The Twilight Saga

so... this is about what would happen if loren and zoey never slept together, and she was still with erik when he got to the school. sorry it's not twilight related... but... yeah. still good, hopefully. :)

Chapter 1.

Pfff, what to do? What could I do about Heath? As much as I loved him, I didn’t really want to be imprinted to him. I’ve only been at the House of Night for about two months, and I was finally getting used to it. I had amazing friends, was connected to my Goddess on ways no one has ever been before, I control all five of the elements (earth, wind, fire, water, and spirit), I was leader of the Dark Daughters, and I was dating the hottest, most popular guy in the school! I finally found a place where I fit in- and I didn’t want my old life to ruin it.

Seriously, I have loved Heath since grade school.  He used to be my everything, but we started to drift. He had drinking problems, and now smoking on top of that… it’s just something I couldn’t be around anymore. He makes stupid choices, and I was completely over him, even though I would always love him.

 Even though Heath is so important to me, I wanted our connection broken. I wanted to live my own life, restart it, and actually be GOOD at it. But, here’s the thing, I didn’t really know how… So I went to Neferet… Sure, she may be slightly psychotic- but she has been a vampyre for practically forever, well not really- maybe a few hundred years.  I passed through the professor’s building and climbed the stairs to the second floor, of which completely belonged to the High Priestess of the House of Night. I went to her quarters, about to enter, when I heard voices through the crack in the door… Of course, what I should do is leave right away, and come back later. But the voice I heard piqued my interest.

“Darling, you know, the young fledgling holds absolutely none of my attention. It’s all for you…” The voice I heard rang through, the door. Loren. The same Loren, Poet Laurant that had tried, and successfully seduced me, though we haven’t gone very far, yet…

“Like I believe that. You seem to have a very interesting… ah- relationship, with her. So interesting that it seems I am no longer important to you.” Neferet whispered, her voice to an unknowing person would seem exceptionally uncaring, to me however, I noticed that it was tainted with a hint of annoyance,

“My love, it is only you I see, the child may deem fit for my amusement, but only that.” By this time I was tempted to peek into the room.  I saw Loren and Neferet, curled together, swooning, on the queen sized bed in the center of the rather large room. The red velvet sheets covering them, so only their heads, and a tad bit of their necks were visible.

I stared long enough to see Loren kiss the high priestess passionately before I made my escape. So I was just his sex toy? A little fun when he couldn’t be with Neferet? That’s it. I thought we had a true connection, that he was actually mine, that he loved me. He loved me… the strange words floated around my head in a ghost like whisper. Meanwhile tears were pooling in my eyes, threatening to overflow, making everyone aware of my internal struggles.

I set my face in a mask of unfeeling. Though secretly, I was breaking on the inside. My heart was crushed… I had been used.

I made my way into my room, passing by a few curious stares on the way, I felt my friends gazes on my back as I passed right by them. I slammed the door behind me right before I let out all my pain. I fell on my bed, not caring which way was which. I just wanted to be numb. I didn’t want to feel anything anymore. I soon fell into a restless sleep, in a puddle of my own depression.

My dream was quick, but confusing. I saw a face, that’s it, a face. It wasn’t familiar; I’ve never seen this person in either of my lives. I noticed the mark placed on the center of his forehead, looking just like the average fledgling. He was very attractive, I must admit, my heart did this odd flip as I took him in. He had deep chocolate brown eyes. Eyes that I could get lost in; comforted in. He had shaggy brown hair, which fell in a perfect sweep on his forehead, disguising his mark. He had beautiful, full lips that I was enthralled by… I needed him, I knew it. I didn’t know why- but I just did.

I woke with a start. Perplexed by my dream, and extremely fascinated by the man that I saw.  This conundrum completely wiped away my overwhelming feelings of pain and betrayal. I needed to know who he was, it was a distraction- a wonderful one. I looked at my clock 3a.m. school was over, I slept an entire day away. Interesting seeing as it seemed as if I was only asleep for a small moment. Apparently I was off.  I headed to the dining hall, where hopefully my friends were currently having jubilant conversations that would add to my distractions. I paused. Jubilant? Enthralled? Conundrum? Perplexed? Damian was rubbing off on me with his dang vocabulary lessons. I felt my face bend into a hint of a smile. I entered the hall, and my eyes went directly to where we sat everyday. I saw my friends with worrisome looks on their generally happy faces. I didn’t like that- it didn’t look right. I slowly made my way over to them. As they noticed me, they cheered up. I looked at them all, Erin, Damien, Jack, Shaunee, and with a twinge of sadness I notice someone was missing, my BFF and roommate, Stevie Rae Johnson, who had died only two weeks ago. However in her place, I noticed an unfamiliar, but familiar (if that makes sense) head of hair. That very head turned around to see what all my friends were staring at. He looked at me. As hazel eyes meet chocolate, I realized who he was.  


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Uh oh! Love it

(Dont forget that at this point Stevie Rae is Still crazy)

Post soon and Keep me updated!!



Are you going to post on here and


I love The House Of Night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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