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This is a story me and my best friend are writing. Its about renesmee of course. In this story she is already fully grown but she is going to start to go to school so they have to move. She cant go to forks high school because she looks to old after barely 7 years. please read nd i hope u like it.

Chapter 1, Part1, Renesmee's POV
The ocean started to change colors as the sun set. Me and Jacob were walking down First beach hand in hand. i hated to tell him but I was moving. He wanted to go but I convinced him to finish school here in La push first. I wanted to start school already but i couldnt go here im Forks because of how grown I was. So me, my mom and dad were moving to Alaska. i was going to go to High School and be a junior while my mom and dad went to the university of Alaska. I hated to leave Jacob but it was the only way. It was getting late and I needed to get home. Jacob seemed to realize this at the same time because he broke the silence

"Do you want me to take you home?"

"No its okay Im just going to go pack and get ready for tomorrow."

"Oh well okay then" he said with a sad look.

"Dont worry you can still me once in a while and I can visit you."

"Well then okay"

"I gotto go k" I leaned up and kissed him and then turned and ran for the trees.

It felt good to run. Feeling the wind in my face. I felt free. As I got closer to the house I started to walk at a human pace and I could here everyone inside. Rosale and Emmett were in the garage working on the jeep, Alice and Jasper were in the living room 'watching tv', carlise and esme were in his office making last minute plans for tomorrow and my mom and dad were in their room. I didnt want to hear what they were doing so I blocked them out from my hearing. i already knew what they were doing. Its not something nice to hear them. As I walked in Alice started to get up smiling

"You dont have to worry about packing, I alreay did."

"Um okay ."

I walked up to my room and took a shower. I put on my green smiling faces pajamas. Then I read a little from my book Withering Heights which i was borrowing from my mom. Rosalie walked in and told me i should get some sleep so i put my book away and layed down. Then I yawned and let my dreams pull me in.

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Read please Once ppl start to comment i will post the rest of Chapter 1
If u look at the comment date, Above the iter persons, they say may 13 and urs says august 4 so edited it after that
Chapter 1, Part 2

When I woke up I went to take a shower to get fully woken up. When i came out there were some clothes waiting for me. There was a jean skirt with a pink heart design on the back pockets, a pink striped shirt with hearts , and some pink sandals with heart jewels on them. I looked pretty good when I looked at myself in the mirror. I let my perfectly curly hair fall to the end of my back putting some pink clip in extensions. After being completely ready I went downstairs finding Esme making breakfast for me.

"Good morning Renesmee" she said cheerfully.

"Good morning I responded with a smile on my face.

"Sit down and i'll serve you breakfast." "Okay"

The food was pretty food. There were pancakes with scrambled eggs and beacon. I ate all of it. Everything was already packed and we were good to leave so after i ate breakfast we said our goodbyes and left. Jacob had came so I was able to give him a kiss goodbye. We decided to drive instead of going in a plane. We got there in a day and a half. As we pulled up to the house it looked so beautiful. Esme had designed it of course.

When we walked in it looked different then the house in Forks. It didnt look pale with white and tan. Instead there was orange yellow green and brown. It looked so much like fall in here even though we were in the middle of winter. I looked around the house a little bit. The kitchen was big and the fridge was pretty stocked even though I would be the only one eating. The living room had furniture that matched with the walls and there was a 12 inch flat screen tv that had a lot of movies stocked on the wall under it. I walked upstrairs to look for my room. It was painted pink and purple. There were pictures on the walls of my familty and friends. Next to the bed on a dresser was a picture of me and Jacob. I went into my walk in closet and found lots of new clothes with tags on them. On the farthest rack there was still space for me to put the rest of my clothes so thats the first thing I did. I wanted to get things over and done already. After I was done putting my clothes away I went to my bathroom to get ready for bed. There was a walk in shower that could fit five people in them and a tub that looked like a jakuzzi.

I looked in the mirror and decided to take a quick shower. When I finished I put on my pajamas and got into bed. Mom and dad came in to say good night and i said good night. As I slept I dreamed about what could happen tomorrow on my first day of school.
The name of this chapter is NEW KID
Chapter 2 New kid
When i woke up in the morning I noticed that it was pretty quiet. Then i realized that it was because not many people lived here. I got up out of bed and went to take a shower. For my first day of school I decided to wear a purple and greay striped shirt, some gray skinny jeans with a purple design and some purple flats. I let my hair fall down and put in some purple clip in extensions. When i went downstairs i found my mom and dad kissing ont he counter. I cleared my throat and they looked up "Um, theres a room upstairs you know" I said kind of embarrased.

"We didnt want to wake you" my dad said smiling.

"We made you breakfast" my mom said trying to break the akwardness. "Okay"

"Are you excited for your first day of school?"


"Do you want me to give you a ride" dad asked.

"No its okay I'll take my car, thx"

"Okay" he said kind of disappointed.

"Well I'll see you guys later, Bye" I said as i gave them both a kiss and i walked out.

