The Twilight Saga

                                                    Chapter 1


I saw the familiar doors i went through every day, but i dont pay much attention to them.

I stepped out of the car, and walked towards them.

And I wasnt expecting much to happen today, but i was wrong.


I was heading for homeroom, when I noticed my head started hurting, and then it started to grow.

From my forehead, to my eyes, to my temples, and then i blacked out.

I felt my back hit the wall, and I slowly lowered myself, trying to take control. How did this happen? This stuff never really happened to me.


"Whats her name?"

I dont know that voice, but it soothed me, the thought tht someone was paying attention to me.

With the thought that, somebody was helping me.

I felt the cold ground beneath me, then i couldnt remember, remember anything, what is happening to me? What will happen to me?


Then i felt mor people, surrounding me."Someone get a nurse, and hurry up."

"L-acy?" i choked out the words.

"Yea, it's k Hayley."


I didnt know Lacy tht well, but she seemed so protective over me, like shes known me for so long. Then i started concentrating on my eyes.

They wouldnt open, and the pain grew sharper and more piercing.

I let out a moan, and drifted off.




I was slipping in and out of contusness.

Every flash of tht dream i had, i didnt know.

I was moving now, but who was holding me?


I cracked my eyes open with all of the strength i had, but i didnt see who was carrying me, i only saw who was waching me drag out of the room.

i saw him whisper something at the nurse, while he was looking at me at the sam tim.

"Yes, shell be fine." she said.


"You can put me down now." I said, forcing my eyes opened. I never looked at his face. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." He put me down, and then I stumbled. "I think I should-"

"No, I'm fine. something." I started walking, but I kept stumbling. What was wrong with me?

Then, he put his arm around my waste and started leading me somwhere.


Then my eyes anchored closed again.

I was having more flashes of dreams, and they were of him, the one that was watching me go, and before i new wat was happening in it, i lie awake, in a bed in the nurses office.

The nurse called my mom, but she was at work, so she asked her frend to pick me up and tak me to hr house.


"What time is it?" i asked "11:01." the nurse replied. Its been that long already?  I got here at.... What? nine? Ive been sleeping in this crappy school nurse bed for 2 hours? What a joke.

Then the thot of who took me here popped up in my head.


Hesitating, i said,"who took me here?"

"Brandon." the nurse replied

"oh, ok." i said back

Whos Brandon??? Well, I dont no.

All i wanted to do was get out of here.



Ch.3 Dreams


"Thanks, Ms. Angie." i was lying in the back seat of the car. we took off away from the school about 10 minutes ago.


"No problem, anything for my best frends daughter, oh, and call me Angie."

"Yea, thnx, Angie" we wer on the highway now.

it was silent then, i fell asleep to the hum of the car.

I had dreams of tht stranger agen, strange dreams, some wer blurry, and i still cudnt tell wat was happening.


Then we pulled into the driveway.

"Sweety do u need me to carry u?"

I was stepping out of the car with my hand on my hed.

"No, im fine"

"R u sur?"

as soon as i stood up i collapsed.

"Hayley, atleast let me walk u."

"ok, thanks agen Angie"


We made it into her beautiful house with a faint smell of roses. The house was neatly decorated, with some kind of clutter that i liked.

"Do u want something to drink?"

"No, im fine."


she led me to the couch wer i fell asleep agen, and the endless dreams returning.


I was laughing so hard. Our fingers locked together, and we started running. I trusted him. I wanted him. I was breathing hard, and then I hated him. I just did. I didnt know what was happening, but I hated him.


I was finally home.I woke in my bedroom spreaded out on my bed. i felt like calling someone, to tell someone about my dream, about everything, I need som1 to trust. But who? And then i realized with the littlest effort, tht my hed wasnt hurting anymore.its my eyes tht wer feeling funny. i walked up to my mirror and stared at my eyes. They were now hazel, instead of my green, they were the prettiest hazel ive ever seen. i was wondering how the color changed. Was tht y my eyes wer feeling funny? And wat about those dreams? I was trying to answer my own questions. Then without thinking, I grabbed the fonebook and started searching 4 the name 'V'. Then I found only 1 number. "This has to be it" i whispered to myself. I dialed the number, and a male voice picked up. "Hello?" he said "Hi, umm... Is Lacy there?"


