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I have never written any stories before. So I have no idea if this is good. PLEASE READ!! Leave comments and good advice and any help would be great!! Enjoy!! I am still working on the rest of the book! Thanks guys!!


Renesmee Carlie Cullen’s Story


My name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I am not your average girl of 16 years of age. I grew in the span of just 6½ years. I can recite every single memory as of from the first day I was born. In just a single touch I can show you every memory I’ve seen in my life. Another important fact to be known is that I am half human and half vampire.

My dad, Edward Cullen, says I am one of a kind. My mother, Isabella Cullen, who prefers to be called Bella, was once human. Of course all vampires were. But my mother has a story of her own to add to the Cullens rich history of their past and new beginnings. My mother is 18 years old and my father is 17 years old. Although their age may seem to throw off the point, vampires are some sort of unique creatures. They are frozen in the time of forever at whatever age they are converted.

It is a very, very long story on how they first met. And their love story is one to remember. I would gladly tell it over and over again. But I would much rather show you; which seems a bit impossible at the moment. But now that we have gotten to this point, I’m sure you are wondering how my story began....




Bears Attack:

            “Hey Mom, Dad I’m going out.” I said. I knew they would hear enter the little cottage; even from miles away. What with they’re highly sensitive.

Renesmee? Where are you going? My father and I have found out a way to communicate with our thoughts.

I’m going to pick some wild flowers out in the forest.

“I can’t read minds remember? I know you two are talking through thoughts.” Mom came in the living room with her hands on her hips and a playful smile on her lips.

Dad and I laughed.

“Sorry mom. I forget. I’m just going out to pick some wild flowers and explore some of the forest.”

“I’m sure you already know that if you need any help or get lost just—“Dad began.

“Call you guys or call Jacob.” I finished his sentence. “I know dad. Don’t worry.” I rolled my eyes. “You know Jacob rarely leaves me and is always on the look out for me.” I shot a wink at mom. “And besides, Aunt Alice is watching for anything that will happen in my future and will be sure to tell you guys immediately.”

“That’s my girl.” Mom hugged me tightly.

“See ya.” Dad kissed my forehead.

I stepped back slightly. Just looking at my parents made me feel so proud and happy. They are both still so young after all these years. Not one single wrinkle or mark of age tainted their beautiful marble-like skin. Pale as the moonlight and yet as hard as steel and when in the sunlight hit their skin glitters like diamonds with thousands of facets.  

Dad chuckled as he heard my thoughts.

“I love you.” I said as I turned to leave out the door. The smell of pinewood and dirt filled the air. Walking down the pebble path, another scent filled the air. Being half vampire I had a sharp sense of smell, and some hearing, and my eyes can see the smallest details of things at times.

I began to run now. I knew who awaited me. Jacob Black. I could smell him from miles away. With him being there when I was born, I was permanently familiar with his scent. Everyone else thinks he smells like a wet dog. And with my sharp senses I smell a hint of it, but on the other hand me being human and everything, I didn’t think he smelled bad at all. I welcomed him and accepted him all or nothing.

I smiled at myself as I pushed myself to run faster and faster, excited to see him. Of course I didn’t run as fast as my family but I thought I ran fast enough. And just then I all around me it began to blur. Could it be? Was I actually running as fast as a vampire? Or was I just imagining it? Well whichever it was, reality or not, I felt like I was flying. The wind blew hard through my hair and rushed across my face.

Suddenly I stopped abruptly. “Whoo! What a rush!”

I looked around to examine the location. This place didn’t seem very familiar. Dad’s voice popped in my head. “If you ever need help or get lost…”

From the look of it, I guess I was lost. I shrugged. I’m sure I can find my way back. I don’t think I went too far out. I thought to myself.

A sudden noise and scent stopped me dead in my tracks. Feet. No. Paws. Jacob? I listened harder closing my eyes to focus better. No, those weren’t Jacob’s wolf paws. Something…bigger. Whatever it was, it was running fast. I snapped open my eyes in time to see a giant grizzly bear charging at me!!

My heart sped an erratic wild beat and panic rushed through me. I had to think fast. Run! Was what my instincts said. Unthinkingly I shot myself forward away from the direction the bear. If ever I needed help…! Jacob!

“JAKE! DAD—!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

A sharp searing pain shot up from my right calf. That didn’t stop me. I kept running for my life’s sake. I heard a whoosh of air coming down fast. More pain. On my left shoulder. I could feel the warm blood oozing out slowly from the wounds. I felt like I was slowing down.

With all the energy I could muster I pushed myself to keep running. And I screamed even louder, “JACOB!”

The bear growled ferociously and I twisted to my right to see how far I had gotten from the bear. Not far enough! He took yet another swipe at me with his huge paws, razor sharp claws at the ends. Down it came towards my stomach making successful contact.

This was the end, I thought. I was going to die from a bear attack. Blackness began to cloud my vision. I was loosing too much blood.

Besides my racing heartbeat, my heavy breathing and the pounding of the grizzly bear behind me, a new sound came to my hearing. Fast. Almost silent. It seemed to sound as if there were more than one person. Maybe two or more. Dad! And maybe Uncle Emmett! Uncle Emmett always loved to hunt grizzly bears.

I heard a different set of footprints. Soft, rhythmic steps. Steady breathing. And yet just as quick as Dad’s and Uncle Emmett’s. Perhaps it was Jacob.

I had collapsed on the ground. With the little vision I still had, I could see the bear towering over me, ready to crush me to my death. But then in the nick of time I was scooped up and moved out from under the bear’s feet in less than a fraction of a second. I turned to see a giant black wolf, a sandy colored one, a brownish one, a grey one, and a reddish colored wolf all surround the bear.

I could hear a quick pulse accompany my heavy breathing and blackness overtook me and I dozed off and fell into unconsciousness.





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Please update me
I'm working on it. :) I'm a bit stumped though. I'm trying to think how to form the whole book. Chapter by chapter. You know to make plots and climates. All that. It's kinda hard. lol. But I'm trying.
Thanks!! I'm working on the first chapter. :) I'm oping to post it soon. But I don't want it to be short. :)
OMG! this is good!!!
please write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow this is good...thanks for sharing can't wait to hear more


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