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Summery: What if instead of bella spending all her money on the bikes she buys a new 

paino and

has it sent to the Cullen house. What if Bella teachs herself how to play the
paino because she misses her lullaby so much. What if she started working on
her own song? What if Edward was coming back to see bella but he hears the most
beautiful thing he has ever heard coming from his old house. What will he do
when he finds out who it is??

ok so this is going to be my first fan fic. I was going to have someone else write this but i have desided to write this story myself. so tell me what you think so far. and if i should continue to write this story.

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I just found your story and think it is way good. I haven't read anything like this. I noticed you haven't posted in a few months but hope you do again soon. I would really like to see this story be finished. It is really reallly good! Hope you decided to post more soon.
this is really good plz keep going cuz it is really good i love it
I absolutely love this story!  You are doing a wonderful job.  Please continue and post more.

Greta story love it ~+++++++++++++++newbie++++++++++++++~






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