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This is the Newer Edition of my story From a Princess to a Vampyre's Slave Story. My sister looked it over and added more detail like only she could so I hope you guys like it. We are going to be adding the chapters improved one by one. Please be a little more patient. With love from your writer Delaney.


Here is Chapter 1



Ok i know it looks crowded but here is all of the people. The girl in the middle is (Of course) Rashel. The little boy is Tommy. The man on the top left corner is Derrick. The man on the top right corner is Darren. The girl under Darren is Kate and the girl under Derrick is Iris. Iris is the one with the words written on her. I thought that was supposed to be what they looked like (well close). I hope you like it!!!!


Thank you so much!



Chapter 1

Rashel's POV

Stealth was critical to my escape. I quietly peer through my doorway as I await the changing of the guards. I see tall and imposing James begin his usual conversation with Peter, whom he is set to replace in a minutes time. My small window of opportunity will last but seconds and I hold my breath as the seconds slowly tick by. I stand there watching them gossip like school girls and I want so badly to roll my eyes, but don’t dare. James turns to lead Peter out the main hallway and my chance has arrived. I quietly steal from my bedroom and quickly make my way to the other end of the hallway that leads to the servant’s stairway. When I reach the door I flatten myself against the wall and silently will my heart to slow down. I sneak a peek around the corner and see James standing at his post.

I can’t help the smile that spreads across my face at the success of my first and possibly most difficult part of my plan. I couldn’t be sure that James hadn’t noticed me but the uniform I had stolen from my maid’s room was an obvious advantage. It practically made me invisible in my own house which, I must say is rather refreshing. After all, life as a princess wasn’t exactly one of privacy. I can never seem to find a moment’s peace for one reason or another and am almost always being watched. Except for moments like this. I was allowed ninety minutes of time to myself, which lucky for me happened to start just before my body guards changed shifts.

Now that the difficult part was done, everything else would be a piece of cake and I know that I’ll be out of my mansion-sized prison in but a few minutes. I reached the bottom of the stairs and slipped out the back door. I made my way over to the “secret” back gate that was only known to the family for dire emergencies.  Anticipation filled up inside me to the point that I almost began skipping. I bit back an unexpected giggle as I go through the gate.

I looked up and down the street and saw no one. I grabbed the bag I had placed behind the tall brush in front of the secret door and begin taking off the uniform. I take out my regular “civilian” clothes and slip them on. Jeans and a blue t-shirt that read “You Wish I Was Your Princess” in bold black letters. This time I laughed out loud at the irony of it. God knew I hated being a princess.  Nobody seemed to understand my intense need for just a tad bit of normalcy.

Okay, yeah I get it, I’m royalty, but nobody who was normal knew that. I’m a princess of a long forgotten family line of vampyre slayers. Only, the angst between vampyres and my people had died out, for the most part that is, about fifty years ago. My father had instated a law against slayings just after I was born which ended up resulting in a betrothal between me and the son of a vampyre aristocrat. But I didn’t want to think about that right now. I just wanted to get away from my sheltered life for just an hour. One blissful hour of being a nobody who can blend into a crowd and go unnoticed. The most wonderful and unappreciated thing in the world.

Finally dressed I began making my way toward the city. It was only a good mile away and I was a pretty fast walker and could get there in a few minutes time. My parents would take me into the city when I was little and show me around but once I was older they thought it was too dangerous for me to go and had no inclination of going themselves. They had no desire to “mix and mingle with commoners.” Yeah, my parents were total snobs. At least towards others who were not “our people” or the vampyres. Actually, my father had a lot of respect for the vampyres. There were no other beings in the world that came close to our power and strength, so it wasn’t really any wonder that he had agreed upon a marriage to permanently unionize our two societies.

I could see the lights of the city getting closer and my anticipation and excitement were colliding inside me, both fighting for a chance to surface. My exhilarating feelings were stuttered as I saw a figure walking on the side of the road up ahead. It was definitely male by the look of his body but I couldn’t really tell anything else. He noticed me when I was about twenty yards away.

“Hey!” he called out.

“Hi…” I answered hesitantly.

“I’ve been hoping someone would come by for over an hour. I’m having trouble with my car; it’s just down the road.” He gestured with a thumb over his shoulder. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about cars would you?”

I laughed. “No, I’m sorry. I know absolutely nothing about cars.” I continued heading toward my destination which was apparently in the direction of this man’s car. As I got closer, more details of the man’s appearance came into view. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a white button down shirt. His hair was short and dark brown, maybe black. As I finally came level with him, I could see that his eyes were hazel. He was without a doubt attractive, but not my type. “Sorry,” I tell him. I continue walking past him but he fell into step beside me.

