The Twilight Saga

By Minn
I could hear muffled grunts. I could feel futile thrashing. The human—Jeremy—was weightless in my arms. These humans were so easy to manipulate, to control. I hardly needed my talent for being in charge to make them see that I had the make them bend to my will.
Vampires weren’t as easy, their superior minds more resistant to manipulation. But even vampires, so much smarter and stronger and better than these beasts, could be manipulated. I had never failed in manipulation. My talent told me what to say and how to say it and how to move and act so that my target would know who was in charge. It was why my ancestors had chosen to trust me with this honorable task. They knew I was able.
I was so proud of this honor. My talent was proof that I was meant to be in charge of others. When the vile Italians had been destroyed—and we would leave no survivors; we would not spare any as they had spared the Romanians—I would be their third. I would be of their new coven, as well.
I recalled with perfect clarity that momentous night, the best night of my vampiric existence so far: the night Vladimir and Stefan had given me this task...
“You have quite an ability,” Vladimir told me.
I felt smug pride wash over me. Praise from these great ones was rare and kind.
“We have a task for you,” Stefan said. He looked into my eyes with a serious stare.
“It is not to be taken lightly,” Vladimir warned.
I waited for my task.
“It will not be easy,” Vladimir added.
I said nothing. My godly ancestors seemed satisfied that I understood what I was getting into.
“You have heard of the Volturi?” Stefan asked.
“Yes,” I said. “Powerful vampires, I believe. They keep the secret, no?”
“Many centuries ago, these vampires were not so powerful,” Vladimir said. “They came to our castle, where we, and a couple other vampires, dwelled and ruled. They attacked and killed nearly everyone that was our colleagues...our friends...our coven. They took over.”
What terrible people! I thought. How dare they humiliate my great ancestors!
I scowled to show my disapproval of this.
“Nathan,” Stefan said in a low voice. He stared straight into my eyes again. The three of us were stalk-still. “Nathan, we want you to destroy them. Go out and find a way to bring back our coven. We have taken a name as well—Romana.
“Roh-may-nuh?” I repeated, sounding out the word.
“Yes. It sounds similar to Romania, which is where our castle was and will be.”
“Taking down the Volturi will not be an easy task,” Vladimir said. “There are many guards dedicated to keeping their masters safe. But we have a few secrets to share.”
“Tell me what you can, and I swear I will find a way to bring them down,” I vowed.

