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Renesmee’s POV

Waiting in our meadow was harder than I had expected. I had a mix of many different feelings rushing through me causing an overwhelming burst of nervousness. Jacob said to meet him in our secret meadow that we discovered at six o’clock. It was only five minutes past six but I was still impatient. Sometimes he calls and says to meet here but this time he sounded kind of weird. Just then my Jacob appeared 20 feet away from me. I jumped up from my rock I was sitting on.
“Hey Jake ” I squealed as I ran over and gave him a huge hug.
“Hi, Nessie.” What’s wrong with him? He just stood there looking at the ground.
“Ness, come sit down over here with me.” We sat down on the moist, squishy grass.
“Are you okay, Jacob? You look mad. Did I do something wrong?”
“Nessie, we need to talk. There is something I need to tell you...”

Chapter 1
I just wanted to stay asleep but obviously my family wasn’t going to have it. Aunt Alice was rummaging through my new wardrobe trying to find something “acceptable” for my first day of high school, well, my first day of school ever. My mom was trying to convince me to get out of bed. Why was Alice even at the cottage?
“Come on, honey. You know everything is going to be fine, you are going to make it ” They’re never going to give up
“Guys, I don’t want to go ” I felt like screaming. Why can’t they just let me stay home?
“Renesmee Carlie Cullen,” my mother said. She’s using her voice that she uses when I’m not going to get my way. “Why are you all of a sudden so scared? Last night you couldn’t wait to go and now look at you You are going to make plenty of friends, everyone will like you, and you will do fine ”
She just didn’t understand Nobody will like me because I’m a freak Who wants to be friends with a half vampire, half human girl? Sure, this was my first year of school, which is another reason that nobody will talk to me See, I’m not a regular girl who is having pre- high school anxieties. I’m not like everyone else. Right when I was about to start balling, my dad walked in giving me “the” look.
“Renesmee, stop being so negative of yourself ” Dang it. I forgot my dad could read minds. Wow. How many people can say that? “ Nobody will know about your real past, nobody will know about your family. Everything will be fine.”
They only see the optimistic side Technically I’m only seven years old but I look 16. It takes a lot of explaining but I’ll give it a try... My mom and dad met as Juniors in high school. My mom was human, my dad was a vampire. My dad wasn’t sure if he would be able to handle being so close to a human that smelled so good. Wow, that sounded odd. Anyway, long story short, they ended up getting married then I came along. I am half human, half vampire. And that is exactly why nobody is going to like me.
“Nessie ” Good old Auntie Alice, “Seriously, go take a shower while I pick out your outfit You need to look presentable for school ”
“Mom, please...” They can hardly resist giving me everything I want, maybe this can work.
“It’s not going to work this time Renesmee. Go get ready for school NOW.” Gotta love my father.
“Fine. Leave me alone for a few minutes to take a shower.” I said scowling at my whole family who were trying to reassure me. What the heck was everyone doing here? They have a house of there own
“You’ll be fine sweetie.” Grandpa Carlisle walked in and said, while hugging me. Oh my gosh, why were they here?
“They just wanted to be here when you woke up for school.” Dad said, obviously reading my mind.
I took a longer than necessary shower but I just wanted a few more minutes to myself before it was time to endure whatever was coming. When I stepped out of my bathroom, my outfit that Alice had picked out laying on my bed with a note on top.
You will do great Nessie, we will be there with you if you need anything at all. Love you, Aunt Rosalie.
I smiled to myself while throwing on the outfit without paying any attention to what it was. My Aunt Rosalie had always been there for me in a protective sort of way and I wasn’t really sure why. Her and my mom kind of had some kind of connection but I didn’t understand that either. Suddenly interrupting my thoughts was my phone that had started to ring.
“Hello?” I said into the receiver.
“Nessie What are you up to?” It was my Jacob. My Jake.
“I’m getting ready for school. We haven’t talked in forever What’s new?”
“It has only been three days I know, it seems like forever though. We should hang out this weekend.”
“But, Jake, its only Monday ” I complained.
“Sure, sure. How about tomorrow night? We can go down to First Beach.”
“Okay I’ll call you after school. Bye Jake.”
“Bye, Nessie.” Yay I’m surprised that its been so long since we’ve seen each other, and yes, three days is a lot for us.
Jacob has been my best friend ever since the day I was born. We usually see each other every day but Billy has been sick for the last few days and Jake wanted to keep an eye on him. I can’t wait to see him.
I walked back into my bathroom to brush my hair. As I ran the brush through my golden curls I heard my dad enter my room.
“Hey Nessie You look beautiful. Are you ready for breakfast? Your mom made you some eggs over at the house.” Yum, my favorite.
“Sure, lets go.” I said smiling at my dad.
Human speed just wasn’t fast enough for him as we ran as fast as we could. It only took about 7 seconds to get there.
“MORNING NESSIE ” Everyone screamed. I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help but to smile.
“Come on, eat so we can go, human.” Lovely Uncle Emmett.
I ate quick just so they would shut up.
“Everyone load up ” Auntie Alice called as she skipped off to her yellow Porsche. I climbed in the back seat with mom and dad with Alice and Jasper were in the front.
I’m off to my first day of school at Forks High School. Yipee.