“It’s okay,” he said in a silky voice. “Are you lost?”

“Uh, no. I’m just heading to the city,” I nod my head in the direction I’m going.

“Would you like some company?”

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise with instinctual warning. “Um, no, I’m okay. Sorry I can’t help you.” I sped up my pace only to be held back as a rough hand gripped my wrist in a vice. He turned me around roughly and I was face-to-face with this unnamed man whose handsome features were contorted into cruel lines.

My body immediately stiffened into a defensive position despite his shackle of a grasp that was painfully closed around my wrist. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Let me go!” I roughly pull my arm toward my body as I try to wrench it out of his tight grasp but only succeed in my assailant tightening his grip. He grabs my other wrist and I begin to try to kick him but he subdues me with a strategic swipe kick. I’m swept off my feet and fall to the ground heavily, hitting my head against the concrete sidewalk. My head throbs as my vision comes in and out of focus as my attacker stands over me. All I see is a dark silhouette and brilliantly white teeth shining out of the darkness. A sinister chuckle floated on the night air.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to talk to strangers?” was the last thing I heard before everything went black.


Darren's POV

I was driving home from another exhausting day of time spent with my tedious family. All they could talk about was my brother and his impending marriage to his “beautiful” fiancé whom I had yet to meet. I can’t see what all the fuss is about. The stupid girl was human. The only thing humans were good for was food and to do a vampyre’s bidding. Then again, I suppose those qualities in a wife could be desirable. Either way, it truly was tragic that my brother was willing to settle down with someone so beneath his notice. He could do so much better. Anyone of our kind would be a better choice than some stupid snack.

Speaking of snacks, I began thinking of what awaited me back at home. My  two lovely slaves; Kate and Iris. Kate was an ethereal beauty with green eyes and blonde hair and a wispy frame. Iris on the other hand was a complete contrast with voluptuous curves in all the right places and a head of black hair and dark brown eyes. I had acquired my delectable blood slaves from a human slave trader for my kind, named Alex. He had the best black market products in the biz. His customers could request preferences for gender, height, eye and hair color, weight, and age and he always delivered the goods. Alex’s customer satisfaction was a top priority.

How long had I had Kate and Iris now? Six months? And I have to say, I’ve been deeply satisfied with my purchases. I had heard of vampyres taking blood slaves but had enjoyed the excitement and spontaneity in the hunt. However, the more I thought of it, what vampyre didn’t have a night of needing a good drink but not really feeling in the mood to go out? So, through my extensive sources, I was able to locate the rumored best slave trader, which brought me to Alex.  As I pulled into my driveway, I thought of the two lovelies that would be waiting for me just on the other side of the door. I could use a good drink but which would I indulge in tonight? Perhaps both? Ah, but I don’t usually like to mix blood.

The leather squeaked as I pivoted my body out of my convertible Porche Carrera GT. I walked up to the door and the door opened of its own volition before I could even make a move to reach for the doorknob. The door swung open revealing Kate. At the sight of her I had expected to feel my hunger pleasurably pique but found I was distastefully disappointed. I began to wonder if there was something different about her that would cause my hunger to suddenly become almost non-existent, but sensed no difference. I was obviously hungry for a little of Iris tonight.

“I’ll be retiring in my study. Send Iris to me,” I told her brusquely.

“Yes Master,” she replied docilely keeping her eyes glued to the floor. She knew better than to look at me. However despite her outward appearance, I could well sense her jealously at having decided on feeding on Iris. A smirk formed on my lips at her irrational emotion.

I had only just seated myself behind my desk when Iris appeared at the door, her hands folded in front of her. Just like Kate her appearance was passive but her excitement on being chosen was like a golden aura surrounding her. “Come here,” I said noncommittally.

She was quick on her feet and by my side in less than five seconds. However as she neared, I felt my fangs throb only slightly. Not in the mood for any prolonged feeding tonight with the knowledge that my appetite would not be sufficiently satiated, I grabbed Iris with my lightning fast movements and willed my fangs to elongate. As my teeth met her overly excited vein a moan escaped her mouth and I fed.

My feeding was less than a minute, dissatisfied as I was. I just didn’t find Kate and Iris as stimulating as I had when I had first acquired them.

Iris was still in my arms breathing quick uneven pants her eyes closed well after my lips had left her throat. I put her in a standing position out of my lap beside me. “Leave me. I’m done with you for tonight.”

