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Renesmee’s Story

I remember the thirst I felt when I was in the womb, the violent burning sensation in my newly developed throat, for blood and I knew that my mother felt it too, she just didn’t know what it was until Dad asked her about trying it. Although she was human at the time, she was willing to do anything for me to survive and felt it was her ‘first vampire act’. I will not say that I wasn’t grateful, because I was very grateful but it must have tasted awful to mum, although she swears that she actually liked it.

The moment I entered this world I knew that my family and I were different. I knew that I was half of my mother and half of my father, but not in the ordinary sense of just sharing their DNA that is. My mother, Bella, was human when she gave birth to me. One of the first memories I have is how different she looked compared to the eight other people in the room present at the birth. Seven of which were Vampires, including my father Edward, and the other, my Jacob, a Shape shifter. Not saying that my mother wasn’t beautiful, because she was, she was just different. She may not have had the startling gold eyes of the Vampires or russet skin like Jake’s but she had huge, loving chocolate eyes and flawless ivory skin that looked so fragile it was almost see-through. She was human, i was told.

The first time I ever got to see my own reflection was a shock, to say the least. When Aunty Rosie passed me the mirror she so frequently looked in I wasn’t expecting to see that I had thick bronze-like curly hair, inherited from my father I suppose, and big brown eyes that reminded me of mum‘s, although she says I look exactly like Granddad Charlie. I was only a few weeks old but to me I felt like I had been alive for almost a year, and I certainly looked like I could pass for at least nine months old. That fact seemed to worry everybody, including myself, at first. Until I found out what I was..

It was physically and emotionally painful to be pulled away from My mother when I was born. It was like I instinctively had to be with her to survive, but I know now that she was undergoing a ‘transformation‘ (a polite way of saying she was changed into a Vampire, like my father) of sorts that was necessary for her to exist, yes that’s the right word, exist. That is until I first seen Jacob. My Jacob. His unusual but glorious skin colour caught my eyes first and I was mesmerised, but this didn’t compare to his smile, impossibly huge as we locked eyes for the first time. Time seemed to momentarily stop as if we were the only people left on the planet. There isn’t words to explain the rush of emotions I felt. I felt as though nothing bad could ever happen to me if I was with him, and if it did it simply wouldn’t matter.

I never really got to know my mum straight away, she couldn’t be controlled at first because she was a ‘newborn vampire’ that wasn’t trusted around human blood. So, Aunty Rosie and Jake looked after me for the first few days until Bella was trusted to be around me. And then I seen her. My mum, the Vampire. Anyone could see straight away that it was her but the change was amazing. What used to be loving chocolate eyes had changed into deep crimson that didn’t scare me but I was sure any other human would be. Her see-through ivory skin had turned bone white and she didn’t look so fragile anymore, almost like she was strongest person in the room. I knew she wouldn’t do anything to harm me, so I instantly reached out to her. I needed to make a mental picture of this, of everything that was happening because even I didn’t know how long it was going to last. Because mum had missed so much, I showed her through my mind ( my strange but useful gift ) everything that had happened while she was ‘changing’ and hunting with daddy. I touched her cheek softly, trying not to push her limits and my memories transferred into her mind, of course dad was listening in as well. He had never left her side since she had become a Vampire, I noticed.

During my ‘memory catch-up’ dad was put on edge when I showed mum that I drank blood. The vivid flavour came through to her, and he became afraid that she would not be able to control her thirst when reminded of that scent. We both knew she wouldn’t do anything, but before I had time to think or pull my hand away from mums face, I was swept out of her arms and into Uncle Jazz’s uncomfortable, but oddly calm, grasp. I noticed how he held me a little farther away from his body than everyone else, maybe he had little self-control as well, I wondered. If that was the case then why was I trusted in his arms and not in my own mothers? The over-protective vibe from everyone was becoming increasingly tiresome, even to me, the 3 day old half-breed.

I supposed that would be my life from then on.

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I am very impressed Miss. Boyce!
I'd say you should keep going :)
But this time I wont read it till your finished hehe
Love you xxx
Very good. Is this just a one-shot?? It would be interesting if there was more
well it was something i thought i would try. if people like it i will probably write the rest of breaking dawn in her poibt of view:) thankyouuu :D x
yeah i liked it. Good job!!!
Thankyou :) A few more stories to come hopefully soon!

Thank you very much! Unfortunately, I've been mainly focusing on my other story 'Diamond Embrace'! 
But I will eventually write more on this! In the mean time, please read my current story and comment:


Thanks again! xx 


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