The Twilight Saga

Years and years later, it is time for another year at Hogwarts. And some familar names are back, including the daughters and sons of Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley. And it's like their years all over again. Adventures, Drama, Action, love, hate...

This might get interesting.


(No copying my idea! And I also didn't use the same names for the kids. I chose everything. So it's not really very relevant to names in the books.. but I hope you like it anyway.)


Sara's P.O.V

Sara Malfoy stood waiting at Platform 9 and 3/4 for the train to arrive. She was eager for it to come, for it was her first year at Hogwarts. Finally she heard the huff of the trains smoke. She turned around to face her father, Draco Malfoy. They said their goodbyes and she gathered her things. "Keep up the family name," Draco chuckled. Sara rolled her eyes and smiled. "Ok dad. Love you." The train arrived in a cloud of steam. Then it seemed like the place exploded - people calling out goodbyes, rushing onto the train, bustling every which way. She stepped onto the train, hurrying so she wouldn't be trampled. Choosing a cabin with a few friends she had already made, she sat down and began to talk with them.


To be continued!

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love it so far!
Nice ..
continue pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee!!!!
i love harry potter......please keep me updated


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