My great ancestors had told me many things when I had thought of my plan: build an army, greater and better organized than those in the South. They had greatly approved of my plan. They had been so impressed. I had been so proud. I still was.
And here, my plan was progressing at a constant rate. I had a few, all with talents. All obedient to me. Emily, Alex, Ember, Kimberly, and Jeremy, now. I only had a few, but soon I would have more than the vile Volturi had.
I arrived at the campout at daybreak. My skin and my army’s skins glittered a little in the rising sun; when the sun had fully arrived, we would sparkle more brightly.
“Who is that?” Alex asked. Alex was a calm man. Not in the way I was, but he was behaved and quiet. I could see a bond between him and Kimberly growing slowly—both quiet, both small, in a way.
Ember got out of a stone chair she had formed with her hands, coming over for a closer look. Not that she needed to be closer to see better.
“This is Jeremy,” I told them. I set him down. He shook, tugging against the ropes, yelling against the duct tape. Tears watered his eyes.
So weak, so helpless. Physical pain causing tears. Ha, ha. Ridiculous.
I felt a squirm in my stomach, as if I was queasy. How peculiar. Because I wouldn’t feel queasy—it wasn’t in a vampire’s anatomy to throw up.
No, the squirm wasn’t queasiness. It was unease. I sensed something was wrong. What was it?
I remembered when Ember had been in pain. Emily--that merciful, silly child—had felt better when she had comforted Ember. And she had felt better comforting the others at they went through a painful change. I had offered to let her comfort Ember. She had requested to comfort Alex. She hadn’t said anything when she came to comfort Kimberly.
Why was Emily not coming to comfort this one?
I looked up, counting the vampires I saw. Alex, Kimberly, myself, Ember...
Where was Emily?
I scanned the area once more.
Emily was nowhere to be seen.
“Where is Emily?” I asked. Only ten seconds had passed since I’d answered Alex.
“She went to look for you,” Ember—annoying, temperamental pyromaniac--answered.
Went to look for me! The silly girl! Had she seriously wanted to come with me when I was going to change Jeremy? I’d said she couldn’t come as a little joke, I hadn’t thought she would actually like to come!
But...if she’d gone to look for me...why wasn’t she with me? It wasn’t like I’d tried to cover my scent.
“Why?” I asked Ember.
“She solved your riddle,” Ember explained. “She said you’d given her some sort of important puzzle or something and the minute she figured it out she had to find you. She said she’d figured out the puzzle, so she was going to find you and tell you.”
Puzzle? I gave her no puzzle. And if she had lied...
“Stay here,” I ordered them all. I could barely contain my worry and fury. “Kimberly—look after Jeremy until I’m back. Ember, if the transformation is complete before I return, keep him under control but don’t burn him to death, do you understand?”
“I understand,” Ember said. Kimberly flitted to Jeremy’s side, taking his hand and murmuring words of reassurance.
I took a deep breath, finding Emily’s floral scent, layered with rain and forest. Her scent was so nature-ry.
The scent trailed northward. I sped off in that direction, following it as it curved eastward, towards—
The coast.
Beyond the Atlantic ocean was Europe...Italy...Volterra...
The Volturi. Was Emily going to expose us?
No, no, no.
I pushed my legs faster. I had to catch up with her. I had to stop her.
Perhaps destroy her.
But then her scent rounded south, towards the outskirts of the town I was in. I hadn’t been paying attention to street signs, so I didn’t know where I was. I guessed at the west border of New Hampshire.
But suddenly, at about the same moment Emily’s trail had turned south, there was another scent, stronger, layered with different vampires.
Seven vampires’ scents, plus Emily’s.
I stopped. I inspected the scents that were embedded in the road. It seemed the vampires had been here frequently.
There was something funny about the scent. I inhaled again, examining the strange odor. ..
Animals. Vegetarian vampires—I’d heard of these freaks. Talk about hippies!
But I knew of only two covens of these hippies. And one of them had seven vampires. Vampires that could fight, that had experience, that were protective. If Emily had gained their protection, I could not get her back.
I followed the scent—it was much, much stronger now—and then I saw the house. It was a large house. I could hear many vampires inside. Just then I heard one vampire say, “I can control emotions.”
I heard footsteps, and a small, black-haired female vampire stared out—no, she was glaring fiercely—the window.
Her facial expression gave a clear message: I know who you are, and we can destroy you. Get away from us and stay away.
Defeat. I could not get to Emily. She had gained their protection.
I looked the tiny vampire in the eyes. I nodded reluctantly. I backed away, turned, and sped back to my army. Away from the traitor.
Why did this happen? I asked my talent.
My talent told me, Emily did not want to fight.
But why, then, had you said I should tell her why she was a vampire? I said to my talent.
My manipulative talent seemed to shrug within me. I made a mistake. I’m not perfect.
I growled at myself.

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What an amazing start to a story. Keep writing. This storu will be great and so interesting!
If you've read the most recent chapter of Her Blood Relatives, killing Nathan is mentioned; Edward explains that there's too many complications involved with killing Nathan.
And technically, Nathan didn't make Emily kill her mom. That was just really bad timing on Renee's part.
Yeah but still, he came under their window. In front of their house. Besides, how serious can those complications be? Romanians are in hidding and not much of a threat. Certainlly not to Cullens. Still, they might inform Volturi about Nathan, Romanians and their plans...

And he did make her kill Renee. He brought a newborn into her house. He could have just kill her himself.
Look at it this way: if they hadn't let Nathan go, this story wouldn't exist. Have you ever noticed in a movie where they do something stupid, or over complicate the problem in the movie? If they take the simple, obvious way to in the problem, the story has no plot.
And here's the complications: (1) Revenge is never a good idea. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. And revenge won't bring Renee back. (2) If they HAD killed Nathan, Vladimir and Stefan would have eventually heard about it and done the Revenge thing I mentioned earlier. The Cullens really aren't interested in a war. I WOULD tell you the third complication, but I'm worried it might be a spoiler. But now you know: there's three complications, and I've explained two of them.
I agree had they killed him now this story wouldn't exist. Or at least not in this form. Romanians would still have a half formed army so they might find someone else to lead it.

As for complications #1 and #2... not really a complications. They had to kill Nathan sooner or later anyway, and Romanians will come after them if they ever succeed in taking down Volturi. And they might not be able to defend themseves then. And Cullens should know that. So that made those two complications irrelevant. I don't know what your complication #3 is so I can't comment on that.

