The Twilight Saga

Chapter One
-Bella's POV

Well, things have been going pretty great about my life as a vampire and a Cullen. Renesmee and Jake have been going pretty well. But it has been about 4 years since the Volturi's misunderstanding and Renesmee doesn't look 4, she looks like she's 17. And Charlie hasn't seen Renesmee in forever since Edward and I were going to Dartmouth and the whole family, including Jacob, moved over there. So, college at Dartmouth is over and we are going back to Forks for a while. But that means if Charlie wants to see Nessie, Renesmee, he's going to have to know about us vampires. Jake says that he can probably handle it since he saw Jake phase into a werewolf. But my family and I have a different assumption since this is my own human father.

We just got to Forks today: April 2 and it's Charlie's birthday. He wants us to come over to celebrate, and I should mention he wants the WHOLE family to go over to his place. So today, Charlie's birthday, Edward, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Emmet, Rosalie, Alice, Jacob, Nessie, and I have to tell Charlie about our.....existence.

I'm sitting on the floor in the ginormous closet of my family's, Edward, Nessie, and my own, cottage when i hear someone enter it. "Bella? Love, come on we have to go break the news to Charlie now," Edward had informed me. I didn't respond. "Bella I know this will be hard for you. It'll be for all of us. Charlie would've found out sooner or later." "I know that but......I know he's going to go absolutely insane for God knows how long!" I told him. "Well,love, today is the day we have to tell him and everyone is waiting for us," he said impatiently. "Fine," i grumbled

When we got to the front yard of the big house, Rosalie was waiting for me with Esme, Alice, and Nessie in her red BMW convertible. Rosalie and I had become more of friends for these past years and our friendship is going strong. I climbed in the car and we were on our way to Charlie's place.
We pulled up to the driveway and Charlie was on the porch waiting for us with a shocked expression when he saw Nessie. Well, it was time.

Chapter 2

I slowly, and gracefully, walked up the front porch steps of Charlie's house. I gave him a long birthday hug why everyone else did the same. When Nessie went up to hug him he shockingly hugged her. We all went inside and spread out in the living room and kitchen."Ch-Dad, we all have a very important and shocking secret to tell you," I said slowly. " Well what is it?"he asked.

"Charlie listen, like Jacob had told you this isn't the world you think you're in. You see.....we, everyone including Bella;Renesmee;and myself, are vampires," Carlisle explained before anyone else.
Ha!!!! This is a joke,right? And by the way, where is Nessie?" Charlie responded. "Dad, this"-I gestured toward Nessie-"is Nessie. She grew at a fast pace when Edward and I were attending Dartmouth. So, like Carlisle said, we are all,well, vampires."

"What did you just say? That you were......vampires!!! That is absolutely insane!!! Bells, how? Why? When?"he asked. "Charlie, I have been a vampire since 1901. So a long time. Carlisle is about 367 years old and I think you get the picture," Edward said.

We sat in silence for the next few moments. Finally, I broke the silence," Dad? Are you okay?" "I'm fine Bells. It's think that my daughter,son-in-law,and granddaughter are vampires along with the rest of the family. Bella just answer me this one question," Charlie said. "Yes?" I asked. " How long have you been a vampire?"he asked. "Well, ever since I gave birth to Nessie, actually," I answered. " Oh, okay that makes me feel a lot better."

For the rest of the time we were at Charlie's house, I showed Nessie, Rosalie, Esme, and everyone else who wanted to see my old room, my old room. While Charlie asked everyone,Carlisle and me for the most part, about vampires.

Rosalie, Nessie, Esme, Alice and I sat on my old bed and chatted for a while. And then Alice had a vision that the guys, all of them, were about to unleash a war of silly string on us. So, it was convenient that I had some cans of silly string in one of the drawers. We hurried up and hid. About 2 seconds later, they all barged in the room."Where the hell did they go?" Emmett,Edward, Jasper, and Jacob said at the same time. Then on a very quiet count to 3, we jumped out and sprayed them with the silly string. Within 5 seconds, I was in Edward's arms and he aimed the silly string can at my head.
"You wouldn't," I said nervously. " Oh yeah? Watch me." But just then, Alice told us to shut the hell up.

"What is it Alice?" everyone said except Charlie and me because I was explaining the extra powers stuff to him. "They're coming.They're coming.Crap!!!! Why the hell are they coming!!!????"she said."Who," everyone said. "The Volturi. They're coming."

-Chapter 3-BPOV

We all sat in shocked silence for the moment. "Who are these Volturi?" Charlie asked. "They are the oldest vampire family in history. They are also the reason for Alice and Bella's sudden leaving a few years ago, Carlisle explained.

