The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1: Intro
Full Summary: What if Edward died? If he was reincarnated into a human, happy, and in love with Jacob? When Cullen's arrive back in Forks years later there in for two LARGE surprises. Will the Cullen's change him back or will Bella steal him and change him herself?

Angry Bella, Mprge, Bottom Ed Top Jake

Chapter One-Introduction

"Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are." A flush of pink ran across pale skin as bronzed hands ran across it. Jacob Black kissed along his Fiancée's neck grinning wolfishly as his gasped with each heated kiss along the arch of his pale neck. "Well have they?" He mumbled, and Edward nodded negative shyly into his chest, peering up at him through hiss long lashes, Jacobs's warm brown eyes smothered him with love and care. He loved that Jacob was taller than he was-it made him feel protected, small and loved.

"Stunning, tempting, exquisite, captivating-do I need to give you more?"

"I think you described yourself." He mumbled back

"Will you two stop it already-ugh you make me sick." Leah stuck her tongue up at her best friends casting her eyes away with a roll. The others laughed at Edwards blush and Jacob's mock glare.

"Don't be jealous because you don't have the most perfect man by your side."

"Just wait Black I'll have my perfect one."

"He's right here!" Jacob shot back, Edward groaned hiding his face his Jacobs muscled chest. They were at First Beach, the couple both had a day off and wanted to spend it with their friends.

"Did you hear about the new family?"

"New family?" Edward asked with wide eyes-new families hardly ever move into Forks, it was a big thing.

"Yeah, don't know their name but they have five kids all attending FA." Jacob looked down at Edward kissing the top of his head.

"Maybe you'll see them?"

"I doubt it they are not allowed in the lower levels." Forks Academy had every grade level till you left to collage, Edward started working there as soon as he graduated from NYU-a week later he met Jacob after his car broke down in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain and a year later Jacob proposed in the middle of his kindergartens spring concert. He ran the lower level of the school, he preferred younger kids he loved working with them.

"We'll all the girls are claiming they are in love with the boys, it's annoying I can't make them focus." Leah grumbled-She was a Chemistry teacher, a strict one but she loved and cared for each of her students.

"Give them a little time Lee, new kids cause excitement let them have their fun." The buzzing of Edward's phone caused them both to look down-reaching in his pocket he pulled out the IPhone reading over the message quickly. He's face crumpled and his body shook.


"They won't cater the wedding." He whispered Jacob eyebrow crinkled in confusion at his hearts upset face. Taking the phone his face clouded in anger, taking a breath he kissed the top of his head taking in the scent of his hair.

"It's alright baby, we'll find someplace else." He felt Edward face snuggle into his neck and the wetness hit his skin-he knew Edward had his heart set on that place for their wedding reception; they were the best and Edward got nothing but the best from him.

"I-I'm sorry." Edward hiccupped, clutching Jacob closer.

"Do you want to go?" Jacob whispered.

"No." He whispered back "I'll be okay." Jacob wiped reached down the tears away kissing his lips gently.

"See sickening." Leah snorted and Edward laughed turning back to their friends though the hurt was still there.

[Edward's POV]

I've always felt I was missing something, I don't know what but I wanted to know. I keep having flashes-flashes of a life I've never been a part of, strange people and voices but I could not recognize them or see them really-it was blurry. I never linger on it but sometimes it does catch me off guard, I don't let Jacob see it- he's to in tuned with me that we could feel each other and I didn't want him to worry about me, especially since my little melt down at the beach yesterday. Sighing I smiled seeing my little ones color.

"Mr. Eddie." I kneeled down to look at the macaroni picture on the paper.

"It's beautiful Emily." The child smiled brightly

"Mr. Eddie Riley swallowed glue! " I rushed over, the six year old was crying holding his stomach.

"Riley honey how much did you eat?"

"A lot." He whimpered I picked him rocking him against my chest.

"Emily honey go get Miss Jessie." The girl ran to get the other teacher, and the older teacher appeared a few moments later.

"I needed to take him to the nurse-can you watch my class please?" She nodded patting my back and I rushed out the classroom.

"It's okay Riley." I cooed in his ear humming gently, he calmed down sniffling in my neck. Turning the corner I bumped into someone.


"Edward." A voice whispered, I turned briefly to see a tiny pixie looking at me with wide eyes, I looked away turning into the office.

Who is she?


This Is Just A Mock...Something. IDK If I'll Keep At It. I Just Wanted To Post It. Tell Me What You Think?

P.S. I have this same story on FF.Net, so I DID NOT STEAL IT. 

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sounds really good so far....can't wait to read your next update!!!!!


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