The Twilight Saga

plz read my story is about twilight sort of. its bella past lifes and how she gets reincarrted intell she and edward finaly get it right and met each other and fall in love. in this she mets some of the other charters such as alice and jasper
Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you ever felt something so real but knew it could not be true? My mom say that I was born 35 and get more middle aged every year, maybe that because I have had more experiences than her, not in this life but in a past one
Chapter 1- influenza
I had just turned 17 when the influenza struck. Already every one I cared for had died my family and friend all were gone one by one dieing. And now here I lay next to a complete stranger. All I knew about him was that his father had died and his mother was on the verge of dieing. I knew the pain he was going to have to go through if he lived. Even though we were too weak to talk I felt a deep conection with him. Minutes, seconds, hours I didn’t know how long had passed all I knew was that I was getting weaker and weaker. I could feel the death taking over my body. And so I closed my eyes waiting. I welcomed the death that spread though my body, why should I care if I died, I had nothing to live for. The last thing I remember was the boy mother talking to the doctor she told him to what ever he could do to save her son. And then that was it. Dieing was effortless, it was like falling
plz comment should i write more?

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yes. i know its cofusing. this might help its bella past lifes and how she gets reincarrted intell she and edward finaly get it right and met each other and fall in love
oooo ok thats wut i thought lol anywho i love your story!! plz write more soon
Really good please write more
more please your killing me here
this is realy god
i luv it can't wait 4 more
Alright so i kinda forgot all about this... I have been just so busy. And im really sorry i havent had the time to do anything with the story..... I dont know if i should write more of this story , because its been almost a year. But if anyone would like me to just comment . But if i do theres some major changes id like to make , I think these changes would make the story a whole lot more interesting and would probaly be more discriptive and could maybe anwser some questions about the story. So the question form me to you is: more or not? sorry once again for not updating.
coolness write more


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