The Twilight Saga

(PG-13) My first Story XD Please leave A comment. (:
But I couldn't stand that Twilight Ended on Breaking Dawn (not that it wasn't awsome)

So I decided to write a story going ON from Breaking Dawn (: Lemmi know what you think XD Thanks.

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Chapter one
Welcome Home

Edward’s cool fingers traced my lips. “Nessie and Jacob are coming back today.” He whispered, kissing my lips. My dead heart seemed to have a sudden spark of electricity. “I know.” I whispered back, effortlessly keeping my breath even.
About three days ago it was our anniversary. Seven years we had been together, seven years of happiness and pure heaven. Nessie was now fully grown; her aging process was slowing rapidly. She and Jacob had given us the best present of all, ‘alone time’ I had never been away from her though longer than a day. (With the acceptation of my three days of pure pain.) I missed her, my beautiful, graceful and amazingly clever daughter.
The best thing about Nessie was, she had a bit of everyone in her, not just Edward and I. She had Carlisle’s thirst for knowledge; Edward’s talent in music, she played the piano and guitar amazingly; Esme’s passion for love; Emmett’s sense of humour; Jaspers way of making people happy, without powers; she had Alice’s gracefulness and enjoyment in shopping; And Rosalie’s beauty. Heck! There was even a bit of my old self in there, Nessie spoke in her sleep.
I stood at the edge of the house, griping at the door frame. In the distance I could hear the loud revving of a car. Jacob enjoyed cars as much as Edward, in fact, Jacob was teaching Edward how to build his own car.
A flash back entered my head.
“No! Edward! That goes there!” Jacob had said impatiently, pointing to the back of the car. Edward rolled his eyes. “I know that! I was picking up a wrench!” He shouted back. Nessie and I were leaning against the garage wall, shaking our heads. “Maybe I could...” Nessie began, Edward and Jacob turned to glare at her. “No! I want to learn myself!” Edward scowled at his daughter. She grinned and hopped to the front door of the house. “Fine! But remember, if you need me I’ll be—”
“Just go!” Edward and Jacob shouted at her, together. I watched, amused by their frustration. Rosalie and Jacob had both been very good at fixing cars, as Nessie spent so much time with both of them...She knew an awful lot about cars. Much more then both of them put together now.
I shook my head and returned to the present day. Edward was still rubbing my back soothingly, gathering my tense mood. There was a loud slam of a car door, and then a light brush of air as the other one shut. The slam must have been Jacob; the light brush of air...Must have been Nessie. A light tap on the door made my whole body tingle with excitement. “There here!” I said happily.
It took me a moment to realise the whole family had gathered behind me. Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett were all standing by the kitchen. Esme, Alice and Rosalie sat patiently on the couch, waiting for me to get the door. Edward walked in front of me and pulled the door open. “Welcome home!” He said happily. I walked to the door. Nessie and Jacob were standing in the door way. Jacob’s copper skin looked slightly darker, and his dark hair was short. “Nessie made me have it cut by a hair dresser.” He mumbled. I smiled at him and turned to my daughter.
Her brown eyes lit up, like diamonds rest beneath them. She grinned sheepishly at me; her perfect white teeth made me blink. Her Ivory skin shimmered in the setting sun; and her long bronze curls reached her waist.
“Hey, Mom!” She said, I grinned and hugged her tightly. Edward and Jacob grinned at each other. Jacob turned to Nessie after I finally let go.
I sighed.