But in either case, Cullens [and both vampire and human worlds in general] is alot better with Volturi in-charge than it would ever be with Romanians. So for their own sake, Cullens can't allow Romanians plan to succeed. Besides, Volturi are NOT the bad guys, Romanians are.
How do you know who would be a better ruler? In Meyer's books we really didn't get a good look at what the Romanians are like (we definitely got a show of what the Volturi is like: power hungry, treating vampires' gifts like toys or acquisitions to be made) . Or, if you're going by how the Romanians were painted in Lynn's The Volturi Saga, how do you know that's how they'll rule this time? It's possible they figured out that the way they were ruling the first time would have inevitably caused an uproar/revolution/whatever you want to call it. The fact that is was the Volturi they may now consider a coincidence or something like that. Obviously democracy isn't really going to bring the Romanians back to power; vampires wouldn't vote for them...or anyone....Anyway, it is possible the Romanians are going to be less like greedy Medieval kings.
I love a good debate....
No, I'm actually going by Meyer's books. And what was said and shown there. And by that, Volturi are alot better rulers than Romanians was or will ever be.

Volturi are seen as Villains and Evil because that is how they are seen by Bella. But that's not what they are... well, Caius might be called that but not Aro and certainly not Marcus. And it's certainly not true of the Guard [yes, Jane is bitter and pissed but she got every right to feel that, I'd be alot worse if I had to live through what she did]. Yes, Aro is calculated and a bit paranoid [which I guess goes with teritory] but in the end he will allways do what is best for Volturi and vampire world in general.

Volturi, for all their faults were good rulers: they keep vampire population in check making to ensure secrecy, they almost exterminated Werewolfs who were menace to both humans and vampires, they do everything they could to ensure safety and secrecy of their world. Sure, their rules might seem cruel but they are neccessary. And even their attempt to destroy Cullens was justified. As you could see from reactions of everyone that remember Imortal Children. Ever their final attempt could be justified... at that point Nessie was unknown that might endangered their entire existance.

And you're right, we didn't get a good look at what they are like... but what we did get is more than enough to see what they are and how they would act if they ever return to power: the same as last time!
I don't actually think Meyer ever said anything about how the Romanians ruled. I'm going to check.

It's true that Bella's opinion of them wasn't perfect, but I don't think the Volturi are awesome rulers. Jane isn't bitter, she's sadistic. I really haven't read an explanation for that in Meyer's books, but maybe I'm forgetting something. Caius is....weird. I don't know why, but Caius really wanted a fight in Breaking Dawn. If it's how much he loves justice, or he really did think Nessie was a problem. then that just makes him paranoid. (Like you said, it goes with the territory; I agree.) But Aro...Edward heard it in Aro's head, that Aro was determined to find some crime that the Cullens committed.

I agree, the Volturi had some bad things and some good things, but while we have a bit of info on the Romanians' personalities, we don't have any stories in Meyer's books about how they had ruled, and therefore we truly don't actually know how they would rule this time, or even if they would rule just like last time...When you say "the same as last time" when referring to how they would rule, what exactly is 'the last time'?

Back to what I said about complications before: I truly believe that Complication #1, An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, is a complication. That saying could be identified as a value, or a philosophy; you could even call it religion. We've seen it before in Chapter Twenty: Compromise of Eclipse that Edward wants to make sure Bella's able to get into Heaven, which is reason enough to get Edward to stop Bella from killing Nathan.

If you think about Midnight Sun, I'm sure Edward would like to do nothing better than to destroy Nathan for essentially killing Renee. But if you think about that from Midnight Sun, you also have to remember that Edward believes Bella deserves better than a killer. So--there's Edward's reason for not shredding Nathan. Bella, as we've seen, hasn't been the most violent of people on the planet. She may have her moments, and her Newborn Vampires moments, but I don't think she is violent enough to go hunt down Nathan.

And about Complication #2: Vladimir and Stefan alone wouldn't be a problem. So yeah, killing Nathan wouldn't be a problem. But the Cullens are rational people. How do they know if Vladimir and Stefan are alone? How do they know Vladimir and Stefan aren't training vampires as well, to hurry the preparations? Granted, they're not, but the Cullens don't know that.

Also: Spur of the moment decisions can be disastrous. Sure, they had a perfect opportunity to kill Nathan when he came to the house, but what if, for some unfathomable reason, regretted the impulse to kill later? Who knows what could have happened if they had ended Nathan then and there?

