The Twilight Saga

All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer, so if anything in this story is what she was going to do, she has all rights to call it hers.

I quickly got out of my car, looking for my mom. Where was she now? And my dad. They were probably together, as they never seperated. I went to the front door of my grandparent's house: all my family lived right in front of me. Well, except for Grandma Renee, which I'd only heard little about. She lived in Florida with her husband Phil. She got divorced from Grandpa Charlie when Mom was little.
When I was about to open the door to the house, it flew open. Nahuel, my boyfriend, kissed me, right then and there. Man he was hot.
"Um, hi Nathuel," I said.
"Hi, Nessie," he said.
"Do you know where my parents are?"
"Somewhere," he said, and swept me off my feet.

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wow that was really good but........... wheres jacob? please post more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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