"WAIT!!!!! The Volturi said that they wouldn't come back to bother us-you-oh whatever. So, what is their reason for coming?"Jacob said.
"I don't know mongrel! Didn't you here me say:'Why the hell are they coming!!??" Alice snarled at him.
"When did you see these Volturi last and what do they look like?" Charlie asked after several more minutes of silence. "Well, Char-Dad, we saw them about 3 months before us leaving. And they look like several old men and there are few that are young women," I said.
"Oh my God. Charlie! Where did you see them?!" Edward asked anxiously. "What are you talking about Edwa-wait, those were the Volturi who were walking around outside?"Charlie asked in disbelief.
"HE SAW THE VOLTURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!" everyone said except Edward and Charlie.

"Yes. Right before we showed up,actually," Edward said in a calm voice. "We must take him somewhere safe at once," Nessie said. "No Nessie. I have to take him alone. Demetri can't track me. And we'll set up a false trail like we did with Victoria and the newborns," I whispered.
"Bella-"Esme began.
"No," Alice cut her off."It just might work if we're doing this on the same path the whole time," she finished. Edward had an anxious look on his face while looking at me. I could tell he was not very enthusiastic about my idea-again."Bella, I'm not going to let you take him alone," Edward said on a disapproving tone. "I agree,Bella.You could get killed for all I know,"Charlie said. We all started cracking up laughing, and Charlie just had a shocked expression.

"Charlie,you obviously knew about us being immortals. But you didn't know that we're indestructible?" Emmett asked. "No I didn't. I just found out today ya know. So I obviously don't know everything," Charlie said. "Well until we figure out when they're coming, let's just go back to normal," Carlisle suggested.

We acted like we went back to normal, but boy did we worry like we were going to hell.

Chapter 4-BPOV

We were all worried about the Volturi suddenly dropping in, but what was there that we could do about it? Nothing, that's what. All we did was sit around and wait for Alice to see something while one of us was with Charlie at all times.

I was at our house when we heard 3 quick raps on the door.

I jumped up and ran to the door. It was Edward and Charlie.......with Renee and Phil. My face would've been red with anger if I was still human but I just stood there speechless.

"Oh! Bella honey I've missed you so much!!! This is a wonderful surprise isn't it?!" my mother said ready to burst into tears." Hi Bella," Phil said. I was the only one home, refusing to hunt in case Edward and Charlie came back with news. I figured Alice hadn't seen this coming since she's been looking for the Volturi's return.

"Mom, why are-wait let me guess Phil is traveling here for a while. Am i right?" I asked. " Well, yeah you are right Bella," Phil answered. They came inside and sat down. We chatted for a while and then Edward and I went into the kitchen.

"What are we supposed to tell them when everyone comes back and they ask who Renesmee is!?" I whispered to him. "Easy, we'll tell them she's Carlisle's niece," he answered. "Oh, right. Charlie knew she was mine right when he saw her eyes. So I'm thinking Renee and Phil will do the same," I hissed at him. "You have a point."
"Of course I do. Now, what are we supposed to do abut the age? I mean she looks 15 and we're supposed to be 23. I gave birth 4 years ago. what are we supposed to do!!!!?????"
"Well, I suppose we can't tell the whole world our secret. But, we told Charlie like,what, a month ago? She's your mother and Phil is your stepfather. So I think we should at least tell Renee and if she's comfortable with it, we'll tell Phil.Okay?" he said.
We called Renee in the room and told her. She nearly passed out. She said we could tell Phil. So we told him but he was more comfortable with it than Renee. Everyone got back from hunting and Renee ran to Nessie and hugged her. Nessie was unsure for the moment but I nodded and she hugged her back. "Nessie, do me a favor and just call me Renee okay? I feel too young to be a grandma." "Sure thing, Renee," Nessie laughed.

Chapter 5-BPOV

Jake,Nessie,Edward, and I were on a hunting trip when Edward and Nessie ran off and Jake and I were alone.
"Bella?" he asked.
"Yeah Jake?"
"Would you care if.............I asked Nessie to marry me?" he asked me.
"Well, I would care-don't look at me like that I'm not finished yet-only because I want Alice,Renee,Esme, and myself to plan the wedding," I said with a smile.
"Really Bells!!!!!! You would let me!?"he yelled.
"Why wouldn't I? also have to ask Edward too. Although I'm sure he will let you as long as Nessie is happy,"I said.
"Okay, that should go smooth."