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Thanks! I'll check it out!
Here it is! Chapter 25, after a really long wait! Enjoy, and make sure you see the author's note at the end. =]

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Chapter 25
Bella’s POV

I just stood there staring at her. I had no idea what to say or do. Obviously as soon as Renee looked at me, she could tell that I had changed into... something. She didn’t know what, and there was no way we would be able to tell her. We’d already risked enough with telling Charlie. Also, Renee isn’t as easy going as my dad. We should have had a plan for the day that this would happen, but there’s no going back now. Something would have to do.
“Bella? Is that you?” she asked. This would be interesting.
“Yeah, mom, it’s me.” The sound of my voice didn’t help at all. It wasn’t as high pitch like it was right after I was changed, but for someone who hadn’t seen me in years, there was something different about it.
“What’s going on, sweetie? You’ve changed... a lot.”
“Um... Why don’t you come in?” I asked. Edward would need to help me with this one.
She agreed and followed me inside. Right as my mom was sitting down, Edward walked in. The look on his face was priceless. I couldn’t help but to laugh when I saw him. “Well, hello Renee. What brings you here?”
For some reason she took offense to his question. “I wanted to know why my daughter has been ignoring my phone calls and e-mails for so long. Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been since the wedding?! I’ve cried almost everyday because of this!” I instantly felt horrible. Edward pulled me to his side and we sat on the couch across from Renee.
“I’m sorry mom. Things just have been... busy lately.”
“Busy? Like how? Worrying that your daughter is who-knows-where or if she’s even alive?” She was getting more and more angry as she spoke. I could tell that she wasn’t going to give up easily.
“I know. Calm down. We’ll explain everything.” The words were out of my mouth before I knew what they meant.
“Okay, go ahead.” She crossed her arms over her chest, showing that she meant business.
Just at the right moment, Jacob came walking down the stairs. “What smells so good?”
I had never been so excited for him to come in the room than I was at that moment. “Your lunch. We’ll bring it up to you.” I said it too fast, he knew something was up.
He looked at me with the ‘What’s the rush?’ look. I did the traditional head signal that means ‘Hurry up and get out of the room.’ Renee sat there like nothing had happened. She saw Jake, but was far too ticked off to care.
“We will be right back...” Edward said, dragging me into the kitchen behind him. He grabbed the plate and we went upstairs without a word spoken.
We entered the room and saw that Nessie was still unconscious, but she was starting to look like a vampire. Apparently her transformation time was going to take more than the usual three days. I still felt horrible for biting her. I mean, if I had waited until Edward and Carlisle were ready, maybe things may have gone smoother.
I didn’t have time to keep thinking about that before Jake started talking. “What is going on down there? I thought you were about to shoot me or something!”
“Sorry. Renee showed up and I have no idea what we should tell her. She’s demanding to know why I haven’t been in contact with her for so long.” I explained.
“Renee is your mom, right?” I nodded in response. Edward handed the plate to Jake. He thanked us and started eating like he hadn’t been fed in weeks. I figured that he would. Edward and I stayed for a few minutes to talk.
“So you guys need a plan for what you’re going to tell your mom?” Jake guessed.
“Yes, we’re trying to avoid telling her our secret. Any ideas?” Edward replied for me.
He looked deep in thought. “Well... I got it! Tell Renee that you Cullens are dinosaurs that finally came back and know you are in the form of a human and you sparkle from old dust. Nessie is half and half. Wait, that wouldn’t make sense for her... Anyway, you don’t sleep because you’re afraid that you’ll miss something, since it’s a possibility that you could go back into extinction. Your eyes are gold because that was the color of dinosaur’s eyes and your voices are just naturally high. The name of your species is ‘Velociraptors’ because that accounts for your speed, agility, and hunting skills. Perfect idea, huh?”
I exchanged a very, very confused look with Edward. I felt bad for my husband; having to listen to what Jake was thinking 24/7. We stood there staring at him, wondering what had gotten wired wrong in that head of his. “Are you okay...?” I asked.
“Perfectly fine. What do you think? Are you going to use my idea?” The smile on his face was hilarious. He looked like a little kid that was about to get paid for beating up his little sister. I honestly had absolutely no idea how to answer.
Thankfully Edward did, but he spoke to me instead. “Maybe we should have thought this through a bit more before we let them get married.” I laughed, then he answered Jake’s questions. “Jacob, thank you for your ideas, but I think we might be better of telling her the truth.” I giggled a little more and agreed with him. Besides, I prefer vampires over dinosaurs.