“But Master…” she began pleading pathetically.

I favored her with my severest glare. “You dare contradict me?”

Fear readily entered her eyes as she frantically shook her head, keeping her mouth firmly shut.

“Now leave me.”

She scurried to the door like a frightened mouse. Just as she was about to close to the door I called her back, “Iris.”

“Yes Master?” she asked hope shining clear in her eyes.

“Ready a bedroom by tomorrow night.”

She curtsied in assent and closed the door silently. I leaned back in my chair sliding my tongue across my retracted fangs. “I’m craving a new flavor,” I thought to myself. I wonder if Alex has any good merchandise ready on hand. I really don’t care to put in an order. There was no telling how long it would take to come in. Hopefully he had something appetizing readily available, otherwise I just might have to find myself a new vendor. “I suppose I better give him a heads up,” I mused aloud.


Alex's POV


I knocked the girl clean off her feet and she hit her head roughly against the pavement. “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to talk to strangers?” I asked in my most menacing voice. There was a satisfying flash of fear in her eyes before she lost consciousness and I felt a rush of satisfaction and happiness at my good fortune tonight. I picked up the nameless girl and used my unnatural speed to quickly get her back to my van lest someone drive by and happen upon us. I laid her down in the back on the old gym mat I had back there and tied her hands behind her back in case she woke up prematurely. I shut the door with a satisfying slam and got in on the driver’s side and starting up the engine.

Who would have thought I would have found such a nice young piece of merchandise idly making her way toward the city? I was expecting some low class hooker or perhaps a street bum but instead I had been gifted with a grade “A” good. She was definitely a beauty. She was rather short at only about five-feet, four inches but a lot of vampyres preferred short women. Her hair was long and a dark mass of bouncy curls though I couldn’t be sure were brown or black in this light. Not that that mattered really. Her eyes I had noticed immediately. They were the color of the deepest ocean, like a sapphire. She had a nice body as well. She was rather skinny but still had small curves to suggest that she was just on the verge of womanhood. The most popular age group for human females. Yes, there was no doubt that she would sell extremely fast and bring a hefty sum.

With me being in such a fantastic mood, the drive home seemed a lot shorter that I knew it was which only lifted my spirits further. After arriving, I stepped out of the van and went to the back to retrieve the new slave. When I lifted her and placed her over my shoulder she groaned as she started to come to. Shoot, she’s going to wake up in the next couple of minutes. No time to waste then. I sped to the house and was inside the in less than two seconds.

“Isabella!” I bellowed loudly. She ran out of the kitchen her eyes wide. “Take her and put her with the others,” I ordered roughly,  as flipped the girl over my shoulder and held her out like a rag doll.

“Y-y-yes sir,” she stuttered, her voice in the annoyingly high pitch I hated to hear. There was nothing for it though. That was simply her volume when she was terrified. I watched as she grabbed a hold of the girl and struggled with supporting her weight. She began to half drag, half carry her like a large sack of potatoes in the direction of the basement and I couldn’t help rolling my eyes at the weakness of humans.

Afraid that she might end up dropping the girl and causing damage to her I decided to follow her to make sure no harm came to such a valuable piece of merchandise. Once in the basement, (surprisingly enough, Isabella was able to get the job done with no harm to the body), she shackled the girl next a young boy I had kidnapped from a car a few weeks ago. Ignorant parents imagining their child was safe in a car that was locked. Stupid humans.

The boy cringed into the wall scared as I stared at him. I was about to give him a real reason to be scared of me when my cell phone began to go off. I growled at being interrupted from my fun when I saw it was one of my VIP customers.

I quickly answered. “How can I help you Darren?” I asked in my most pleasant voice.

“Ah Alex. I find myself itching for another one of your delectable pieces to grace my home.”

“What a coincidence my lord, for I have just acquired a new slave that you may very well be interested in purchasing. There is no doubt that she is the new jewel of my selection. Although all my slaves are good choices, of course.”

“Sounds promising. I’ll be there at noon tomorrow.” I heard the phone click as he ended the line.

I grinned as I began ascending the steps of the basement and made my way to my private quarters. Oh the money that I’ll receive for that deliciously ripe girl I’d plucked right off the street! I enter my bedroom and I’m greeted by a scared and trembling Angela. How could I have forgotten my nightly feeding?

“Hello Angela. Lucky for you, I’m in an exceedingly good mood tonight. So my feeding just might feel pleasant for you. No promises though.”She began to cry silently as I advanced on her, my fangs elongating and throbbing with anticipation with each tear that rolled down her beautiful cheek.  




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