mom, but she was at work, so she asked her frend to pick me up and tak me to hr house.


"What time is it?" i asked "11:01." the nurse replied. Its been that long already?  I got here at.... What? nine? Ive been sleeping in this crappy school nurse bed for 2 hours? What a joke.

Then the thot of who took me here popped up in my head.


Hesitating, i said,"who took me here?"

"Brandon." the nurse replied

"oh, ok." i said back

Whos Brandon??? Well, I dont no.

All i wanted to do was get out of here.



Ch.3 Dreams


"Thanks, Ms. Angie." i was lying in the back seat of the car. we took off away from the school about 10 minutes ago.


"No problem, anything for my best frends daughter, oh, and call me Angie."

"Yea, thnx, Angie" we wer on the highway now.

it was silent then, i fell asleep to the hum of the car.

I had dreams of tht stranger agen, strange dreams, some wer blurry, and i still cudnt tell wat was happening.


Then we pulled into the driveway.

"Sweety do u need me to carry u?"

I was stepping out of the car with my hand on my hed.

"No, im fine"

"R u sur?"

as soon as i stood up i collapsed.

"Hayley, atleast let me walk u."

"ok, thanks agen Angie"


We made it into her beautiful house with a faint smell of roses. The house was neatly decorated, with some kind of clutter that i liked.

"Do u want something to drink?"

"No, im fine."


she led me to the couch wer i fell asleep agen, and the endless dreams returning.


I was laughing so hard. Our fingers locked together, and we started running. I trusted him. I wanted him. I was breathing hard, and then I hated him. I just did. I didnt know what was happening, but I hated him.


I was finally home.I woke in my bedroom spreaded out on my bed. i felt like calling someone, to tell someone about my dream, about everything, I need som1 to trust. But who? And then i realized with the littlest effort, tht my hed wasnt hurting anymore.its my eyes tht wer feeling funny. i walked up to my mirror and stared at my eyes. They were now hazel, instead of my green, they were the prettiest hazel ive ever seen. i was wondering how the color changed. Was tht y my eyes wer feeling funny? And wat about those dreams? I was trying to answer my own questions. Then without thinking, I grabbed the fonebook and started searching 4 the name 'V'. Then I found only 1 number. "This has to be it" i whispered to myself. I dialed the number, and a male voice picked up. "Hello?" he said "Hi, umm... Is Lacy there?"


Ch. 5

I rushed downstairs, seaching for my mom. I was running so fast I almost ran into the wall.
Then I saw my mom.
"Pretty soon ill probably find you dead in the hallway"
"very funny mom"
"One of my natural talents"
"Can I go out, ya know, for a walk?"
"Sure but only if you feel better"
"I feel fine mom, thanks, i love you"
"Love you too" I raced out the door and to my surprise, the sky was grey. Not normal for a day in California.
Not like i was expecting to see the sun anyways.I was walking down the road when something caught my eye, something i wouldnt have normally noticed.

It was somekind of note,I opened it carefully, like it was worth millions and it read Meet me in the woods. Was this for me? Or was it just some random person looking for someone else? This got me thinking. I shoved it in my jacket pocket.


 I was walking ahead, straight towards the woods, when not long after i found the first one, i found a second one, like it was just waiting for me. I read this one, and it sayd "You may not know me, but that depends on your definition of "knowing. Your going the right way, Keep going. I put this one in my pocket too. I wanted to know so bad. My head aching for answers.


 This time I ran towards the water. I wouldnt stop, I never stoped until I thought wat i was doing was stupid,its just some guy looking for his girlfriend i thought,until  I saw the next one, folded up, and on the front with my name in capital letters.I knew it was all for me. I read this one without thinking at all. I can see into you, your confused, curious. I can see into your new eyes, I can see wats in your mind, whats in your dreams. I can see through you. Your wondering who I am, youll find out soon enough. Maybe.


Ive never wanted to go to school as much as I did now. How could this person know so much?How did this person know about my eyes? Will I see this person? What if it was that boy? The one I keep having dreams of?This really got me thinking. I needed answers, and if i didnt get them, I dont know wat ill do.I felt all three notes in my pocket.Nothing was making sense.


(Sorry for the crappy writing and spelling. I wrote a lot of this, about 2 months ago, but then I was suspended, so Im re-posting it. The writing gets better, and sorry if it's confusing lol.

Luv, Prissy)

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Ch. 59

Months passed, and now it was January. Thanksgiving was fine, and so was Christmas. I was walking home now, not expecting anything. When I walked in the door, my mom was right there.

