The Twilight Saga

Edward Cullen was dying and going to die soon. Then he meet Bella,who was doing her community service from shoplifting.Edwrad change Bella life,he makes her feel,he makes her think,and he makes her cry..........




REMEMBER ME (Why is Life so Unfair??)



When i got caught shoplifting,i tought it was the end of the world.And when the judge sentence me with 200 hours of community service,I thought it was an eternity!!

BUT I NEVER thought that I'd love working at the hospice so much....or i would meet someone like EDWARD.

Edward has a weak heart.He says he's going to die.

And since i met him,I've realized how lucky really am.

I used to think 200 hours of volunteer work was such long time.But Edward might not even live long enough to see me finish....



P.S. how do you say good bye to someone you love??





chapter 1

chapter 2

chapter 3

chapter 4

chapter 5

chapter 6

chapter 7

chapter 8

chapter 9

chapter 10



Lemme know what you think,every comments means a lot for me!!Thanks...

Luv Ya....



IRMA (irmasencullens)













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I hope so,hun...
Thanks a lot for reading .... :))
Thank you so much.sista.. but I far from that word!! heehhee *blushed*
Glad you like this story.. Have a nice day... :))

alice is with Jacob - boyfriend/ girlfriend
Esme is with Edward Sr- engadeg
IIdira is with Jasper- married
Drish crush on Alec
Edward is dead
Bella is dying or dead
and the baby was born?
Am I right??? more ASAP and SLEEP!!! LOL
Yup, you got it right,Sweetheart...
Bella? I will tell you later!! Thanks a lot for reading hun... :))
good chapter.
i love it update soon
Thanks a lot sis.. :))
Corey@Thanks a lot sis.. :))
OME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT PLEASE POST MORE SOON, DON'T LIKE THAT CLIFFY MISSY!!! LOL JK POST MORE!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BABY'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!! he must be just as beautiful as Edward *tear*
Sorry, for making you cries sis.. :((
btw, Thanks you so much for reading sis.. :))
I am a little confused but does that mean Bella is going to be with Edward but the poor baby they can't leave him behind. He needs Bella. I can't wait for your epilogue.
Yah, sorry for making you confused sis.. I will try to explain about Bella soon.. Thanks a lot for reading hun.. :))


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