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Hey, here's my first chapter of my Fan-Fic! Enjoy! Bella is already a vampire and she doesn't remember her human life. All she rembers is a bronze-haired boy( Edwrad). She moves to Alaska and lives with the Denali clan. She goes to a ball and meets Edwrad and find out more by reading! : )



Chapter one: Memories


" Just let me hear one of your theories." He said with a smile. I was sure i was red, but i said, " Promise you won't laugh." I asked. " I promise." He said with humor in his eye's. " I've figured Radoactive spiders or kryptonite." I looked at my feet. Then i looked into his eyes. " Those are all superheroe stuff." " What if i'm not the hero, what if i'm the bad guy." His face was close up to mine and i wa lost in his eye's.


BELLA!!!!" I snapped out of my vision. Tanya was standing at my bedroom door and she was wearing a look of annoyance on her face. " Come on, we have to go shopping for the party!" She stormed out of the room, probably going to find kyle to get his tux. She loved Kyle and i don't know what she saw in him. He was only 18 and he acted like a child. I was the only one in the family without a mate. Irna had Laurent, Kate had garett, Carmen had Elezar, and Tanya had Kyle. I wondered if i'll ever get a mate. I sighed, wanting to know more about the boy in my visions. It seemed that i loved him, but i don't know who or where he is. Will i ever find Love?



Hey chapter 2 will come when i get 12 comments, Buh Bye ; )





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Okay here's chapter 4!!!!

The garden
Bella's POV

I didn't understand this situation. A random vampire comes up to me, the exact same one in my visions, and says that i loved him. My visions told me that, but i really didn't trust my visions. They continued to argue about my condition Eleazar told me about and it was getting pretty boring. "Eleazar, i'm going to the garden for some air," The other vampire looked like he didn't want me to leave.
"Okay, Bella," I walked to the garden and looked around. I saw a fountain with an angel in the middle and a small rock bench. I sat down and sighed. There were so many questions in my mind right now.
"Bella, are you all right?" A soft, velvet voice said. I gasped and turned around. I saw the vampire from earlier looking at me with a concerned look. Until now, i really didn't look at him closely. He had reddish bronze hair and i felt a pull towards him that i hadn't felt in years. I turned away and looked towards the water. He came to sit near me. "Bella, please tell me what's wrong?"
"I don't even know you, so why should i tell you what's wrong?"
"Right, well first name basis is always good, so why not i tell you my name,"
"That would be nice,"
"Well, my name is Edward Cullen," I felt a sharp pain in my head and gasped. All these visions came to me at once. A man holding me in a bed, a man dancing with me under a moon, and one man telling me "You are my life now," But that one name filled the void of no name. Edward Cullen
"I remember," I whispered. He looks shocked, but happy.
"You remember! Oh, Bella, I've missed you so much!" He leans down to kiss me, but i pulled away.
"You left me, why did you leave? I was so heartbroken, so hurt that i wasn't myself,"
"Bella, please let me explain,"
"No Edward, I had enough surprises for one night," I and walked off into the night.

Hey!!!! Chapter 5 comes next week! So be patient!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
awesome cant wait for more!!!!
hey im a new readre can u plzz keep me updated this is a great storyy
omg keep me updated
i love it
but poor bella!!
plzz tell me when u post more
Chapter 6: Surprise
Bella's POV

I ran away from the garden. I couldn't go home and face my family. I ran all the way to my own house. I bought it when i earned enough money as a waitress and i sometimes stayed in the house when i was upset and wanted to be away from the family. I walked in and looked around. There was a white couch and love seat, a flat screen TV, a coffee table, and a hallway leading to my bedroom. I didn't hear Edward run after me, so i closed the door and walked down to my room. I went to my closet and changed out of my blue dress into a black nightdress. Then i sat on the bed and started to cry tear less sobs. I was so confused! Edward came back into my life and thinking i would take him back! i didn't know what to do! Just then, i heard a knock on my door. I became more calm and went to answer the door. When i opened it, i saw Edward standing there, looking sad and wary. I narrowed my eyes.
"What do you want?" I hissed.
"To apologize. Bella, i never wanted to leave,"
"Edward, i don't know if i can trust you,"
"That would be smart, but Bella, I still love you," He looked at me deeply with his eyes and after that i couldn't talk. He coughed and i blinked out in shock.
"Ummm, would you like to come in?" He smiled a dazzling crooked smile.
"That would nice," He walked in and i led him in.
"So this is the living room, the kitchen, and down there is the-," But i couldn't talk anymore because when i turned around he cut me off with his lips. I was shocked at first, but i returned the kiss and pressed my lips harder against his. He picked me up and ran towards the bedroom. I heard clothing been shredded and somewhere in the distance, a wolf howling.

*The next morning*

"I love you," I murmured. I was laying across Edwards chest with his arms constricted around me.
"As i love you," I smiled and burrowed my face into his chest. I was so happy, Edward was back in my life and i could finally have a normal, vampire life. I heard my phone ringing and groaned. Edward raised his eyebrows. I got up and grabbed my phone off the nightstand.
"Bella, is that you?"
"Yes Kate, what is it?"
"Ummm, there's something i need to tell you, it's just that i can't remember," I heard Edward get up and he started to kiss my neck and shoulder. I was distracted when i heard Kate yell at me.
"Oh, sorry Kate what were you going to say?"
"I remember now! Some dude came by looking for you, werewolf maybe, by the smell," I was confused.
"Werewolf?" Edward stopped kissing me and looked worried.
"Yea, he just asked for you and i told him that you weren't here, then he took off, do you know a werewolf?"
"No, not really," Just then i heard the doorbell ring. I turned toward Edward and he looked towards me.
"Kate, I'm going to have to go,"
"Okay Bella, bye," I hanged up on her and put on my robe. Edward was already in khaki's and a white shirt. he must have brought those with him. We walked to the door, hand in hand and i opened the door and saw a tall, Indian at my door.
"Bella, thank god i found you!" He said in a husky voice.
"I'm sorry, but who are you?"

Chapter 7 comes next week: Will it be Jacob or Edward she'll choose? Vote now for your choice!
ahhhhhhhhhhhh i lov it! I love Edward! hes amazing! jacob needs to die!
yup jacob needs 2 die lol I LUV U EDWARD HAHA
EDWARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EDWARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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