The Twilight Saga

The finally blossomed plum trees that Esme had planted a couple of monthes ago swayed to Rosalie's piano music. There was a hussle of excitement as Rosalie started the wedding march. Jacob turned around as my baby's first bridesmaid came around the corner. It was Carmen. Then came Alice and Zafrina. And finally, hand in hand, came Edward and Renesmee. Edward smiled at me and Renesmee winked. I smiled back as Renesmee kissed Edward on the cheek and walked up the aisle a little more to join Jacob. Edward grasped my hand. It still shocked me that his hand was the same temperature as mine. I looked over the crowd. I was sad that I didn't see Charlie or Renee. It was only five years ago that I had to sit in a coffin while they cried over me. I only seen vampires and shapeshifters. Sam and his pack as well as all the vampires that joined us in the so - called fight with the Volturi. Even aro and some of the Volturi joined the crowd. Renesmee and Jacob said their pharses and kissed. I clapped but what thought flowed through my mind was, my baby, only seven human years old, just gave herself to my best friend. I smiled. It was hard to believe how beautiful Alice had made her. My baby was beautiful without all the make-up and beauty gear. But today she looked even more beautiful.
Her beautiful bronze hair flowed down her back, ribbons intertwined with minature braids. My blue clips that my parents had given me for my wedding and her vail was tucked back so Jake could kiss her. She wore my dress and almost the same ring as mine. Except it was white gold with one diamond implanted into the top and designs of flowers and vine type ribbons circling the ring all the way around. Freesia and white roses decorated the room making it smell gorgeous. The flowers covered the pack's scent. That was Alice's idea. Most of the vampire clans didn't mind their scent but it just smelled nicer if it was covered.
Renesmee and Jacob made their way down the aisle to the area where we would host the reception. Renesmee and Jacob stood together by one window and everyone greeted the newly-weds. In the crowd that gathered, I could feel hot after cold. Or technically, same temperature. But if I were still human, everyone would be either be cold or hot. As Edward and I neared my daughter and son-in-law, a strange feeling overcame me. I felt like I was going to cry. I'd be balling if I were human. I looked at Edward. He smiled and looked as if he would cry as well.
"Mom!" Renesmee hugged me. A tear streamed down her face. "I'm so proud of you baby girl," I choked. Even though I wasn't crying, I sure felt like I was. " Thank-you for being there for me today," Renesmee whispered into the shoulder of the satin dress Alice made me wear. I smiled a kissed Renesmee on the cheek. Then as Edward embraced Renesmee, I moved to Jake. He smiled and brought me into his chest in a hug. "You take good care of my baby girl," I choked into Jacob's chest. He chuckled and pushed away. "Always Mom," he smiled. I hit him in the shoulder. "Ow!" he gasped and rubbed the spot. I already knew he would have a bruise. But definitely not how many bruises I had on my honeymoon. Jacob and Renesmee were going out to Isle Esme too. I just hoped Renesmee would come home with a stranger inside of her. Alice ha packed her with her idea of the ingridients of love.
After everyone greeted the two lovebirds, the music started again and I realized it as Renesmee's lullaby. Edward had made it for Renesmee as her fifteenth birthady. And the dancing began. I danced with Jacob a few times and Reesmee quite a few. I just couldn't believe that I was a mother of a married daughter and only 18. But I knew that Jake would take care of her. I trusted him. And as the two left for the airport, I knew that this was a good decision. I congradulated myself infinite times about my decision to move to Forks.

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I loved it you should continue I would read
I love it and you should contuine i would love 2 read more
thank u. I will send u a msg when I write my next renesmee story. Be sure to read my other stories.

Nice story!!! Hope you would continue it! (:


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