We finally found Edward and Nessie and went back to the big house. Jake pulled Edward aside to the kitchen to ask Edward if he could marry Nessie I'm guessing.
Jake came back and-Edward right behind him-bent down on one knee with a glittering ring and said:"Renesmee Carlie Cullen? I promise to love you forever with all my heart. Will you marry me?"
"Yes!!!" she shrieked.

Alice came bounding into the room then and started talking like a professional wedding planer. When Edward bent down on one knee.....and tied his shoe. We both started laughing. "M-m-mom. Y-y-y-you're b-blushing!" Nessie said.
"What!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can this happen?!" I said and went to find Carlisle. He checked everything and told me:"Um Bella? You're um..... how can I put this...... pregnant," he said quietly. "Um Carlisle I know you don't make many mistakes but are you sure I'm pregnant?" I choked out the last word."Bella, you have always surprised us," was his final answer.

I went downstairs feeling lightheaded. And the next thing I knew, I had fainted.

Chapter 6-BPOV

"Bella! Bella! Bella!!!!" screamed an angel's voice.
"Huh?"I asked-disoriented.
"Bella!! Bella,love,you fainted," Edward said who was obviously the person with the angel's voice.
"Why am I getting human traits back? This is so confusing! I mean, I know I'm an odd vampire but still!!!! Why does everything weird have to happen to me!!??"
"Bella I don't know why. Carlisle?" he said looking next to him-at Carlisle.

Carlisle had us go upstairs to have an ultrasound. The baby was half vampire-half human, but it wasn't trying to kill me like Nessie did. It was also growing fast like Nessie,so we found out if it was a boy or a girl and it was a BOY!!!!!! I was sooooo happy! Now Nessie will have a little brother, Jake will have a brother-in-law(who I will definitely have keep an eye on Jake if he steps out of line for some reason), and so on. Carlisle explained that I will have to eat some human food because EJ(the baby) will probably give me human cravings. Also, the baby will give me MORE human traits.

Edward and I went downstairs to tell everyone the good news. Alice, Renee, Rosalie, Nessie, and Esme were enthusiastic. Emmett, Jasper,Charlie, Phil, Carlisle, and Edward murmured:'I feel like I'm getting too old.' I shot them a warning glance and they all looked peachy keen.

Jake on the other hand was also pretty happy on the idea of having a brother-in-law. I called Billy and told him. He was happy for me too. I all of a sudden felt like I wanted to eat......steak. So I went and made some because I still remembered how to make it. It was delicious!!!!!!!

I went and layed on the couch while Emmett was bugging me trying to make me blush again. "Hey Emmett?" I said. "What?" he asked. "Can you shut the hell up already!?"I murmured falling asleep.

I was asleep for what felt like hours but actually seconds when I heard Emmett saying to someone,"I think I irritated her to death." "Oh shut up Em," I said sitting up and yawning. "Hey little sister!!! You're up already?!"he said.

I ignored him,ran to the cottage, and went back to bed. Then I heard a light knock on the door right when I shut my eyelids.

Chapter 7-BPOV

I just layed there when I heard the knock and drifted back off to sleep. I had an odd dream. I was sitting in the living room of the cottage with Edward and the same knock came to the door. And when I answered it, it was........Aro? I was shocked. And that was where my dream left off.

I woke up in a cold sweat. Someone knocked on the door again. Before I could get up and go answer the door, Nessie and Jake were already down the hallway and in my room in 2 seconds.

"Mom!!!!! Guess what!!!!!"Nessie exclaimed.
"What?"I said yawning.
"I am PREGNANT!!!!!!!!"
I stopped right there. I nearly fainted but Jake caught me."When did you find this out?"I asked.
"About 10 minutes after Uncle Emmett thought you were dead."
"Oh, well that explains it. Is it a boy or a girl?"
"It's a......well they are a boy and a girl," she said slowly but with excitement.
"Did you just say they?"I asked.
"Oh Nessie,Jake I am so happy for you!!!!! Wait, does your father know yet?"
"No, he doesn't."
"Well then, I suggest we go and tell him."

So we walked back to the big house. On the way, we talked about baby names. Nessie said the girl's name will be Sarah Elizabeth Black. Jake said the boy's name will be Charlie Gene Black. I loved both of them.

We had finally gotten to the house. We got Edward and pulled him up to his old room and told him the news. He was just as happy as me, which sort of caught me off guard. Alice was waiting for us in the living room with Renee, Esme, and Rosalie. Looks like we have to go through the whole baby and wedding planning process all over again.

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