I've been thinking about it, and I decided Complication #3 wouldn't be a spoiler after all. Complication #3 was concerning telling on Nathan, going to the Volturi. First--I really don't think the Cullens would have lots of fun dropping in for a visit with the Volturi, if you know what I mean. Second--you never want to get in the middle of political wars. Picking a side means that if the other side wins, you lose and most likely die. So going to the Volturi about Nathan has a 50% chance of being suicidal. Granted that Nathan doesn't have a good chance of defeating the Volturi at the moment, but still.
How they ruled the first time arround [excerpt from Breaking Dawn]: “We sat still for a very long time, child,” Vladimir had answered, with Stefan nodding along but not continuing Vladimir’s sentences as he often did. “Contemplating our own divinity. It was a sign of our power that everything came to us. Prey, diplomats, those seeking our favor. We sat on our thrones and thought ourselves gods. ..." And from the rest of the book it's made more or less clear they miss those times and would love to have them back. They'd love to be gods once more and have people worship them like they once did... they don't realize world had changed drastically over last 1.500 years.

As for your Complication #3... sure, picking a side mean that if other side win you most likely die. But not picking a side is equally dangerous. You say that going to the Volturi about Nathan has a 50% chance of being suicidal, well NOT going to the Volturi about Nathan also have a 50% chance of being suicidal if Nathan fail...

The moment they found out about Nathan's plot to destroy Volturi they were forced to pick a side... they became involved in political struggle. And there is one big difference: Volturi won't go after them if they win. Romanians will... because they won't repeat the same mistake they did last time they were in power by ignoring those who can destroy them. And who said anything about going to Voltera... they could inform Aro by phone, letter or some similar mean of communication.

As for Jane... no it was never said in the books, but SM did give an explanation for Jane's behavior. And her loyalty to Volturi. She and Alec were charged and sentenced to be burned alive on a stake for witchcraft... a charge that was, like almost all others completely bogus. And they were burned alive... Aro saved them at final moment [after killing everyone in their village], but they were both so bady injured that changing them was his only option [that is why they look 12-14]. And that is why their gifts took form they did: Jane wanted everyone present to feel what she is and Alec wanted to spare his sister from pain. So Jane create an illusion of pain [she actually make you feel the pain that she felt while burning on stake] and Alec take away the sense of pain together with all other senses.