We walked hand-in-hand back down to the living room where my mom was anxiously waiting for us to return. “So, mom, how have you and Phil been doing?”
She rolled her eyes in reaction to my attempt at changing the subject, but she perked up after she thought of something. “Well, there’s more than just Phil and I now.” There was a little twinkle in her eye when she said it. I was hoping that she didn’t mean what I thought she meant. I was secretly happy that my plan of distraction had worked.
“Please tell me you got a dog, mom.” She shook her head. “A hamster?” Another head shake. “An animal in general?” One more shake. Crap.
“You are a step-sister, Bella,” she said. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped down to my chest. I couldn’t believe it. I was completely still for an unknown amount of time. Renee was probably getting worried because I wasn’t moving, let alone breathing. Yet I still couldn’t figure out why it was such a big deal that she’d had another child. I actually should have seen that coming.
“How many?” My voice wasn’t the usual soprano tone now.
“We had a beautiful baby boy, he’ll be seven years old on March 11th.” She looked like a teenager that thinks they are in love. Ha.
Something clicked after she said that. Seven years? I did some mental math... “Hey! Seven years! So you knew at our wedding that you were pregnant?! Why didn’t you tell me?!”
She sat up straight as if she needed to defend herself. “That was your big day! I didn’t want to ruin it for you!”
I shook my head. The day didn’t look like it was going to be getting better any time soon. “Do you have a picture of him? What’s his name?”
“He is sort of out in the car with Phil,” she blushed. “His name is Blue. Can they come in?”
I was weary when she asked–Nessie would be waking soon and it had been a while since Edward and I had hunted. I didn’t want to risk it, but the chances of them being here again was slim. As I was about to say yes, Edward answered for me. “Actually, we have some plans later today that we need to prepare for. Can you come back another time?”
I looked at him, wondering why he had said that. Then I thought of something. I decided to open up my shield to him. “Is it Nessie?” I thought. He slyly nodded his head. “Can you hear what she’s thinking?” He nodded again. I quietly giggled at our silent conversation, it seemed so childish.
The whole thing had gone down in about a second, and Renee was just beginning to answer Edward’s question. “Sure, but when I come back I need an explanation.” She used her voice that I recognized from when I was young; the one that lets you know that she means business.
I didn’t know how to answer her. We couldn’t tell her the truth. So I just gave her a, “Sure thing, mom.”
She got up and went to the door. We followed her there. “Bella, I’ve missed you so much.” She pulled me into a hug.
“I’ve missed you too.” After I said it in a rush, I held my breath. Her scent was calling me and there was nothing I could do about it. I should have just went hunting earlier while I had the chance. After a few seconds she finally pulled away.
“See you soon. I’ll come the day after tomorrow.” I waved to her as she walked away.
I stood in the doorway to watch her get in the car. Phil smiled at me from the drivers seat. I returned the smile. We stood there until their car had disappeared from the driveway, then I turned to face Edward.
“Well that was unexpected.” He laughed at my expression.
“You did well sweetie. I know that was hard for you.”
“I’ve had worse. A lot worse actually. I’m sure you have too.”
He laughed again, “Yes, I have. And you were the one that was the hardest... obviously.”
“Oh yeah. I forgot about that.” I reached up onto my toes too kiss him. We didn’t get much alone time, so we appreciated what we got. This wasn’t a time to get carried away though. We needed to check on Nessie.
Edward grabbed my hand and led me upstairs after we agreed to go sit with Jake until Renesmee woke up, which should be been soon.
“Hi Jake,” I said.
“Hey.” He sounded exhausted; physically and emotionally.
“Are you doing okay?” Edward asked.
He shrugged. “As okay as I can be. I’ll be better once Nessie wakes up. I’m getting impatient.”
“It will be soon. I can tell by her features, see? She’s starting to get the vampire look back.” I had to laugh at that. It sounded completely ridiculous. They both laughed too, then it became silent. It didn’t last long, because just a short time later Nessie opened her eyes.
Author's Note: I have to thanks my awesometastic friend Sam for coming up with the dinosaur theory. Love it. <3
Loved the dino thing! super-funny! post more soon!
Haha, I liked it too. Thanks, and I'll try!
awwwwww sammi loved it. tought that the dino bit was rather funny lol. post more soon
Thanks Becca =] I thought so too. She had a great idea there. lol I'll try.
lol the dino thing was funny xP

Post more soon plz
Thanks for reading! I'll try. =]
Thanks! I'll keep them coming for as long as you guys want them! Thanks for reading! :)
Thanks Tess! I will! =]
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