The Twilight Saga

By Minn
I could hear muffled grunts. I could feel futile thrashing. The human—Jeremy—was weightless in my arms. These humans were so easy to manipulate, to control. I hardly needed my talent for being in charge to make them see that I had the make them bend to my will.
Vampires weren’t as easy, their superior minds more resistant to manipulation. But even vampires, so much smarter and stronger and better than these beasts, could be manipulated. I had never failed in manipulation. My talent told me what to say and how to say it and how to move and act so that my target would know who was in charge. It was why my ancestors had chosen to trust me with this honorable task. They knew I was able.
I was so proud of this honor. My talent was proof that I was meant to be in charge of others. When the vile Italians had been destroyed—and we would leave no survivors; we would not spare any as they had spared the Romanians—I would be their third. I would be of their new coven, as well.
I recalled with perfect clarity that momentous night, the best night of my vampiric existence so far: the night Vladimir and Stefan had given me this task...
“You have quite an ability,” Vladimir told me.
I felt smug pride wash over me. Praise from these great ones was rare and kind.
“We have a task for you,” Stefan said. He looked into my eyes with a serious stare.
“It is not to be taken lightly,” Vladimir warned.
I waited for my task.
“It will not be easy,” Vladimir added.
I said nothing. My godly ancestors seemed satisfied that I understood what I was getting into.
“You have heard of the Volturi?” Stefan asked.
“Yes,” I said. “Powerful vampires, I believe. They keep the secret, no?”
“Many centuries ago, these vampires were not so powerful,” Vladimir said. “They came to our castle, where we, and a couple other vampires, dwelled and ruled. They attacked and killed nearly everyone that was our colleagues...our friends...our coven. They took over.”
What terrible people! I thought. How dare they humiliate my great ancestors!
I scowled to show my disapproval of this.
“Nathan,” Stefan said in a low voice. He stared straight into my eyes again. The three of us were stalk-still. “Nathan, we want you to destroy them. Go out and find a way to bring back our coven. We have taken a name as well—Romana.
“Roh-may-nuh?” I repeated, sounding out the word.
“Yes. It sounds similar to Romania, which is where our castle was and will be.”
“Taking down the Volturi will not be an easy task,” Vladimir said. “There are many guards dedicated to keeping their masters safe. But we have a few secrets to share.”
“Tell me what you can, and I swear I will find a way to bring them down,” I vowed.

