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plz read my story is about twilight sort of. its bella past lifes and how she gets reincarrted intell she and edward finaly get it right and met each other and fall in love. in this she mets some of the other charters such as alice and jasper
Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you ever felt something so real but knew it could not be true? My mom say that I was born 35 and get more middle aged every year, maybe that because I have had more experiences than her, not in this life but in a past one
Chapter 1- influenza
I had just turned 17 when the influenza struck. Already every one I cared for had died my family and friend all were gone one by one dieing. And now here I lay next to a complete stranger. All I knew about him was that his father had died and his mother was on the verge of dieing. I knew the pain he was going to have to go through if he lived. Even though we were too weak to talk I felt a deep conection with him. Minutes, seconds, hours I didn’t know how long had passed all I knew was that I was getting weaker and weaker. I could feel the death taking over my body. And so I closed my eyes waiting. I welcomed the death that spread though my body, why should I care if I died, I had nothing to live for. The last thing I remember was the boy mother talking to the doctor she told him to what ever he could do to save her son. And then that was it. Dieing was effortless, it was like falling
plz comment should i write more?

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is it supposed to be bella speaking? like she and edward were both on the verge of death in 1918?
its amazing write moree
thats really good u should check out my story falling sun
plz comment
i love it! please write more!
Chapter 2- asylum
I knew somebody secret, it was not a secret that I was supposed to know about, nor did I want to know. I was put in this asylum because of this secret. People thought I was crazy, I just knew the truth. People only saw the mask he was wearing. They thought he was nice, normal, and human. He was none of those things he was a killer and not just that he was a vampire. And so I told people about him, to stay away from him they all thought I was crazy. And that’s how I got into this asylum. I learned on my first, what would happen to me in here. I remember it so clearly.
(Flash back)
I was trying so hard to get out of his iron grasp. I was using all my strength, but nothing. Who was I kidding there was no way I was ever going to get away, even if I could there was no way I could run away, even though the floor was flat and their was nothing to trip over am sure I would find some thing. So I tried a different method.
“I’m not crazy” I shouted “please listen to me I saw him! I saw him with my own two eyes break that girls neck then suck her blood out” not a budge “ ill prove it, give me a week and ill prove it”
“Their is nothing to prove, besides if I let you go you would probably skip out of town” the man said
“Then I prove it now, he never comes out when it’s sunny” he chuckled “okay then, what about his eyes? His blood red eyes explain that to me” I said
“Why can’t you leave that poor man alone? What did he ever do to you?
“He did nothing to me. But what did he do to the victim’s families? The emotional pain he put them through. What kind of pain will he cause his next victims, he’s a monster” I said
He was leading me down a dark hallway. I could remember hearing some one screaming but I couldn’t understand it. That’s when I saw what he was leading me to. “No, please, no” I screamed
“This is going to make you better” he said
He was strapping me on to the table ignoring my screaming pleas. No matter how hard I tried to push him away he was already there pushing back. He had me buckled in less than a minute.
That’s when the doctor came in. he had oil back hair with liquid gold eyes, he was flawless, beautiful. He too ignored my screaming pleas, but he seemed more bothered by them. Then the body like guard left the doctor alone to do his work. Once he left the doctor swiftly moved his lips until they were 2 inches away from my ear and whispered “ I am truly sorry about this, please forgive me” and that when the treatment started. It hurt so much more than I thought it would.

I was in my cell now still wondering why they could not believe me when I herd some one starting to talk.
“My name is Alice. What yours?” said the sweetest voice I have ever herd. I turned around to see who made it. She was a 5 foot 4 girl with short hair pointing in every direction.
“Bella” I said
“Well Bella you know you really should not talk about the vampire, ever if you are telling the truth”
“Wait, you believe me?”
“Of course I do! I have seen him kill before, just not in person like you did” wait, I never told her that “but in a vision of mine” Alice said
“You can see the future?” I guess if vampires are real then of I shouldn’t be shocked that she could see the future, but I was.
“Yes, but my visions are subjective, one thought, one move could change your whole future” Alice said
We had become great friends. Every thing was going great like I had found some way to escape reality being that I am stuck here for ever. I didn’t realize then it could all go away.
(Flash forward)
One day Alice came to me she told me that she had to go and that every thing would be okay, that we were both going to be okay and that she and i were going to see each other soon in the future. Then she left with the doctor trailing close behind her.
And that was the last time I saw Alice and the last time I saw the doctor too. Ever since Alice had left the reality had slowly creped back. I loved her like a sister and she had left me. All I wanted to do was to forget. Soon, I had forgotten how long I had been here all I knew was that it was never going to end. So I gave up. I soon realized how subjective Alice’s visions were one move one thought and your whole future changes. Her move changed mine. So one day I decided it would be my last
Chapter 2 in epov
It had been 101 years since Carlisle had changed me and introduced me to his life style. But it is still hard for me to be around human blood. I have never understood how Carlisle can be a doctor, to be around human blood and resist, thinking about being around human blood made my mouth water I could feel the venom in my mouth.
“Edward” Carlisle thought
I was over to him in less then a second
“Yes” I said
“Are you and dr, white going hunting tonight?” Carlisle thought
“Yes, why?” I said
“It’s me and Esme’s anniversary and I wanted to make it special” Carlisle thought. That’s when I saw the gift he was going to give her
“I think she will quite like that “I said

I could sense the mountain lion it was to the east of me, only 1 mile away. I ran to it. Then I was there sinking my teeth into the mountain lion. The mountain lion tasted good but nothing as close as a human would taste like.
I got up and turned around to look at dr, white.
“You’re spotless” he thought
I look at his clothes, they were covered in blood. He was thinking at the fight he had with his animal while I looked at his clothes.
“Maybe that’s because I don’t play with my food” I said
“Its no fun if you don’t “he thought
“So how is life at the asylum?” I said
“Very hard. You don’t know how hard to not tell some one that they are not crazy that they did really see a vampire sucking the blood out of his next victim, or that they really do have a special power. That they can really see the future or read people’s minds or the next new thing that comes along” he had raised his voice higher and higher through out the whole conversation
That was the last time I had seen him in a month. So one day I went to go see him at the asylum to see if every thing was all right of if had by some strange reason had relocated.
I walked through the front door and over to the woman sitting behind the desk. She was in her late 39 or early 40s. She had blonde hair that went to her shoulders; she had tan skin with blue eyes.
She look up to ask me if she could help me but she was side tracked she was thinking about me “oh my god, wait is he god he is so BEATIFUL! Oh, swoon”
“Excuse me, can I speak to dr, white” I said
“What do you what him for? Oh well he’s gone maybe I could help him! Oh swoon…” she thought “ we haven’t seen him for a month or so. Could I help you?” she said
“No, I really need to talk to dr, white, do you know were he went?”
“No, its like he disappeared no one now were he went” she said
Just then a man walked in he was pushing a cart with with a dead body on it.
“Another suicide” the woman asked
“Yes, but this one different, she hung herself” the man said
i ma alittle confuse of who is talk in chapter 1 than chapter 2??? will u tell me?? but i lav it pls write more!!!
it goes bellas point of view than hers again than its edwards poin of view


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