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Sorry if you came across mistakes. I didn't check over my work! I just fixed them.

"Nessie, are you ready to go home?" Jake asked after he finished his tenth hotdog. I sighed; we've been at La Push for a couple of hours know so, I probably should have expected this.

Dad would be dissapointed if I came home past midnight. This wouldn't be my first time coming to a Bonfire with a pack of hungry werewolves. It was acctually funny watching Jake eat a cow in less then twenty minutes.

My mother always told me that, one day, I would find somone who loves me- how daddy loves her. I never thought it was true untill one day, my life turned around. . .

Two years ago:

"Renesmee, Jacob will be here to pick you up at two. You may want to wear somthing warm, it's forty- five dergees, sweetie." My mother walked into my over- sized closet as she spoke.

I smiled. Nothing pleased me more, than to spend the day with my best friend. Jacob, could do the job.

"How is this?" She held in her hands; a light blue v-neck sweater and jeans.

"Thats perfect mom, thanks." I hoped off my bed and took the clothes from her.

"I'm going hunting with your father and we will return soon after you come home, okay?" Ewww. I definatly didn't need to hear about mom and dads 'Hunting' trips. She smiled and kissed my cheek. She started for my door..

"You're leaving right now?" I asked. She looked back and nodded.

"Your fathers very thirsty." She sighed."I'll see you later sweetie, I love you"

"Love you too" I whispered as she left.

I stripped my PJs off and put the new ones on.

A faint knock came on my bedroom door.JAKE!!!!!!!Yay!

"Come in!" The door slowley opened and Jake peeked around the room before meeting my eyes.

"Hey Nessie, Parents home?" He asked. I shook my head.

"No. . . hunting." I annonced.

"Hmm..." He sighed. "Hey, can I talk to you about somthing important?" He asked. His voice sounded shaky, nervous.

"Of course Jake" I walked over and took his hand.

His eyes met mine and he grinned; I led him to my bed.

"What would you like to discuss?" I asked in a calm tone.

He laughed at my speaking.

"Well, I wanted to just talk to you for a minute if you wouldn't mind." He looked sweaty. My Jake... Sweating? Possible?

"I wanted to talk about this now because. . . I cant say It. I.."

He took a deep breathe and closed his eyes.

"Nessie do you . . .love me?" He said in a grave tone ceeping his eyes shut.

"Of course I love you Jake," I told him and patted his huge shoulders.

"T-thats not what I meant..." He opened his eyes and looked into mine. "Nessie, I am in love with you." He said smoothly.

"I- I know that you are just getting us-" I cut him off by grabbing his face and pushed my lips to his. He was shocked, I could tell, but I didn't care.

Mostly, I had know idea what I was doing. My kiss was urgent.

I pulled my lips away from his after ten long seconds of his unrespondense.

"I'm sorry Jake, I don't kn-" This time I was cut off. His fingers braided themselves in my hair.

I pulled away. I had to say what was meant to be said.

"Jake, I'm in love with you too." I said.He smiled.

"I have been waiting for you to say that for so long." He sounded so relieved; it was heartbreaking.

I drew my fingers down his face and around his neck. I brought his face to mine again. I pushed him down on the bed so his head was on my pillow. He put both of his giant warm hand around my body.

"Nessie," He sighed my name. I brought my lips to his again. This kiss was different. His tongue gently explored my mouth as I did his.

Very, very gently Jake pulled the sweater over my head. I kept kissing him. I felt his bare chest under my fingers.

Somthing had acured to me then. I pulled away from his kiss to loom at him.

"Jacob, promise me you won't ever leave me?" I qeustioned.

"Nessie, you are insane if you think I would ever leave you." He began kissing me again. Ever? I would keep Jake forever.

Knowing that Jake loved me; nothing mattered but that.

I kissed him more. He unbuttoned my pants and took them off; I didn't care that we were in my room.

All I wanted was Jake.

And right then, I realized how long I had been in love with Jacob Black, without even noticing before.

Jacob's hands moved up to my face.

"Ness, Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked.

Knowing Jake; I knew exactly what he meant.

I nodded- it was true- I wanted to do this.I stripped his pants off without stopping. Jacob thrust himself inside me. It wasn't painful at all. I just sighed at the strange sensation that flowed through my body.

