The Twilight Saga

Renesmee is sitting in her third period math class wishing that Jacob was there with her. She hated the way her teacher is. She gets up when the teacher isn't looking and walks out of the room. It isn't like her teacher pays any attention to them anyway. All they do is talk and talk about nothing else. While she is in the hallway she sees Jake with a girl with long luscious rainbow hair. Renesmee knows exactly who she was. The girl was Octavia La Rue. She had a crush on Jacob ever since seventh grade. Renesmee runs to the bathroom. She didn't want Jake to see her crying and acting like a baby. She knows what she has to do. Good thing she had scissors in her bag. She took them out and started to make holes in her pants and her shirt sleeves. She looked satisfied enough and walked out. When she was seen by Jake his mouth fell open.
"Renesmee?" Jake asks.
"Yeah," Renesmee says. "This is the new me."

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