The Twilight Saga

Hey, here's my first chapter of my Fan-Fic! Enjoy! Bella is already a vampire and she doesn't remember her human life. All she rembers is a bronze-haired boy( Edwrad). She moves to Alaska and lives with the Denali clan. She goes to a ball and meets Edwrad and find out more by reading! : )



Chapter one: Memories


" Just let me hear one of your theories." He said with a smile. I was sure i was red, but i said, " Promise you won't laugh." I asked. " I promise." He said with humor in his eye's. " I've figured Radoactive spiders or kryptonite." I looked at my feet. Then i looked into his eyes. " Those are all superheroe stuff." " What if i'm not the hero, what if i'm the bad guy." His face was close up to mine and i wa lost in his eye's.


BELLA!!!!" I snapped out of my vision. Tanya was standing at my bedroom door and she was wearing a look of annoyance on her face. " Come on, we have to go shopping for the party!" She stormed out of the room, probably going to find kyle to get his tux. She loved Kyle and i don't know what she saw in him. He was only 18 and he acted like a child. I was the only one in the family without a mate. Irna had Laurent, Kate had garett, Carmen had Elezar, and Tanya had Kyle. I wondered if i'll ever get a mate. I sighed, wanting to know more about the boy in my visions. It seemed that i loved him, but i don't know who or where he is. Will i ever find Love?



Hey chapter 2 will come when i get 12 comments, Buh Bye ; )





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this is really good, and she should choose Edward.
Ofc she will choose Edward. What kind a question is that? ;-)
she absolutely correct!


EDWARD,all the way.

go edward go!!
edward of course they just had sex.
omg god just read your story and i love it and it better be edward she is always to be with edward post more soon
great story she should choose edward
I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!! Bella should definitely choose EDWARD. I can't believe Jacob even came looking for her.

Please update me when you write more!
i like this and it should definitely be edward. . . keep me posted?
that was really good cant wait till you write more
Edward of course! :))
y arent u posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????


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