Jacob was amazing. Never had I done such a thing, but, I felt it was right.

Jakes POV

Wow! Never would I have thought Nessie had, just, fallen in love with me. I always pictured me telling Nessie that I had imprinted on her and she would love me still. BUT WOW! I had never mentioned imprinting at all and Ness still fell in love with me.

If you guys like this I will add more tomarrow, just say the word and I will add more.

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more please and thank you
Hey Guys,
Thank you for reading what I've posted so far, I'm pleased that you enjoy it. I will have more posted later promise! And you'll find out about Rose, Em, and Charlie too in the coming chapter!
This is a great story, please keep writing more.
Why r we still waiting???? lol take your time no rush at all.... ok mayb some rush
Sorry, today promise!
its ok I was only joking but I do want to read more
“Alright Nessie, it’s eight-thirty, we better inform your parents on where we were present this afternoon…” He trailed off. We were pulling into the main driveway now at slow pace.
“Yeah, sure, sure.” I said.
Once the car was parked Jake hopped out to walk to the other side. Then my door was open with Jake there.
“Renesmee,” He held out his hand to help me out of the car.
“Jacob,” I took his hand and he pulled me out and close to his chest.
“Ready to face death.” I teased.
“For you any day,” He said.
“Jacob Black!” I screeched. He pulled my face into an urgent kiss before I could object any further.
“JACOB!” My father’s voice hissed from inside the house. I pulled away from Jacob.
“Dad, I am capable of a kiss!” I screeched at him.
“EEEEEEERRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!” I groaned. And took Jacob’s hand to lead him inside the house.
“Where have you been?” Dad’s voice was calm.
I ran through my thoughts to explain- holding up a finger to keep Jacob quiet.
“Er, fine.” Dad said and walked away.
I walked into the first room and saw my family sitting casually on the furniture, doing their own activities.
“Renesmee,” mom’s musical voice came from behind me. I turned to face her. “I’m glad you’re home sweetie.” To my surprise, she was absolutely normal. With a casual peck on the cheek, she left the room.-probably to be with dad.
I turned around again. Alice and Jasper had a map out, planning some trip out of theirs. Rosalie was cuddled on top Emmett- watching TV. And Carlisle and Esme were discussing new rooms to renovate. –all this, before I walked in.
Now, they looked up at Jake and I with there mouths hanging open.
“Nessie, how are you?” Esme asked
“Um, a little tired. I think I’ll just… call it a night.” I said.
“Okay,” She rose up and gave me a hug and kiss.
“Goodnight,” I said and walked outside. “You could call that hell, if you’d like.” I said to Jacob.
“Hell,” He said “Yes, that was.”
“Sorry every thing is weird now. I’m sure things will get back to normal soon enough.” I told him as we walked at human pace to the cottage.
“No, I agree. It’s just that their, um, astonishment… took me by surprise. That’s all. I figured they already knew that we, well, love each other like this.” He said.
“Well, I don’t think it was astonishment, Jakey… more like shock.” I said. As we entered the cottage.
“Yeah, I guess.” We walked through the doors of my room.
“Um, I’ve got to get ready for bed.” I kissed him.
He nodded and faced the other way.
I sighed, “That’s not my issue Jake,” I put on big shirt and small shorts.
“Yeah,” He walked into my closet and grabbed a pair of night shorts for himself. I decided to wash my face while he changed.
“Sleep here tonight please,” I begged as I walked to where he stood. He looked at the ground for a minute then to me.
“Okay,” He said and kissed my forehead. “Nessie, there’s something I’ve been waiting to do for a very long time now and I sort of need your cooperation to do so,” He said.
“Of course, anything Jake,” I said.
He slid down on one knee and looked up at me.
Oh. My. God.