There was that look again, the ‘Imprint’ look. The promise in his eyes, the hope, and the adoration made me want to throw something hard at him. But I knew he meant well. “Your Dad and I are going to go work on the car.” He stated. Nessie and I both frowned. Edward hugged us both and kissed our heads. “We will be in before dark, that’s a promise.” He said, raising an eyebrow at Nessie. “What?!” She asked, her high soprano voice chiming the room. “I didn’t mean it Dad, go ahead, and... love you!” She said, before kissing his cheek and practically pushing them out the door.
When they were outside and walking towards the garage; there was a twitter of laughter from the kitchen. Nessie kissed my cheek before saying, “I missed you Mom.” I grinned at her, her dimples showed very well when she smiled. We both walked off to investigate the laughter. The Cullen family were sitting at the table, my family. “Yeah, maybe we should go to the Amazon...” Emmett chuckled. “Zafrina would love to see Nessie again.” I looked at Carlisle questioningly. He sat at the head of the large white, round table. His blonde hair shimmered in the light. “Ahh Bella, Nessie... we wanted to talk to you... about where to go next.” I raised an eyebrow at him. Esme shuffled in her seat, out of habit, I suppose. “You see dear, we can’t stay in forks, you already know that. And now Nessie is fully grown...well... she can start school. We can only live a certain time off the money we got from Carlisle’s job at the hospital,” She said, gesturing to him. “He misses working, we have to move.” I nodded slowly, and took a seat next to Jasper. What about Charlie? What about Seth? What about the whole pack? Jasper sensed my tense mood, and all of a sudden I felt relaxed. “What about Jacob?” Nessie asked. “Or Grandpa, or Seth, or Sue?” She sighed, and then smiled. “What about Leah, too?” Everyone accept Carlisle, Esme and I scowled at the name. Nessie grinned. Emmett opened his arms for her. “Come here, Lil’ niece of mine!” He grinned. She smiled and skipped over to him, snuggling in his lap. “How about a game later?” He asked, she nodded and then turned to Carlisle. “Where are we moving too?” She asked. I was surprised she was taking this so coolly. “That is what we were discussing.” Carlisle replied.
Alice’s face turned blank, all emotion escaped her face. Vision, I thought. When her expression came back, she was smiling. “I know where we are moving...” She said, grinning. I tilted my head to look at her. “Well,” She began slowly. “There aren’t really anymore places with bad weather in America...” She eyed all of us, watching our faces. “So, we decided to move to...” She gulped loudly. “England.” The bottom of my mouth unhitched from my Jaw. Alice raised both of her delicate eyebrows at me. I took a deep, unnecessary breath. “England?” I repeated in astonishment. She nodded. “Were about?” Carlisle asked. Alice shut her eyes and her face became emotionless again. “What is the name of the bottom of England...A small place; they call it ‘The garden of England.’ Or something like that.” Carlisle studied her face.
“Kent?” He asked. She shrugged, and smiled, keeping her eyes shut.
“Not sure, but some place green.”
“Two months from now.”
I scowled. Two months to say goodbye to Charlie, to the pack, to my mom. Renesmee hopped up from Emmett’s lap. “Where are you going?” I asked her. She shrugged, and smiled sweetly at me.
“I’m going to tell Dad, and Jacob.” I nodded. Maybe I should be there too, just in case. I would take her to see Charlie tomorrow. “I’ll come too.” I said quietly, my bell like voice sang across the room.
We walked out the kitchen together, and then walked towards the front door. Edward was waiting at the front door already, no secrets from him. I opened the door for him. “England?!?” He asked, just as surprised as I was. I nodded.
“England.” I repeated.