"Yea mom?"
"We, we're going on vacation."
"That's cool. Where? And when? Who with?"
"I'm not sure who is coming, and, I know this is hard for you but..."
"But what? Dont say but!"
"We are moving to Ireland for or two years?"
"What?" Dissapointment, rage, anger, and sadness, all mixed together, rose up in me. One or two years? I couldn't bear that. What about Sean? What about my friends? My life here?

They even gave me Christmas presents, when I was too thoughtless to get them one.

"I need, time off. I got a job there and-"
"Wha- what!? N- No!" I felt a lump in my throat, and tears were coming on. This happened so fast. It all did.

"Sorry Hayley."
"We are staying for one year or less. If we have to go. Apparently, you want to."
I ran up the stairs. I didnt want to go to Ireland. My birthday wasnt even here yet. I layed there, and thought. Remembering every little thing. Every single detail, of what happened the past...year. Even if I didnt like it.

I remembered the first time I saw him. I could barley see. The first time I kissed him. And when he carried me. When I didnt want him, and when I did. The one that had my heart in his hands.

I remembered the past months. More people dying. Me knowing. Not able to tell. Wanting to run out, and kill all of the soul sucking monsters. It was funny, because I was the first one to kill something, not him.

I started from the beggining. Like I did before. This time, more to add. More to think about, more to want, more to not want. I bottled them up in my head. Keeping them there, where they would stay.

I had to do something. Have somekind Right before I leave. I wasnt going to be gone forever, but a year. The thought of 2 years just made me angry. A year...or two, would be so lonely. So agonizing. Years fly by when they are fun. This year, was going to drag on. Second by second.

Who was I telling first? Would the...monsters...follow me? Will people like me? Would I make friends? I decided, it was no use to make friends there. I was coming back, no doubt about it.

I could just...go sight-seeing. Learn about Ireland history.
I looked at my Christmas presents on my shelf. The black, pointy leather boots Mariee got me. I loved them. The necklace Nicole got me. It had a crystal heart dangling at the bottom, and above it it said in pretty, gold letters, 'Hayley.' Sean got me a silver bracelet. The clip had 'Hayley' engraved into it. I loved all of my presents, they were beautiful.

I didnt want to wear them. They were too amazing, and I might get the boots dirty, or the jewelry rusted. So, they sit there. On my dresser shelf.

I would miss them so much. Every, painful second being a whole ocean away. I didnt want them to come with me though, they had to stay with their families. It would be too selfish. It wasnt even my birthday yet, and they got me leather, silver and gold. Well, my friends were rich. I wasnt. Jay even got me a present. It was a santa hat. And a beard. That was on my dresser too.

But, what if I had to stay for two years? In two years, I'll be a legal adult. I could fly here by myself. But, I would only spend only a few months in my original school. Yep, Im staying for one year.

I decided to, tell Nicole first. I knew her before any of them. I called her.

"Hello?" It was Nicoles brother picking up her cell phone. How great.
"Give the phone to Nicole."
"Who is this?"
"Oh, this is Bobby. Who do you think I am?" You could tell the sarcasm in my voice.
"Is this Hayley?"
"No. Im a magical Leprichan telling you to jump off a rainbow!" I said in my best Leprichan voice.
"Oh, okay! Will I get some gold?"
"If you give the phone to Nicole!"
Her older brother was an idiot.

"Hello?" It was finally Nicole.
"Hey, can I tell you something?"
"I'm going to Ireland."
"OMG!!! Thats awesome!"
"No, its not."
"Why? Arent Irish boys supposed to be cute?"
I didnt reply.
"Oh! Yea boyfriend, sorry forgot how long are you going to be there?"
"A year. Maybe longer."
"Your the first to know."
"Your lying. Whos with you? Sean, or Mariee?"
"Nobody. Im not lying."
"Oh, okay. That sucks. When are you leaving?"
"I dont know. But Im making sure its after my birthday."
"Thats good...hey! You know whats funny?"
"Your birthday is on St.Patricks day, and youre going to Ireland." Ive never really given much thought of my birthday being on that holiday.
"Yea, I guess it is."
"So is Tia gone yet?"
"No. Shes out shopping with her mom right now."
"What about her school?"
"I dont know. She should just move into our house while we are gone. Get a school here."
"Yea, it would suck to have to repeat a year."
"Yea." I sighed.
"Did you tell Mariee?"
"Am I the first to know?"
"I knew you liked me better!"
"No," I laughed. "I've known you longer. I like you all equally."
"Haha. I know. So wassup?"
"Hey, isnt Sean from Ireland?"
"I dont know, why?"
"Thats what I heard. Did he tell you about his old girlfriend?"
"No. Wait, what?"
"Its true."
"Your lying."
"No I'm not! Ask him. He has to confess sometime."
"Yea right." I mumbled. She heard me.
"No! Seriously! And, he loves you way more than anybody else. I can tell. He's always staring at you. Its weird."
"Yea. Sure."
"Honest! No doubt about it."
"What else did he not tell me?"
"Umm...oh yea. He had a lot of girlfriends. Before he came here. I'm not lying. I swear on my brother."
"Why your brother?"
"I dont know." She laughed.
"Why do you think he didnt tell me?"
"I dont know. He probably doesnt want you to worry about it."
"Yea. I guess." My suspision grew. I wanted to know.
"Hey, I gotta go. Bye! See you tomorrow."
"Yea. Bye."