My great ancestors had told me many things when I had thought of my plan: build an army, greater and better organized than those in the South. They had greatly approved of my plan. They had been so impressed. I had been so proud. I still was.
And here, my plan was progressing at a constant rate. I had a few, all with talents. All obedient to me. Emily, Alex, Ember, Kimberly, and Jeremy, now. I only had a few, but soon I would have more than the vile Volturi had.
I arrived at the campout at daybreak. My skin and my army’s skins glittered a little in the rising sun; when the sun had fully arrived, we would sparkle more brightly.
“Who is that?” Alex asked. Alex was a calm man. Not in the way I was, but he was behaved and quiet. I could see a bond between him and Kimberly growing slowly—both quiet, both small, in a way.
Ember got out of a stone chair she had formed with her hands, coming over for a closer look. Not that she needed to be closer to see better.
“This is Jeremy,” I told them. I set him down. He shook, tugging against the ropes, yelling against the duct tape. Tears watered his eyes.
So weak, so helpless. Physical pain causing tears. Ha, ha. Ridiculous.
I felt a squirm in my stomach, as if I was queasy. How peculiar. Because I wouldn’t feel queasy—it wasn’t in a vampire’s anatomy to throw up.
No, the squirm wasn’t queasiness. It was unease. I sensed something was wrong. What was it?
I remembered when Ember had been in pain. Emily--that merciful, silly child—had felt better when she had comforted Ember. And she had felt better comforting the others at they went through a painful change. I had offered to let her comfort Ember. She had requested to comfort Alex. She hadn’t said anything when she came to comfort Kimberly.
Why was Emily not coming to comfort this one?
I looked up, counting the vampires I saw. Alex, Kimberly, myself, Ember...
Where was Emily?
I scanned the area once more.
Emily was nowhere to be seen.
“Where is Emily?” I asked. Only ten seconds had passed since I’d answered Alex.
“She went to look for you,” Ember—annoying, temperamental pyromaniac--answered.
Went to look for me! The silly girl! Had she seriously wanted to come with me when I was going to change Jeremy? I’d said she couldn’t come as a little joke, I hadn’t thought she would actually like to come!
But...if she’d gone to look for me...why wasn’t she with me? It wasn’t like I’d tried to cover my scent.
“Why?” I asked Ember.
“She solved your riddle,” Ember explained. “She said you’d given her some sort of important puzzle or something and the minute she figured it out she had to find you. She said she’d figured out the puzzle, so she was going to find you and tell you.”
Puzzle? I gave her no puzzle. And if she had lied...
“Stay here,” I ordered them all. I could barely contain my worry and fury. “Kimberly—look after Jeremy until I’m back. Ember, if the transformation is complete before I return, keep him under control but don’t burn him to death, do you understand?”
“I understand,” Ember said. Kimberly flitted to Jeremy’s side, taking his hand and murmuring words of reassurance.
I took a deep breath, finding Emily’s floral scent, layered with rain and forest. Her scent was so nature-ry.
The scent trailed northward. I sped off in that direction, following it as it curved eastward, towards—
The coast.
Beyond the Atlantic ocean was Europe...Italy...Volterra...
The Volturi. Was Emily going to expose us?
No, no, no.
I pushed my legs faster. I had to catch up with her. I had to stop her.
Perhaps destroy her.
But then her scent rounded south, towards the outskirts of the town I was in. I hadn’t been paying attention to street signs, so I didn’t know where I was. I guessed at the west border of New Hampshire.
But suddenly, at about the same moment Emily’s trail had turned south, there was another scent, stronger, layered with different vampires.
Seven vampires’ scents, plus Emily’s.
I stopped. I inspected the scents that were embedded in the road. It seemed the vampires had been here frequently.
There was something funny about the scent. I inhaled again, examining the strange odor. ..
Animals. Vegetarian vampires—I’d heard of these freaks. Talk about hippies!
But I knew of only two covens of these hippies. And one of them had seven vampires. Vampires that could fight, that had experience, that were protective. If Emily had gained their protection, I could not get her back.
I followed the scent—it was much, much stronger now—and then I saw the house. It was a large house. I could hear many vampires inside. Just then I heard one vampire say, “I can control emotions.”
I heard footsteps, and a small, black-haired female vampire stared out—no, she was glaring fiercely—the window.
Her facial expression gave a clear message: I know who you are, and we can destroy you. Get away from us and stay away.
Defeat. I could not get to Emily. She had gained their protection.
I looked the tiny vampire in the eyes. I nodded reluctantly. I backed away, turned, and sped back to my army. Away from the traitor.
Why did this happen? I asked my talent.
My talent told me, Emily did not want to fight.
But why, then, had you said I should tell her why she was a vampire? I said to my talent.
My manipulative talent seemed to shrug within me. I made a mistake. I’m not perfect.
I growled at myself.

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You need to write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minn made Return of the Romanians a banner:

Click here to go to her group.