This chapter gets a little PG on the hunt. Just warning ya.
Travel Plans
“Friends. Come.”
Three vampires came. They looked at me curiously, probably wondering about the partially subdued anger in my voice.
“Emily is dead,” I lied perfectly.
Kimberly and Alex gasped; Ember did not react. She and Emily had never had a strong relationship.
“Emily is a traitor. She left to find vampires to destroy us. I killed her.”
Kimberly sank slowly to the ground. Alex kneeled and hugged her.
“Serves her right,” Ember muttered.
“Yes, it does,” I agreed. “Let her be an example for all. Betrayal will not be tolerated.”
Ember muttered something. I didn’t catch all of it; it sounded like, “...never be tolerated.”
Kimberly moaned a little. “She seemed so nice,” she mumbled. Alex hugged her tighter.
I walked past them to stand over Jeremy. I had only been gone an hour or so. He still writhed in pain...pathetic.
Emily wasn’t that vital, I told myself. Sure, her practicality, her temper-keeping, had been nice. But how would that help in a war? And her talents in plants weren’t that crucial.
Except that that was one less vampire on my side. And she was a liability...while not under my control, how did I know she wouldn’t alert the Volturi to my plans?
So I would have to be more watchful. I would have to keep my coven mobile, to lessen the chance of being found by Volturi hunters.
We wouldn’t wait until Jeremy was done changing.
In a distracted part of my mind, I wondered if Jeremy would be so ridiculously weak, weeping at physical pain, when he was immortal...physical pain was nothing, if you knew loss...the distracted part of my thoughts wandered into a black well of memories that were too painful to recall. Memories—no, images of a child, eleven years old, curly, shiny, brown hair, hazel eyes, freckles on her nose...a carefree smile of young ones, ignorant to the horrors of the world...images of a teenager, fifteen years old, the same features, eight inches taller, a dimpled grin still on her lovely face...images of an adult, twenty years old, the smile gone from her face, the tan skin paled with weakness, with mortality, a beeping monitor wired to her chest, forever comatose...
I wrenched the distracted part of me, which had grown larger, away from that train of thought, shuddering, back to the problems at hand. We would carry Jeremy to a new location. Perhaps we could search Central America; the east coast was getting old, and a little dangerous. I mapped out America in my head, examining the states nearby. I decided we would search Ohio for a recruit or two.
The sun rose higher. There was no cloud cover today, and while we were by a lake that people swam in, we were a big, shiny sign that said over here! Look at me! Look at me! Which, normally, would be a completely effortless way to get breakfast. But it was also a completely effortless way to get caught by other vampires.
So. Breakfast, and then we would leave.
But how to carry out this plan? I couldn’t leave Jeremy here, alone, nor could I bring him on a hunting trip, where my less-in-control vampires were letting go of themselves, giving into their senses. Nor could I stay here and let them go on their own. It was a dilemma, and I saw no solution. But in such solutions, I always had a word of advice for myself.
When in doubt, turn to the talent.
That is exactly what I did; I turned my questions inwardly, aiming them at myself, my power.
Kimberly? my power suggested. Her control is not as good as Emily’s was, but she can restrain herself for a few hours while you take the others, and then take her.
It was a good idea. I praised myself.
“Kimberly,” I said. She was sitting on the ground still, her head in Alex’s lap, her face still horrified from the news about Emily.
Her eyes flickered to me. She didn’t sit up. But she was listening.
“Can you keep yourself in check for a few hours if I leave you to babysit Jeremy alone?”
Kimberly’s eyebrows raised in surprise. She sat up, keeping her hand woven in with Alex’s.
“I think so,” she said.
“Think? I need you to know so, Kimberly.” I stared her straight into her eyes. She cringed a little.
“I can do it. I’ll just hold my breath if it gets too bad,” Kimberly said.
“Then the rest of you will come with me for breakfast. Kimberly, when we’re back, I’ll take you for food.”
Ember made a disgusted noise. “We don’t need a chaperone to find a human to eat, Nathan. It’s not that hard: smell and find the human, grab the human, bite the--”
Ember broke off as I turned to give her a fierce, double barrel stare. She flinched very visibly, and succumbed.
“Let’s go,” I growled at the others.
“Couldn’t I stay with Kimberly?” Alex asked.
“No, I’m fine, Alex,” Kimberly mumbled. “Go on. Don’t worry.”
I started to run to the town, to Beartown. Alex and Ember followed silently. The humans we had killed so far, and Jeremy, were not thought to be missing yet. No one had noticed their absences yet.
We found three humans as they left a bar—two girls and a boy. They laughed drunkenly; I could smell the alcohol in their blood. It was a slight turn off.
“Well look at that!” one of the girls laughed excitedly, too drunk to fear us.
“Hello,” I said, my voice alluring. The girl’s mouth fell open at the sound of it.
She recovered quickly—well, quickly for a human—and smiled in what she probably thought was an alluring way.
“Hey, hon. My name’s Olivia. You wanna come home with me?”
“Naw, ‘course he don’t,” scoffed Olivia’s friend, stepping forward. Her eyes flickered to Ember, and then to Alex. Her eyes stayed there. “You can have him, actually. Dibs on that one.” She took a few steps forward in a hesitant beeline towards Alex.
Ember took a few steps forward, towards them. Her eyes were fixed hungrily on the male. The three of us began to close the distance.
“Hey, sugar,” drawled the male. “Name’s Ray.”
Ember grinned.
I grabbed Olivia’s hand; she giggled. In my peripheral vision I could see Ember holding Ray by the wrists, and Alex was walking ever closer to his victim.
“Hey,” the girl said to him. “I’m Jen.”
A spasm of pain shot through me at the name. Her name. It was more recognizable tonight, since the memories were fresh. I thought again of her, in a coma, and felt weak.
But I shoved the memories back into their well, where they were hidden from light, and focused on Olivia. I leaned in, pressing my lips to her neck. I inhaled her scent, heavy with alcohol, the perfume on her pulse, and...Well, that was what her blood smelled like. Alcohol and perfume. Typical. I opened my mouth and pressed my teeth into her skin, until blood poured into my mouth, moist and delicious. I’ve had more appealing blood, but the taste was not terrible. The flow of the blood was lovely; venom poured into my mouth, into the wound, like and exchange: blood for venom. An unequal trade, I thought wryly, and she would never relish the gift of the venom.
Our meal over, we headed back to where Kimberly and Jeremy waited. Kimberly had her eyes closed tight and wasn’t breathing. I ordered Alex to look after Jeremy, and then escorted Kimberly into the town.
I waited in the shadows while Kimberly fed on a homeless man she’d found in an alleyway. She was done quickly, and we returned within an hour.
“We’re leaving at sundown,” I told them all.
“Why?” Ember asked, surprised. “We’ve never moved while someone’s been burning.”
“There’s a first time for everything, Ember.” I snapped. My patience was wearing.
oooooooooooooooo his pissed! hahah i just relized Alex is the name of my best guy friend ^_^
WOW!!! I was wondering what happened to the rest of the army! I hope the Cullens called Aro to ... Wait which side should we root for anyway???!



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