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This is a story me and my best friend are writing. Its about renesmee of course. In this story she is already fully grown but she is going to start to go to school so they have to move. She cant go to forks high school because she looks to old after barely 7 years. please read nd i hope u like it.

Chapter 1, Part1, Renesmee's POV
The ocean started to change colors as the sun set. Me and Jacob were walking down First beach hand in hand. i hated to tell him but I was moving. He wanted to go but I convinced him to finish school here in La push first. I wanted to start school already but i couldnt go here im Forks because of how grown I was. So me, my mom and dad were moving to Alaska. i was going to go to High School and be a junior while my mom and dad went to the university of Alaska. I hated to leave Jacob but it was the only way. It was getting late and I needed to get home. Jacob seemed to realize this at the same time because he broke the silence

"Do you want me to take you home?"

"No its okay Im just going to go pack and get ready for tomorrow."

"Oh well okay then" he said with a sad look.

"Dont worry you can still me once in a while and I can visit you."

"Well then okay"

"I gotto go k" I leaned up and kissed him and then turned and ran for the trees.

It felt good to run. Feeling the wind in my face. I felt free. As I got closer to the house I started to walk at a human pace and I could here everyone inside. Rosale and Emmett were in the garage working on the jeep, Alice and Jasper were in the living room 'watching tv', carlise and esme were in his office making last minute plans for tomorrow and my mom and dad were in their room. I didnt want to hear what they were doing so I blocked them out from my hearing. i already knew what they were doing. Its not something nice to hear them. As I walked in Alice started to get up smiling

"You dont have to worry about packing, I alreay did."

"Um okay ."

I walked up to my room and took a shower. I put on my green smiling faces pajamas. Then I read a little from my book Withering Heights which i was borrowing from my mom. Rosalie walked in and told me i should get some sleep so i put my book away and layed down. Then I yawned and let my dreams pull me in.

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thats was an awesome chapter i didnt see that coming!!!
post more soon plz! : )
Thank you, Rosa! It's nice to know I'm doing a good job! :P :) Will do!
Haha! I'm sorry! It's just, nobody commented, so I thought nobody was reading it! I know it sounds stupid, but the comments mean a lot to me!!! :) I have the next chapter done, and I'm almost done typing it on word, then I promise I'll post it!!! :) Thanks for commenting, and for the awesome comment it was!!!! :)
Hey guys! I don't have enough time to finish the entire chapter tonight, but I'm almost done! I'm posting a portion of it now, to hold you over if you would like! :) Here you go:

“AUNT ALICE!” I shrieked. I couldn’t believe this! What could possibly knock out a vampire and not a human?! We were too far from our house for anyone to detect us, and I wasn’t strong enough to carry her that long and far. Whoever planned this was smart – very, very smart.
Why? Why would she come alone? Why didn’t she bring Jake or somebody? How could she be so stupid? This wasn’t like Aunt Alice! Whoever did this, knows her well enough to be able to get her here alone without her seeing the possible risk. I couldn’t dare leave her alone – not in her condition. The vampire part of me was in a dormant state. I had human strength, human stamina, human reflexes, human speed, human…everything.
Now I really couldn’t go anywhere! What was I going to do?! I then remembered: cell phones (duh)! I quickly took mine out and saw there was no service. With desperate hope, I found Aunt Alice’s phone and saw what I already knew was true. She didn’t have any service either. Shoot. So I automatically used a human reflex and started screaming Bloody Mary.
oooooh....hurry and finish it...update me!!!
No problemo! :) Thanks for reading! I know you're busy with your fanfic! :)
this is amazing
omg u have to post soon extremly soon
come on write more soon! =) this is amazing
ooh this is good
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry!!!!! I know this is going to be a crap (pardon my curse) excuse, but, I got into the drama play, so I've been getting home late, and then I had to do homework, and then it's been Finals (which we have until the last day of school, might I least one a week....)'s just been so crazy. So, I'm sorry, and I hope you all forgive me, and that this chapter makes up for my fail-ness:

Chapter 16: The Note

"AUNT ALICE!" I shrieked. I couldn't believe this! What could possibly knock out a vampire and not a human?! We were too far from our house for anyone to detect us, and I wasn't strong enough to carry her that long and far. Whoever planned this was smart; very, very smart.

Why? Why would she come alone? Why didn't she bring Jake or somebody? How could she be so stupid? This wasn't like Aunt Alice! Whoever did this knows her well enough to be able to get her here alone. And if she was willing to come alone, I sure as heck wasn't leaving her alone! The vampire part of me was, well, sleeping. I had human strength, human stamina, human...everything.

Now I really couldn't go anywhere! What was I going to do? Then I remembered: phones! I quickly pulled out my cell and service! I reached into Aunt Alice's coat pocket hoping here cell might have service, and it had just been mine. Dang it! No service there either! So I automatically used a human reflex and started screaming Bloody Mary.

"HELP!! HELP, PLEASE!! SOMEBODY HELP!! I NEED HELP!! PLEASE! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY!!! HEEEEEELP!!!" I looked around, but could not hear nor see anybody. We were too far... Ricky and his human family couldn't hear. Even though they were probably the only people I know who could actually help. Any person in my family came to help and they would drop like flies.

