The Twilight Saga

the book did not show that much of edward with renesmee so here is a random day they have together
its been one year since renesmee was born


"Daddy, i want to play!"
I knew she was going to say that. Everynight right after i have tucked her into go to sleep she wants to play.
"You have to go to sleep, sweetheart."
She looked a me and softened her eyes and trembled her bottom lip. I couldnt resist to the most adorable puppy dog face.
I took a deep breath.
"Fine, what do u want to play?'
A big grin spread across her face.
"I want to race."
Of course. She loved to run.
But the last time we did a race we ran all the way to northern Canada.
"OK but we have to have rules."
"Deal!" she said excited.
"No going passed the border line to Canada and you have to go to sleep right when we get back".
She ran out of bed and into the woods with me following behind

i no this is short but i am not sure if the story is any good. and dont judge me! this is my first story!

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Really its cute!
Thats what i hated about the book is that there wasn't that father Daughter relationship. i wish there was more!

but this makes up for it! plz keep me updated
OMG! I love father/daughter moments like this one!!!!!!!!!!!


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