The Twilight Saga

Edward Cullen was dying and going to die soon. Then he meet Bella,who was doing her community service from shoplifting.Edwrad change Bella life,he makes her feel,he makes her think,and he makes her cry..........




REMEMBER ME (Why is Life so Unfair??)



When i got caught shoplifting,i tought it was the end of the world.And when the judge sentence me with 200 hours of community service,I thought it was an eternity!!

BUT I NEVER thought that I'd love working at the hospice so much....or i would meet someone like EDWARD.

Edward has a weak heart.He says he's going to die.

And since i met him,I've realized how lucky really am.

I used to think 200 hours of volunteer work was such long time.But Edward might not even live long enough to see me finish....



P.S. how do you say good bye to someone you love??





chapter 1

chapter 2

chapter 3

chapter 4

chapter 5

chapter 6

chapter 7

chapter 8

chapter 9

chapter 10



Lemme know what you think,every comments means a lot for me!!Thanks...

Luv Ya....



IRMA (irmasencullens)













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Thank you so much.sista.. but I far from that word!! heehhee *blushed*
Glad you like this story.. Have a nice day... :))

alice is with Jacob - boyfriend/ girlfriend
Esme is with Edward Sr- engadeg
IIdira is with Jasper- married
Drish crush on Alec
Edward is dead
Bella is dying or dead
and the baby was born?
Am I right??? more ASAP and SLEEP!!! LOL
Yup, you got it right,Sweetheart...
Bella? I will tell you later!! Thanks a lot for reading hun... :))
good chapter.
i love it update soon
Thanks a lot sis.. :))
Corey@Thanks a lot sis.. :))
OME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT PLEASE POST MORE SOON, DON'T LIKE THAT CLIFFY MISSY!!! LOL JK POST MORE!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BABY'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!! he must be just as beautiful as Edward *tear*
Sorry, for making you cries sis.. :((
btw, Thanks you so much for reading sis.. :))
I am a little confused but does that mean Bella is going to be with Edward but the poor baby they can't leave him behind. He needs Bella. I can't wait for your epilogue.
Yah, sorry for making you confused sis.. I will try to explain about Bella soon.. Thanks a lot for reading hun.. :))

" Edward,please wait for me."

" No!" he answered but still keep running

" Edward... please,just a minute then we can go together."

" No... I don't want wait.." He said stubornly

" Edward Cullen, stop being like that."

" No, no, no... I don't want.. No..."

" Hah, I got you!! " Finaly Drish caugh him in his waist

" Dish... lemme doooon...."

" No!! " Drish said then pass him to Bella." Naughty boy. Stay with your mamma here."

" You going?" the little boy asked

" Yeah.. I have a date with Alec today. We going to watch movie."

" I go?"

" Of course no,little Eddie.."

" Why no?"

" Oh boy... Bella,can you make him quite?"

" Drish is going with her friend, Edward. You can't go,it's only for big people."

" But I'm big boy,momma... I want go..."

" How if we go to watch twilight? Look, the sky is really good this evening.Okay?"

" But,I want go with her..." he begged her with tears

" Whatever boy." Drish smiled. " I'm not going to bring you. Bye... " then she left

" I want go,momma... I want go..." He cries openly now

" Later,sweetheart." Bella tried to make him quite

" I want go now.. " the boy replied stubornly

" Big boy don't cry... " someone said. Then he sat next to them.

The boy look up and said ." Sorry,Dadda... But Drish call me little Eddie."

" I know,I'm understand." the man rubbed the little boy back. " visitor cNow, you stop crying,okay? Look,we have visitor come." He pointed to two person who just entered the garden where there always use to sat together watching morning or evening sky.

" Edward!!"

The little boy broke into grin,and before Bella could stop him,he turned and raced to his God-father," Yo've grown a foot." Jacob told him,shifting him up into his left arm." Have you missed me?"

" Yes!" Little Edward said emphatically with a shake of his head.

" How was your day,little son?" Alice asked and kiss his cheeks

" No good." The boy replied innocently

" Really? Why?"

" I want go with Drish,but she said I'm little boy I can't go to date."

" Hehe... I think she was right." Alice can't help but laugh

" Uuhh..." the boy start cry again

" Hey,don't be like that." Jacob tried to stop him from another tears. " How about we watching the swans near the pool there?"

" Good idea!!" Alice agree with him

" Edward?"

" Yes!!" the boy cried excited. But he also made a shudden decision and wriggled to get down from Jacob's arms.

" What, leaving me so soon?" Jacob asked,looking suprised

Little Edward gave him an adoring look,but pointed a chubby finger to a man who standing behind his mother and smiled.
" First.kiss 'bye" .He explained. But Jacob or Alice see nothing but a tree there.

Alice's eyes narrowed, she shot a glace to Bella and mouted 'Not again' to her. Bella nodded and said." Yes, he's right,Alice. His father is watching."

" Idiot!!" Alice exploded and pull her boyfrined,who still hold the boy,away from the place where they're stood. " Lets go,boys. The swans is waiting for us!"

" You going,momma?" little Edward asked

" Yes,I'll be there in minutes."

" Lets go!! " little Edward said joyfully.

" Don't late,Bella." Alice remind her,then they left.


" He's look like you!"

" More like you." Bella replied and smiled to her beloved 'shadow' . " He's yours"

" Ours." he corrected and Bella felt a shiver of delight at the sound of that.

" Thank you,Edward." Wrapping her arms around him,she took his mouth in a stormy demanding kiss and felt his hands shifting softly over her shoulders. After seem like enternity they stopped.

His eyes was on her. " I love you"

" I love you too,Edward." She smiled. She give him one more kiss,then her eyes was on him again. " Good bye."


Little Edward and I took flowers to Edward's grave today. It's been a long four years since he died and I've gone through a lot of changes. I guess I've learned a lot,who knows? All I know for sure is that life doesn't come with any guarantees. You do the best you can and keep on going. Edward change me,that's for sure. Without him,I'd never heard the night bird sing,never seen the neon in the rain, never know the color of twilight in the evening,and would never have my son today. I loved him. I guess that's the other thing I learned. That love doesn't come with labels or instructions; it just is. It sneaks up on you and takea piece of your heart when you least expect it. Do I love my son? Probably. I can't imagine doing without him. Is it the same as i felt for Edward? No. It's different. But it's just as real. Anyway, I dont know what the future holds. Whatever happens, I'm not scared anymore. I guess that's the last thing I learned from Edward . I dont let worrying about tomorrow steal the joy from today. Today may be all that we have.


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