Ch. 5

I rushed downstairs, seaching for my mom. I was running so fast I almost ran into the wall.
Then I saw my mom.
"Pretty soon ill probably find you dead in the hallway"
"very funny mom"
"One of my natural talents"
"Can I go out, ya know, for a walk?"
"Sure but only if you feel better"
"I feel fine mom, thanks, i love you"
"Love you too" I raced out the door and to my surprise, the sky was grey. Not normal for a day in California.
Not like i was expecting to see the sun anyways.I was walking down the road when something caught my eye, something i wouldnt have normally noticed.

It was somekind of note,I opened it carefully, like it was worth millions and it read Meet me in the woods. Was this for me? Or was it just some random person looking for someone else? This got me thinking. I shoved it in my jacket pocket.


 I was walking ahead, straight towards the woods, when not long after i found the first one, i found a second one, like it was just waiting for me. I read this one, and it sayd "You may not know me, but that depends on your definition of "knowing. Your going the right way, Keep going. I put this one in my pocket too. I wanted to know so bad. My head aching for answers.


 This time I ran towards the water. I wouldnt stop, I never stoped until I thought wat i was doing was stupid,its just some guy looking for his girlfriend i thought,until  I saw the next one, folded up, and on the front with my name in capital letters.I knew it was all for me. I read this one without thinking at all. I can see into you, your confused, curious. I can see into your new eyes, I can see wats in your mind, whats in your dreams. I can see through you. Your wondering who I am, youll find out soon enough. Maybe.


Ive never wanted to go to school as much as I did now. How could this person know so much?How did this person know about my eyes? Will I see this person? What if it was that boy? The one I keep having dreams of?This really got me thinking. I needed answers, and if i didnt get them, I dont know wat ill do.I felt all three notes in my pocket.Nothing was making sense.


(Sorry for the crappy writing and spelling. I wrote a lot of this, about 2 months ago, but then I was suspended, so Im re-posting it. The writing gets better, and sorry if it's confusing lol.

Luv, Prissy)

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Chapter 6

I walked back home, stalling time to think about things. So many things were racing in my head. So many questions that needed 2 b answered.One of my questions is that, How did this person know xacly when i was going to go out?

When I got home i smelled food."Holly? is that you?"
"Yea mom." "Food time!!!"
I wasnt in the mood for food. I just wanted to go 2 bed so morning would hurry up.
"No thanks mom im not hungry." "Ok Holly."
"Thanks mom, im going to bed, love you."
"Love you too,Good night."

Unlike most kids, i never mided saying "I love you" to my mom. You never know when something could happen.
One day your alive, the next youre dead. Its simple. Even though, you know theyll b in Heaven waiting for you, itll still be sad. And I wouldnt want to live with my dad. He lives in the ghetto, theres nothing wrong with ghetto people, its just, i dont want someone to break into our house, or kidnap me.

Running up the stairs tired me, including the running in the woods. I crashed on my bed without taking off my dirty clothes.
Not paying attention to my usual, recent dreams,I heard a beeping.
My eyes felt foggy. I saw a shadow. "What the....?...."
It was in the shape of a boy, my age. Its just an illusion, its fine.
Or,Im crazy, its nothing, im just crazy. I didnt pay much attention to it. Then, i turned my attention to the beeping.
i looked at my alarm clock.
6 :00? Already? I was tired, but I was so xited i didnt think of that. I rushed to my tanktop, white t-shirt, baggy jacket, worn out dark jeans,converse.My usual wear. I brushed my hair as fast as i could until my scalp started hurting, not caring how it looked. I rushed out of mmy bathroom and downstairs headed for the door.

"Where r u going?" it was my mom."School," I replyed.
"I thot i was driving you?"
"Its 6 in the morning, ill b to early, ill run to school, its not that far...."
"Yes it is......Hayley....." "Its fine mom ill run i love you."
"Love you too, be careful" "Ok mom love you."

And I rushed out the door.
omg greeat story post more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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k lol i alredy hav alot ritten, so jst tel me wen u wana read mor lol
Chapter 7

I ran to school, i ran as fast as i could.Feeling the xitement and power in me felt good. It felt good that i was gonna get answers. But who should I tzlk to first? Would I find out who Brandon is? Will I talk to the boy I saw yesterday? Or will I talk to Lacey? There was so much to do. So much to think about. I was wondering out of my mind.