The Volunteer Recruits
Even for my superior mind, it was hard to focus on anything through the night. But as the army grew, it needed more and more maintenance. Despite my abilities, I wasn’t completely able to keep the soldiers from fighting. I appointed Ember, Kimberly, and Alex as ‘generals’ to help me keep the peace. And then, to keep everything more organized, I listed off a fourth of the vampires to each of my generals. My generals were responsible for a specific quarter of the army; I supervised a fourth myself.
I ordered the generals to instruct their squadrons in the martial arts Alex had taught them. It kept my army busy and my mind free to think only of Jennifer, of her face, now, alive, awake, smiling...
Another image entered my head. Jennifer’s face, the same, except that her natural beauty had been magnified. The hazel eyes were lost in this image, replaced by bright, bloody red.
The picture zoomed out, so I could see the setting. Behind Jennifer was battlefield. Fires based pillars of smoke. In the image, Jennifer turned around and, snarling, joined the battle.
I winced.
There was absolutely no way in Hell I was allowing my daughter to fight well trained vampires. What would be the point of turning her into a vampire if I just put her in more danger?
As soon as the sun set, I told my army to stay put and behave, and then I left to see Jennifer—possibly for the last time.
Jennifer was pretending to be asleep when I came in.
“Wake up, Sleeping Beauty,” I whispered.
“Hey, Dad,” Jennifer said, smiling at me. She was happy to see me. I couldn’t help smiling back. She sat up.
“How was your day?”
Jennifer grimaced. “Boring. I wandered through hallways; I napped; I watched boring TV shows”—Jennifer point in the vague direction of the TV propped on the wall—“and they took a blood sample.”
Good thing I hadn’t been around for that. “It sounds riveting,” I commented dryly.
“Yeah. Riveting. Sure—it was tons of fun. If you’re someone who stares at gray walls all day and night and day, then yeah, this would be like riding the awesomest roller coaster on the planet.”
I laughed with her.
“Well, I made my decision.”
I was immediately tense. “And?”
“I take the vampire life.”
My heart swelled with happiness. My daughter and I would never lose each other.
And then my unbeating heart shrunk again, aching with dread. Jen would be in so much pain...
“When do the doctors let you leave?” I asked. That was the first priority. I couldn’t transform someone if there would be panics and questions. The Volturi would be looking for those kinds of reports, assuming they were looking for me, or an uprising.
Jennifer grimaced. “The nurse said if I was in good enough condition, I could be out of here in 36 hours. That was around eight.”
That was doable. The army had had its share of humans already; I had two weeks before I had to move them. “I’ll come back tomorrow night with a number to call; holler when you’re released.”
“Why can’t you come get me?”
“This is Wichita, Jen—people would notice if I went outside. Glittering skin is not human.” I grinned.
Jennifer grinned back, and then she sighed. “I guess you’re going now, aren’t you?”
“Love you, Dad.” Jen yawned.
“Sweet dreams, kiddo.” I tussled her hair, and left.

When I was back to the army, the air was filled with snarls and growls; they were panicky noises. Someone was attacking.
“What is going on?” I demanded in a hard, calm voice.
“There’s people here—but they’re not human,” Kimberly reported quietly.
“Make way,” I ordered. The vampires were quiet now; they backed to the sides, revealing four vampires in defensive crouches. Their eyes flared—gold. More hippies. Terrific.
“Ember, Alex, Jeremy,” I said, waving them to me. They took defensive stances on either side of me; Ember’s hands were twitching with her pyromania. “Who are you?” I barked. One of the hippies hissed in response.
A strawberry blonde took a half step forward. “I am Tanya,” she said tensely. “These are Kate, Eleazar, and Carmen.”
“How did you find us?”
Tanya spoke again; her voice was disgusted. “Twenty humans disappear—cover stories for five different local newspapers, and included in ten more newspapers. It’s not hard to deduce what happened. We could barely smell you all”—her tone turned puzzled—“there was the barest of scents... It didn’t make sense, though.”
Why hadn’t I realized that? The Volturi would be watching for more than just the single humans I recruited. I internally kicked myself for the idiocy. “We have our own means of staying hidden,” I growled, “What do you want?”
“We want to help,” piped up one of the others—Kate.
“What do you mean? What quarrel would you hippies have with—with anyone?”
Kate’s face hardened. “They have taken our family.” Each word was slow and distinct.
“The Volturi killed our mother and our sister,” Tanya explained.
I sighed, exasperated. “Do you have the patience to wait as long as it takes before our attack?”
“We are not children,” Kate spat. “We know how to be patient.”
“I am not going to convert my army—nor are you!”
Through gritted teeth, from Tanya, “We are used to tolerating the differences in eating habits. We just want to assist in the battle.”
“Are you sure you can tolerate this? The numbers are only going to grow.”
A volley of growls erupted from the foursome.
“Enough games!” the third woman—Carmen—said, speaking for the first time. “Do accept our offer or not?”
There was a strained moment of silence. My army stared, glancing back and for. I knew they must be more than a little confused by the exchange. I nodded at the hippies.
I counted the numbers in my head. The army, me, and the hippies added up fifteen soldiers. An unsatisfactory number, but promising.
I wasn’t going to spend anymore time in the US, though; as soon as Jen was going through transformation—I shuddered—we were leaving.
Keep up the GREAT work!!!
wow! its been long since you posted....

but it's worth the wait...


write more....


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