As i drove to the school I read a sign that entered into the school that read Snowmountain High School Home of the Wolves. It immediately reminded me of Jacob. There weren't many nice cars here. When I got out of my car i saw a lot of people staring staring at me. I picked up my bag and walked to the front office. They gave me a map of the school and a schedule. i already knew most of the things. i walked to my first class which was english. All the seats were taken in the back so i sat in the front. The teacher walked in five minutes late. Her name was Ms.Alvarez. She made me introduce myself to the class. I got up and went to the front of the room "Um, hi my name is Renesme Carlie Cullen but you can call me Nessie and I moved down here from Forks, Washington and i guess thats it". As I waked back to my seat i heard a whistle come from the back of the room and I blushed. I already knew what the lesson was but I still took notes. I could tell people thought i was a nerd but that wasnt it. i just didnt want to pass a test without seeming like i studied. My next class was math and I had to introduce myself again. Another person whistled again. This time I sat in the middle. Nobody had talked to me yet but I was'nt really that worried. In my next class, science, i didnt have to introduce myself and I got seated in the back. When I sat down I started doodling hearts and jacob's name on my notebook. I heard the chair next to me slide back. and i quickly closed my notebook. "Hi youre Renesme right." I looked up and saw that it was a boy. He had light brown eyes spiky dark brown hair and a smile that could make any girl melt. "Um. yeah hi" I said a few seconds late.

"Well hi again my name is Ricardo Morales but you can call me Ricky" he put his hand out for me to shake it.

I shaked it and responded "you can call me nessie".


I put my head back to the front to see what the lesson was about. It seemed thay were dissecting frogs and people were hanging out tools now. "Okay class so cut right down the middle " the teacher told the class. I put down my things and put on my gloves. i was about to go for the knife when Ricky went for it to. He smiled picked it up and then handed it to me. I was cutting down the middle. It was pretty easy but my hand was shaking and suddenly Ricky got a hold of my hand and sliced for me I guess he that i was nervous.

"Thanks" I said. I guess saying thanks was the key to get him to start talking because he started asking me questions.

"So why did you move down here from Washington" he asked curiously.

"Well my parents wanted to be in a new place."

"What do they do."

"Well right now they're at college."

"Would you like to sit with me and my friends at lunch" he asked with hope in his eyes.


I saw that my answer brought excitement into his eyes. His eyes were so beautiful and when he smiled I looked away and blushed. We walked together to the cafeteria and i saw that a lot of people were greeting him and coming up to him. I could tell he was popular here. A girl walked up to him and said "Hey Ricky" in a baby voice. "Are you going to my party this saturday" she said throwing a small glance at me. "Yeah sure" She walked away smiling. We went into the cafeteria and i didnt really feel hungry so I just got a soda.

"So do you want to go to the part with me" Ricky asked me while we were walking to his table.

"Yeah sounds great" i said with a little much excitement. "What time does it start"

"At eight"


When lunch was over i got up and started walking towards my next class, french. As I walked I heard people behind me talking about me. "She thinks she's all that. Look at her with Rick. She must like him. Look at how she dresses. She thinks she's so good because she has money." I tried to drown out the voices and ignore them. When i got to french I turned around and saw that it was the girl that had come up to ricky earlier. I also saw that Ricky was right next to me this whole time. I saw him walk in and I followed him to where he was sitting down. "This is your next class" i asked.

"yeah why?"

"Cuz this is my next class to"

"Really let me see you schedule" he asked. I handed it to him.

"Mmm well thats i coincidence"


"We have all our classes together."

"Really at least noe I'll have somebody to talk to and I wont get lost."


I decided to pay attention in this class. French was gonna be one of the languages I was going to learn. I had already learned japanese and my dad was going to teach me portugese after french. The class went slow but I was okay with that. When class was over Ricky walked me to History. I already knew what the teacher was teaching. I knew more then the history teacher but I wasn't going to show it. i still took notes. The day went by fast after that and Ricky was still asking me questions. We went to gym and i was given a uniform. They were purple and gold shorts that said wolves on the back and a purple shirt with a picture of a wolve on it. I was excited for this class because we were going to play volleyball. Volleyball was one of my best sports and my favorite. I tried not to show off but i could tell it didnt help beacuse when i was in the locking room changing i heard that girl talking about me again "that new girl thinks shes so goos just because she knows how to play sports". That girl was really irritating me. When I was done changing ricky walked me to my car and said bye. When I got home i did my homework and called aunt alice. I tried to call jacob but he didnt answer. I guess he was on patrol. I fell asleep wondering of what could happen tomorrow.

Sorry that chapter 2 wasn't here earlier. Well now u can understand things better reading this chapter.
that was great
KK So I LOved It All !!
Keep Me Updated Please
Chapter 1 is named moving
Chapter 2 is New kid
Does anybody want to read this?
i do and its rlly good!! plz continue!!!!!!
It's really good.
I'm interested in where you take it!
~Peace, Love, Twilight
oh trust me you have no idea whats going to happen hehe


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