My heart was pounding from running almost the whole way. I finally stopped at the doors, trying to cach my breath. I leaned against the wall.
"Don't tell me your gonna pass out again." i heard someone say. I looked up. There was a boy with light brown hair,almost dirty blonde, and brown eyes, staring at me with a smile on his face. He wasnt bad looking, but he wasnt wat i would think of "hot" or "beautiful."
I looked up,"What's your problem?" I said evenly. "Um,,, sorry if i sounded mean I..." My eyebrows raised and without thinking i said, "Whats your name?"
"Brandon." he said. I just wanted to make things easier for him. And Brandon, this is the guy that dragged me to the nurses."You carried me to the nurses offiice, well, more like, dragged me, but thats ok."
"Yea, sorry about that, how did you know?"
"Nurse." I said without hesitating. I was going to get my answers from him.
"Who was standing by the nurse when you were taking me away?"
"Oh, him, that was, well, im not sure." I couldnt tell if he was lying, or telling the truth.
"Do you know my name?" I asked, curious.
"Ummm......well..." I could tell he was thinking of what to say.
"I heard it was Holly."
"Yea, thats right." i replyed with no emotion. "Ill see you later," I said.
"Ok, bye" He said, sounding shy and dissapointed.
I nodded and left, walking to my locker. I got my stuff out of it and turned around to close it.
It slammed shut on accident.
"You really shouldn't do that." Whoever was talking to me, theyre tone of voice, i couldnt tell what theyre point was.
Not remembering the voice, staring into my locker i said,
"Well sorry I must be disturbing to you." I couldnt tell what tone of voice i had.
"Youre not, I was just making a point." I realized he wasnt being smart at all, I looked up and saw it was him. He pursed his lips. "Oh, I...." I stared into his hazel eyes, they were just like mine, but even more beautiful. I realized i waited too long to finish.Quickly, I continued to respond, "Im sorry if i offended you."
"Its ok, you didnt." He seemed to b observing me to. Seconds, minutes passed, of us just staring at eachother in complete silence.
I broke it without noticing. "I've seen you before, I dont remember when."
I was staring at him so much i forgot almost everything. My eyes were even drying up, and he showed no sense of nerve or discomfort. He was the one in my dreams, but was he the one reading them?
When he didnt reply i shook my head and looked away.I whispered "I must be crazy,....."
Then I looked past him, seeing Brandon. Brandon was staring at me. And as soon as he saw me looking at him he looked away.
I looked up again, and the boy wasnt there anymore. I looked past toward Brandon, and he wasnt there either.
Then I felt alone, Off to homeroom.
Ch. 12

I walked to the woods. I was in no rush to seeing him.
When I finally got there, I didnt see him. I walked deeper into the woods when I saw him sitting on a bench. "Yes?" I said, scaring him.
"Oh, hi Hayley, you got my note?"
"I sure did and ur signature is ugly."
"U-um, ok?, well, i wanted to say sorry."
I showed no emotion. "Forgive me?" He asked and pulled out a rose.
I let out a sigh. Typical. I took the rose. "Sure, i forgive you."

I lied. Ill never forgive him, okay, well maybe I did a little bit. He leaned to kiss me, and even though i was really grossed out, I just stood there, and let him. Good thing it was quick. I wasnt comfortable. "You know what?" and smiled.
"I'm sorry." I hugged him, and walked away. He was more of a friend.
He caught up to me. "Friends then?"
"Yea." I nodded and smiled at the same time, sighing out the words. I went home, and he walked off somwhere.
Chapter 8.

The day dragged on, and I havent seen Lacy today. It was lunch now,and I sat alone, thinking. Thats pretty much all I do now, is think. Then a girl sat right next to me. Her hair was black and when it shone in the sun it was a very dark red, so i guess it just appeared black. I just sat there and stared at her.Her skin was darker then my color of ivory,she was a different race, i guess. She looked at me and said "Hey." "Hi." I said back. She smiled. "Im Mariee."
"Im...Hayley" I said back. " Mariee!" I heard a voice call. I looked over I saw another girl with black hair, and again another raice.The curls in her hair were natural, and she had it up in a pony tail. Mariee motioned for her to come to our table.
So she did. She sat and said "Im Nicole" with a smile. "Im Hayley." i said back. Then, more people came. A boy named Daniel, another boy named Connor, Brandon, a girl named Amy, Another girl named Cathrine. So many people came. Maybe like.... seven? I felt out of place. "Guys this is Hayley." Said Nicole "Sup." Said Daniel. "Hi." I said shyly.
Sudddenly I looked past and I couldnt see that boy. Where did he go?
"Remember me?" it was Brandon. I gave him a quick smile and said, "Yea."
I looked past again, hoping he was there, and he was. Playing around with his friends. I even giggled a little at how they were acting.
"What r u lafing at?" asked Mariee.
I ripped my eyes away from them. "Oh, just thinking to myself."
"Thats cool." said Brandon. I gave him a nod.
I would look past at the boy and his friends once in a while, still being in conversation with my new friends though.