We hung up. I was getting answers tomorrow. No doubt about it. If he wont tell, I'll force it out of him. He wasnt keeping anything from me. Well, he wont be anymore.
can't wait 4 more
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Ch. 60

When I went to sleep, I had that same dream. The one with the zombies. But, there was someone else on the other side of me. It was some boy. His hair was black, and his eyes were grey. When he blinked, they flashed to green. It was so weird, because I've never seen him before.

I woke up to a new day. Wanting answers. I got dressed and went to school.
"Hey." Nicole came up to me. "Hey."
"Did you ask him yet?"
"I'm waiting for a better time."

We were both walking to music class. As soon as I walked in, the teacher came up to me.

"Hayley are you sure you dont want to-"
"Yea. I cant anyways-I'm going to Ireland." This time, I didnt need to make up an exuse.

"Oh, thats too bad."

I sat down, and just sat through the whole thing. Not paying attention, not caring. Just going off in my own world.

I caught up with Sean at lunch.
"Hey." I said, walking after him.
"Hey." He smiled.
"Umm, can I talk to you? Like, after school?"

I sat with my friends and picked at my food. "Are you gonna eat that?" Brandon asked.
"No." I shook my head, and passed my plate to him.
I listened to all of them talk. Waiting for the day to end.

When the day did end, I seemed...happier.
"Hey." I caught up to him.
"Hey. Again."
I laughed.

I jumped up and sat on the brick wall that seperated the school and, well, more woods.
"So...umm...I'm going to Ireland."
"That's cool."
"And it's for a long time."
"How long?"
"A year. Or more."
"That sucks." He half smiled. "I won't be able to see you."
"Will they follow me?"
"Not likely. But you should still be careful."
I nodded.
"You want to ask me something." He said. Damƞ. How did he do that?
"Yea. Where were you born?"
"Where did you grow up?"
"When did you come back?"
"Last year."

So Nicole wasn't lying.
"Who was your first girlfriend?"
He hesitated. "Do I have to answer?"
"Yes. I told you about me. You tell me about you."
"I guess that's fair..."
"So, who was your first?"
"There's you."

I was number six. "Do you still think about any of them?"
"Who was the dumpie?"
"Ha!" I laughed. "You were dumped? By who?"
"Jasmine and Erica."
"I didn't do what they said."
"That's so stupid!" I laughed. He laughed with me.
"Why did you dump the other ones?"
"Stacy...was too bossy. Riley was okay, but...I don't know. Caroline..." He sighed at her name. He dug his shoe into the dirt. "Sluţ." I heard him mutter.

"Did you mean for me to hear that?"
He looked up at me. "Hear what?"
"Nice save." I smiled. He smiled back. "Why?" I asked.
"Would you feel... jealous?"
"No." I said, even though I wasn't sure if I would.
"Are you sure?" I could tell he didn't want to tell me.
He sighed. "I liked her...a lot."
"She cheated on me."
"With who?"
"My best friend."
He turned his attention to me. "Why?"
"Just because..."
"I dont know. Do you still think about her?"
He looked at me. "We should go..."
"I'll go, if you tell me."
I'll tell you on the way."
"Fine." I muttered. Not wanting to leave my spot.

We started walking, most kids were gone now.
"Do you really want to know?"
"Will you feel...offended?"
"No." I said. But I didn't know if I meant it.
"Then...yea. But not a lot. I mostly think about you."
"It's true!"
"How much did you like her?"
"A lot."
"That's not an answer."
"I liked her a lot."
"That's the same thing, say something to make me believe it."
He sighed. He really didn't want to tell.
"I liked her enough to-"
"Okay! That's enough! What would have happened if she wasn't using you?"
"I don't know." He was looking down. He felt bad. And when he felt bad, I felt bad.

"Hey! Lighten up! I'm here!"
"Don't you feel...atleast...a little bit jealous?"
"Now that you mention it...why?"
"They all were."
There was silence, and we kept walking.