Really good!!!!
this better not be a trcik, >:l
jk jk.
“Renesmee Carlie Cullen,” He prompted, “I have loved you forever and always will. I promise to be there for you forever and ever. Stay with me,” He pulled his hand up front- holding a golden ring in his hand. “Will you marry me?” He asked and took my left hand. I gasped.
“Yes! Jake, of course.”
“Thank you,” He slipped the ring into place. I smiled as I took a look at the diamond ring on my third finger.
I was Jake’s now.
He stood up with my support- that I had anyway, and took my face.
This kiss was not the kind I would have expected from Jake, especially sense his lips touched mine, the room started spinning.
After his kiss ended the room was still spinning so I clutched at him for support.
“Baby, you okay?” He asked.
“Um, sort of” He chuckled and pulled my to the bed. He gently laid me on top of him.
“Get some sleep please,” He kissed my hair.
“You really think I could sleep now.” I looked at him and propped up on my elbow to look at him.
“You’re going to have a long day tomorrow. So I honestly think sleep is best for you.” He said.
I laughed- it was true, probably filled with lectures and ALICE!
“Nah, I’m okay for now,” I assured him.
“Okay then,” He said. “You aren’t worried about you’re parents right now?”
“Nope, or trying not to. But, your reminders don’t help,” I giggled.
“Sorry, I was trying to help.” He kissed my hair. “Let’s not think of stressing things tonight then,”
“Um, Jake, how long have you had thing ring?” I asked.
He sighed, “Well, awhile. I was my mothers.’ He whispered.
“It’s beautiful,” I complimented. “Too stressing?”
“Nope,” He popped his mouth at the P.
I giggled.
“Something funny?” He asked.
“Well, not exactly. I’m just…”
“Happy,” He finished. I nodded. “I get it,”
“Thank you so much Jacob,” I kissed his lips softly. “I will never forget this.”
“Me either,” He kissed me back.
I started to feel exhausted slowly. I laid my head on his chest. He rubbed my lower back. I yawned loudly, followed by Jake’s chuckle.
“Sleep, love, I will always be here when you wake,” He vowed.
“O- Kay.” I whispered. “I love you Jacob Black.”
“I love you more Renesmee Cullen,”

Jacob’s POV

“I love you more Renesmee Cullen,” I whispered in her ear. It was funny because less then ten years ago- I would have never told a Cullen I loved them.
Now- it’s amazing how happy I feel.
Nessie drifted to sleep on my chest. I kissed her hair as she slept.
I knew what was waiting for me in the morning.
But, lucky me, the mind reader approved during Nessie and his conflict earlier.
I had a lot to think about. One was the eternity I would spend with Nessie. Other things were smaller- like, the wedding. And I knew Alice would have everything planned out as soon as she found out, so that was one thing less to think about.
Another was my father- he didn’t know about us yet. Of course he knew I imprinted on Nessie but not that she was in love with me back. I was worried it was too much stress for him to take in, with Charlie being a vampire.
But, he wasn’t going to be too stressed- from what I’ve seen today.
He seemed normal.
Then, there was Charlie. His transformation was almost finished.
I needed to speak with Edward about that.
So quietly that she wouldn’t wake up- I slipped Nessie of my chest and onto the bed. I crawled away and out to the forest to phase. I ran to the main house where Edward and Bella were waiting for me.
I phased back to human and slipped back on the ragged shorts.
Edward was sitting on the porch next to Bella- rubbing her shoulders.
“Congratulations Dog.” He muttered under his breath.
“Thanks Eddie.” I said, He growled. “So what’s up with Charlie?”
He stopped growling and looked at Bella, “His transformation is almost complete. You’ll have to keep Nessie away for about a month.” He sighed.
“Will Nessie’s scent be too strong?” I asked.
He shook his head,
]“Go where you’d like Jacob, but stay away from here until Charlie is capable of not killing my daughter. Please.” Bella said. She was the newest vamp so she’d know.
“Of course Bella,” I said. “You know I will take care of her forever,”
She nodded, “I trust you Jacob Black.”:
“Starting tomorrow, you keep Renesmee away. We need all full vampires with us to keep Charlie under control, so Alice won’t be there to help entertain her while were here. And also Alice needs to see clearly, so you know what to do Jacob.” Edward told me.
I nodded. “Stay away. Got it.”
“And we will visit often, too. It’s not like we’re ditching you” Bella said.
I chuckled and nodded again.
“We will be there tomorrow to say goodbye for now and what not.”
“’Kay.” I said.
“Go get some sleep Jacob Black. We will be there in the morning. You’ve got a big day ahead of you tomorrow.” Bella said and hugged me.
so good!


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