"Uncle Jasper's going to kill me!" I whimpered to myself. My hysteria had reached it's peak when, miraculously, the fog disappeared. When every last bit of it had gone, Aunt Alice took a deep, ragged breath. She stood up so fast, I couldn't see it. She looked around dazedly, and I was so relieved she was okay, I fell to my knees crying. That is, until I saw the note in front of me that seemed to have been left by the fog. As if the note itself wasn't creepy enough, it's words could cause a normal human to pass out in fright.

"Um...Aunt Alice? Come. Read this." Once she had finished, she gasped.

"Come on, let's get home. The rest of the family needs to see this." She paused, then continued. "Here, get on my back. It'll be faster this way." I quickly scrambled onto her back and we took off, practically flying back home. If there were any side effects from that fog, she was hiding them well.

"Aunt Alice?" She nodded. "Are you really okay? That fog didn't do anything to you? No side effects?"

She turned her head around, smiled, and put her fingers to her lips. "Shh. We're almost home and I don't want Jasper to start worrying before we can explain." She paused, slightly longer than necessary. "You still have the note, right?"

"In my jacket pocket."

"Good. Now we're almost in hearing distance. Keep what happened out of your head," she warned. I immediately started singing "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music in my head. 'Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens...'

"NESSIE!" My mom ran to me, took me from Aunt Alice, and crushed me tight to her chest. Then dad came and spun me around in a circle.

"What happened? Alice had a vision. There was fog, and you were yelling for help. Then something happened and you were gone!" He shuddered. 'These are a few of my favorite things! When the dog bites...'

"Alright. What are you two keeping from me? From all of us? What has got you two singing in your heads? Did you two synchronize the song, too? You're both singing 'My Favorite Things' in perfect harmony."

As if it had been planned, we both turned to each other and burst out in laughter.

“I’ll take that as a ‘no’ then,” Mom said smiling, but it was strained. She was obviously still worried.

“Alice, what happened?” Uncle Jasper asked her soothingly, obviously trying to calm everyone’s frazzled nerves – very obviously, might I add.

“Geez, Jazz, could you be any more obvious? You’re like a freaking tsunami with your waves of calm!” Uncle Emmett was, of course, first to comment, and Uncle Jasper merely shrugged in response.

I figured that these off topic conversations could go on for days, so I decided to start the story now. My dad turned to me expectantly.

“I was running back from Ricky’s,” Aunt Rosalie hissed at the name, but I ignored her, “and then Aunt Alice showed up. She was freaking out, telling me about her vision. Then the fog came.” I paused, while Aunt Alice held Uncle Jasper close so he wouldn’t freak out. “With her first breath she had fallen to the ground.” Uncle Jasper tensed, but I pretended not to notice. “The vampire part of me had sort of gone to sleep – I don’t know…it’s hard to describe. I was completely human, so I couldn’t just carry her back. The fog had taken away reception, so I couldn’t call Ricky or Jake, and it was too far to walk back to Ricky’s house.” When I saw the looks they were giving me, I explained more. “I sure as heck wasn’t going to call any of you! I already had one vampire down, I didn’t need another.”

“So I did the only thing I could think of. I screamed at the top of my lungs for help. I didn’t have much hope in anyone hearing, it was honestly just a stupid human reflex. Then the fog cleared. It was weird and out of nowhere, which made it a little too eerie for my taste. But then Aunt Alice was awake and I was too relieved to be worried or scared, until…”

Aunt Alice picked up the story, sensing I didn’t want to continue. “That was until we saw the note. It had looked like a square piece of fog, that then, over about a minute, became pen on paper.” I was refusing to think of the content of said note, not letting my dad get ahead of the story. “Show them, Nessie,” Aunt Alice encouraged me.

My mom had been hugging me until that point, so I pulled away to reach the note and take it out of my pocket. My mom took it from me, and began reading:

“Dear Renesmee,
I can’t wait to meet you personally! That little trick I played was fun, no? Don’t worry; I’ve got plenty more up my sleeve. You’d be surprised at my sources. Tell Edward, Alice, Bella, and Jasper that they can’t affect me, so not to even bother trying, although I’m sure they’re reading this themselves. Oh, and tell Rosalie thanks for all the help, and I can’t wait to see her again. She’ll understand soon enough.
I’ll see you all soon,

Everyone’s eyes either fell onto Aunt Rose or me. Who was this V person? Why were they threatening our family? How did they know Aunt Rose? Aunt Rose looked just as baffled as the next person. She couldn’t think of anybody with that initial.

Then there was me. What would this mysterious person want with me? With my family? Were they a Volturi member? Why did they choose to single me out? Aunt Rose had told all of us her story, yet no one could think of who this V person was.

By this time we had retreated into the living room and I had lied down – feet in dad’s lap, head in mom’s. Then, amazingly, the continuous questions lulled me into a nightmare filled sleep.
Yay! Love new readers! :) :P Maybe....maybe not..... Does the suspense kill you?! :P


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