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The floor creaked as Renesmee shifted her weight slowly towards the door. “Drat!” Renesmee cursed as she froze in the stillness. “Renesmee?” She heard her mother call from the bedroom down the hall. She sighed and said, “Yes, Mom?” She waited for her mother’s answer. “Where are you going?” “Just going to the rest room.” She replied. “Okay honey.” Her mother called back. Renesmee crept slowly and steadily towards the back door. She made it out but did not let her guard down yet. She ran lightly till she was about 50 yards away. Then she broke into a hard run. She made it to the house in fifteen seconds flat.
She veered away from the house and ran lengthwise to the river. As she ran she could see a russet furred wolf running beside her and it set her mouth into a smile. She ran and ran until she reached a meadow set way out in the woods. It was filled with beautiful flowers. Although it was night time, she could see every little detail in beautiful color. The stars were shining overhead brightly and she waited in this gorgeous haven as Jacob phased in the bushes and put his clothes on. He came with that smile she loved and that little twinkle in his eye. He walked over and put his arm around her waist. He sat down in the grass and pulled her down into his lap. She touched his face to “show” him how beautiful this moment was to her.
“You know, I hate to have to get you to sneak out to see me in secret like this.” Jacob said. “My parents are way too over-protective,” Renesmee replied. They sat in the silence and just basked in the others presence. Hours passed and the first rays of dawn appeared. Renesmee got up and stretched nimbly. She kissed Jacob on the cheek and pulled him up. She went on ahead, letting him phase; He would have plenty of time to catch up.


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love it!
I'm working on another bit right now.
Renesmee ran her hardest because she knew she would have to be quick to get past her parents. She began to focus on one single thought as her Aunt Alice had taught her to blot out her father if he was trying to read her thoughts. She thought of Jake’s gorgeous black eyes when he was in wolf form and it worked wonderfully. Jake soon caught up to her; he had that gleam in his eyes again. She laughed and pulled ahead and they were soon back to the house where they parted, Jake to his pack and Renesmee to the cottage.
When she got home, she could see it in their eyes, she was dead meat. Her father’s eyes were so intense that she lost her train of thought and in an instant he knew everything. He quietly told her mother nothing had happened. “Renesmee, I know nothing happened, but you’ve been told not to sneak out at night.” Her mother said. “But, Mom, I never get to see him during the day and I need some time with him,” she pleaded. “I don’t care Renesmee. You need to sleep at night, just look at you; you’re falling over your own feet right now.” Her mother said sternly. Renesmee had to admit it was true. She was plum tired out. She made her way into the cottage and went to sleep grumpily in her room.
Renesmee stretched and got up off her huge bed. She quickly got a shower and got dressed. She then made her way toward the house. She avoided the main house and instead went to the garage. There it was; her 1968 firebird in cobalt blue. She smiled widely and grabbed the keys off the hanger. It was time she went to see her Grandpa Charlie. She drove a little faster than most would; she loved speed. When she got there, her Grandma Sue, (married Charlie when she was about 2 years old, human years; Renesmee years: 6), was making supper.
wow that was good kayla!! cant wait for the movie tonight see you when u get here!!
Are you ever going to update? Gosh! Your lucky your one of my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come on ppl! tell your friend to read this story and she'll get on more! Plz
I'm still waiting on ppl 2 get on here!!!!!!!!!!! I'm starting 2 get mad. COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So uh yeah it's been a while....


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