"What happened?"
"They fought over me, I don't know why. All at once."
"It's because they saw you with another girl."
"How can you possibly...?" He looked at me.
"Oooh." He smiled.
"Yea." I looked down. I imagined him with another girl. A pretty one. One with long, blonde hair. Perect face, perfect teeth, perfect clothes. That's when I got really jealous. He wouldn't even want me right now if she wasn't using him.

"That's why you've been so careful around me." I mumbled.
"You don't want to get heart broken again. That's why you don't-" I stopped myself. I was being stupid, ridiculous.
"Don't what?"
"Never mind."
"No, seriously, what?"
"It doesn't matter now."
He stopped walking. "Yes it does."
"No, it doesn't."
"Yes it does!"
I stopped walking, and turned around to face him. "You really want to know?" It started raining then, and hard. But I ignored it. He didn't say anything.
"You don't love me like you loved them. You probably don't kiss me the way you kissed them. You don't..." I tried to fight back the tears, and I was glad the rain disguised them. "You don't want me."

I turned around, and started walking. He doesn't want me. I thought. Shutup. Yes he does, your just acting stupid. Look, now he has me arguing with myself. I should just let my soul be sucked and spare the pain.

I kept walking. I didn't walk in the right direction. I didn't walk towards my house. I walked somwhere I didn't even know. I needed to go somwhere where the rain wouldn't pour on me, but what was the point? I was already dripping wet. I realized I was walking faster now.

I stopped under a bridge. "Perfect." I said to myself. "Just perfect. How worse can this get?"
I sat down, leaned against the wall, and cried. I pulled my knees up, wrapped my arms around my legs, and put my head down. I let my dripping hair fall over my face. I felt someone sit down next to me.

"Your a good hider." He said.
"Go away."
"You are so stubborn!"
"You were right." He said.
"About what?" I lifted my head.
"What you said. I am too careful around you. Because I don't want to go too far. You were right. I don't want to get heart broken again. Because getting heart broken by you will be a hundred times more painful. I didn't love them the way I love you. I love you a lot more. I don't kiss you the way I kissed them. Mariee told me you didn't want me to. And, I don't want you."

"I knew it." I said. I was so stupid.
"I don't want you to think I would actually want her more than you."
"I don't believe you."
"Do you want me to prove it to you?"
"You can try." I didn't know what was real. I never wanted anyone so bad, but I fought that. I told myself he didn't want me, so I should suck it up and move on. I didn't look at him, because it would hurt me more.
He lifted my face, and kissed me. This time, really diffrent. His tongue traced my lips, wanting to go further.
I slowly opened my mouth, letting him in.

"Aww. So cute." I heard someone say. I pulled away, embarrased. I put my head down and laughed.
"Oh, sorry, I should go now." The person said. I stood up, holding my backpack.

"No, it's fine, umm, I was leaving anyway." I partly laughed. I was still looking down. I looked up. It was an older woman, maybe in her thirties.
"Hey, do you know where this store is?" She asked me, and showed me a piece of paper. Suprisingly, I knew where it was.

"Uh, yea, it's..." I said, trying to remember where the small bookstore was. I leaned over, and looked. "It's right over there." I said, pointing to it.
"Thanks." She smiled.
"Your welcome." I smiled back.

She went that way, and I started walking back to where I came. Sean started walking behind me.
"I still don't believe you." I said, still walking. Walking in the pouring rain.
"Then I'll wait for you. Nothing's going to stop me. You told me to do what I want, and know what I want. I want you."
"No you don't"
"Yes I do."
"Are you trying to do that trick again?" He asked me. I stopped walking and turned around, facing him.
"How did you know?"
"You've done that to me more than twice."
"Huh." I said, still walking. I ended up walking up a hill. On top of the small bridge we were under. There weren't a lot of cars. Barley any. I only saw a few parked in the small parking lots.

When I got up, I sat on the edge of the bridge.
"Your going to fall."
"No I wont."
"If you do, I wont be able to catch you."
"I never asked you to."
"I don't care. I don't want you to fall. If you don't want me to catch you, I won't listen, because I want to catch you." He sat down next to me. "And, since I'm up here with you, and if you do fall, I have no choice but to fall with you."
"You have the choice of saving yourself, and not falling with me if I do fall."
"But who said your going to fall?"
"You did."
"Because I don't want to take the chance of you falling."

I remembered what the guy in the Halloween store said. 'Your lucky to have a guy like him.' Part of me said, he's right, the guy in the store is right, kiss him already! But the smallest part of me was resisting it.

"You make me feel like I'm the most uncareful person in the world." I said.
"You make me feel like the most selfish person in the world." He said back.

But I was still unsure. Unsure if I wanted him now, later, or forever.

Song for the Chapter - Adore by Paramore
awwwwww ! love how cute they both are together !!,nd OMG !! she can't be moving away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, what about sean ?!?!?!?!
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