By then lunch period was over, and We all walked to our classes, and I had the same class as Nicole. We were still walking and talking together, and laughing.
Then he walked by again.
"Shawns staring at you." I heard Nicole say.
"wha- What?" I didnt know who Shawn was.
"Shawn, hes staring at you, look." Was that the boys name? Shawn?
Or was it S-e-a-n? I looked towards the boy and he was staring at me, our eyes licked for 2 seconds and then he quickly looked away.
"He likes you."
"No, he doesnt, i can tell he doesnt open up to girls that easily." I really could tell that.
"Your right, he doent, you should hav seen the girls last year, Gina sayd that they kissed b4 but he just wont admit it do u think thats true?"
"No." I replyed.
"But I can tell he sees something in you that he likes."
I laughed at that one. "Like What?" I said.
"Personality, humor, passion for things, or maybe, hes trying to see whats inside you."
"Yea, riiiight." This crap only happens in books and movies.
"Huh, yea, theres books and movies for ya!"
"Thats exacly what I was thinking." i replyed.
Then we got to class
(Wow. I rote this a long tim ago, and dang its short)

Chapter 9.

School was over, and everyone was rushing out of the school.
I couldnt see him, well, Shawn, i like saying Sean better, its easier.
I stopped in the crowd, and i finally saw him.
"Hey." i didnt scream it, i just said it.

He seemed to be ignoring me, he was just walking straight ahead.
I ran up closer. "Hey..., w-wait" i said
"Go away." He said without turning.
"Why? n-no." I couldnt think.
I paced up closer, i was beside him. He looked at me, and i looked at him.
Now his eyes were green, not hazel anymore, it was, it was my old green.
My green.
Ch. 10

Thats when I stopped short.
I was stunned. My green was in his eyes.
I hated him now. And i think he knows that.
He'd better know it. Almost every part in him I hated. WHY was my green in his eyes? I felt like crying. I missed my green. My mom always said that i had the most beautiful green eyes shed ever imagined. But i never saw it. Until now.

I know im acting like a 5th grader, but i couldnt take it. So i ran. I ran past the crowd. And i could feel his eyes on me. I could feel his hate for himself, but i didnt feel it, I KNEW it.
I kept running. I know most of the crowd of kids were staring at me like i was just dumped by my boyfriend. Well I never had one, so screw them.
Screw the doofus who took my eyes. Its so stupid to think this way, but i didnt care. And I went home, said hi to my mom, and ran upstairs.

I ly there, in my bed, realizing how stupid i was acting.
Its just a dumb eye color.
Who cares.
Then my fone rang. I picked it up. "Hello?" Who could it have been?
"Hey, Hayley?" it was a girls voice.
"Can I help you?" I said sourly.
"Hey its Nicole, umm... did Seana diss u?" So now its "Seana?" Whats next?
I got angry at what she said, so i hung up.
The fone rang again, again, again, and then again.
I couldnt take the ringing.
So I picked it up.
"WHAT do you WANT?" I almost screamed.
"Oh, umm, hi, Hayley?" It was Brandon.
"Oh my God Brandon Im sorry i thot u wer someone else." i said.
"Oh, its ok, i understand how Seana dissed you like that, whata jerk."
Now I was TWICE as angry. #1 Brandon lied to me. #2 EVERYBODY THINKS HE DISSED ME.
"Hey umm... Brandon?" I said in the sweetest, cutest voice possible, the kind when a girl is flirting with a boy.
"Yea?" He said in a hopeful voice.
"Go Shove a butter stick up your a**"
And I hung up.
god shes a little moody i like it post more when u ave tyme:)
<3 Meme
lol ya i was angry wen i rote tht hahahaha lol
Ch. 11

I felt good when i told that to him. It felt so good infact, i laughed wen i hung up.
It rang again. How did this kid get my number? Stalker. Well, I looked up Laceys number, I guess everybody has a stalker in them. I laughed at myself. It still kept ringing, and I heard the message. I couldnt help but to listen.
"Hey, sorry. I didnt know you were that emotional. Can we somwhere? Woods I guess? Bye."
I ran down the stairs.
"Mom im gona go 4 a walk love you bye."
"love you too Hayley be careful."
"K mom." I ran out the door and looked towards the road that led to the woods.
Lets go to the woods to see what this kid has to say.
This is really interesting! I like it!


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