The Twilight Saga

Hey, here's my first chapter of my Fan-Fic! Enjoy! Bella is already a vampire and she doesn't remember her human life. All she rembers is a bronze-haired boy( Edwrad). She moves to Alaska and lives with the Denali clan. She goes to a ball and meets Edwrad and find out more by reading! : )



Chapter one: Memories


" Just let me hear one of your theories." He said with a smile. I was sure i was red, but i said, " Promise you won't laugh." I asked. " I promise." He said with humor in his eye's. " I've figured Radoactive spiders or kryptonite." I looked at my feet. Then i looked into his eyes. " Those are all superheroe stuff." " What if i'm not the hero, what if i'm the bad guy." His face was close up to mine and i wa lost in his eye's.


BELLA!!!!" I snapped out of my vision. Tanya was standing at my bedroom door and she was wearing a look of annoyance on her face. " Come on, we have to go shopping for the party!" She stormed out of the room, probably going to find kyle to get his tux. She loved Kyle and i don't know what she saw in him. He was only 18 and he acted like a child. I was the only one in the family without a mate. Irna had Laurent, Kate had garett, Carmen had Elezar, and Tanya had Kyle. I wondered if i'll ever get a mate. I sighed, wanting to know more about the boy in my visions. It seemed that i loved him, but i don't know who or where he is. Will i ever find Love?



Hey chapter 2 will come when i get 12 comments, Buh Bye ; )





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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WRITE MORE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love it keep me up dated
Omg i love this!!! Plz post more and keep me updated!!
it was great!!!!!
Keep me updated please!!!!! Great job!! please continue...:)
love it
please keep me updated
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its good keep going!
i need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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please post chapter two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it!!!!!!!plz write more soon!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, here's chapter 2!!!!!

Chapter 2: Shopping

"BELLA!!!" Tanya called, annoyed. " I'm coming!" I yelled. We were all going to go shopping for our dresses for the ball that our family got invited to. I walked down the stairs, seeing Tanya with a look of anger, Kate was talking to garett and Irna was sitting on the couch. " What the Hell took so long ! I called you like 7 times1" She said. "Soory, I was daydreaming." I said. " Oooh, was it about tha mystery person you told us about?" Kate asked with a smile. Sometimes i felt that they knew who i was talking about. "Yea." " Any way, come on, we have to get to the mall to buy our dresses. Carmen and Elezar went last week, so it's just us." Tanya said. "Okay." I sighed. We walked to Tanya's yellow convertible and hopped in.

When we got to the mall, we headed straight for the boutique. The boys went to look for their tuxedoes and we went to get our dresses. 2 hours later, we found our perfect dresses. Even though I didn't want to go. I got a blue silk dress with matching shoes, Kate got a strapless green gown with black heels and Tanya got a puple dress with pumps and white gloves. Irna got a small black dress with red shoes. " We are going to rule that ball." Tanya said ruefully. I sighed. "What's wrong Bella." Kate asked. " I really don't want to go to this ball." "Oh, but you must, our other relatives, the cullens, will be going and you can finally meet them." The cullens. I feel like i heard that name before. I smiled at Kate. "Okay, I'll go." And with that,we drove off , waiting for the ball to come.

Hey, it will be awhile till i post chapter 3, so try to be patient. ( Edwrad will be in that chapter ;) )


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