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interesting, roll with it!
I like it...continue.
I enjoyed reading the story. This will be very interesting when the Cullens move to England. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
this is good. you should write more
Keep going!!!
Thanks (: Here is some more (:
Ill write the next chapter tomorow XD

Bella P.O.V
Chapter 2
Goodbyes and sorrow
I had never seen Edward so sad.
Seth placed his giant head, on Edwards shoulder, and whined. I smiled at the wolf. “Seth, you have responsibility’s here.” Edward whispered, to his best friend. Edward and Seth had been such good friends; it made me happy he had Seth around. Seth whined again.
“No, Jacob won’t allow that.” The Russet wolf standing next to little Seth bowed its head in agreement. Nessie sat on its back, playing with the dark fur. I was on my tiptoes, stroking the top of Seth’s head. “You’re a good friend Seth, but I can’t let you throw your life away like that, what about your mother?” Seth howled. Edward shook his head and shrugged from underneath him.
A grey wolf trotted into view, along with two others. Leah, Embry and Quill. Embry coughed a chuckle. Leah’s large grey head snapped up, and then she pushed him with her nose. “You should go Seth, They are waiting.” Edward said quietly. I felt a stubborn growl Rumble through Embry’s chest. Edward turned quickly. “Embry!” He shouted angrily. “No! I just got him to stay and now you’re telling him not to!” Embry whined in apology.
“What did he say?” I whispered to Edward.
“He said ‘where ever our Alpha goes, we go.’” I nodded.
“Edward...They could come with us.” Edward turned to look at me, his expression was stunned. Seth pulled his lips behind his razor teeth and stuck his tongue out to the side, in a smile. “What are you saying Bella? What about Sue?” I nodded in thought. Sue would be ok, she’s strong, like Billy and Jake said. She was one heck of a woman. “Sue’s got Charlie, and Billy.” I smiled at him happily. “But what about Quill? He can’t just leave...He has Clair!”
“He can go to Sam.” I said.
“Edward, let them come if they want.”
“But I—”
“Let. Them. Come.” Edward nodded in defeat. Seth howled with excitement and ran off into the woods. Embry started to jump up and down. Leah, well...Leah was just Leah. She stood impatiently, then; when Jacob nodded, she darted into the trees too. I was glad they were coming, I liked Seth. Besides, it wasn’t fair of us to change their minds. They should make the choice.
“Mom, Jacob and I are going to grandpas” I turned my head to Nessie’s excited face, and smiled in agreement. Charlie had taken it well, he accepted us leaving. My Mom... not so much. She acted like a two year old, first she went into denial; then she said she wouldn’t allow it; and when she was finished with her strop, she asked if she could come too. I told her no, she had to stay with Phil.
Quil kicked Embry hard, when Embry turned his head he whined. “Quill, you have Clair.” Edward whispered. He nodded and stomped off into the woods. Embry looked at Edward, something in his eyes gave away his desperation. Renesmee giggled silently as the large wolf sprinted into the trees, after his friend. I felt a hard thud against my back, and suddenly my head was pressed against the floor. “I win!” Emmett chuckled. I side and pushed him off.
“Emmett!” Edward growled. “She wasn’t even trying!” Jacob coughed a husky laugh. Edward’s amber eyes pointed a harsh glare at him. “Just go and talk to Cha— I mean, your Grandpa!” Jacob coughed another laugh and then disappeared into the trees like the others, Nessie still on his back. “Alice bought us all new clothes!” Emmett said, with sarcastic enthusiasm. I managed a cheeky smile. “That’s ok, we’ll get rid of them, and then let her loose in England,” I grinned again. “With your credit card.” Emmett glared at me.
A loud screech came from the house. “Thanks Emmett!” Alice called. I looked at his face, Emmett looked extremely angry. I smiled, my work was done. “Thanks allot!” He muttered harshly as he ran towards the house shouting, “No! Alice! No! Rose, needs that credit card!” Edward chuckled softly. “Your such a horrid little thing.” I nodded, and tensed my muscles.
“Race?” I asked him.
“It won’t be much of a race... I will win.” I sighed.
“Yes or no?”
“Yes! Of course.”
It was fun running through the forest. The trees were just a sharp green blur, and I got a flying sensation. The leaves rustled behind me as my body propelled through the damp woods, Edward was a few metres away from me. “I will win!” He chanted. I aimed for the garage, keeping my body light.
Once I came to a stop at the brim of the garage, I saw Edward was already there; he was leaning against the car he and Jacob were building. “You lose!” He said, with a grin. I poked my tongue out at him. “I love you,” He said. “You know that...” I nodded, before skipping up to the house.
When I walked through the door, I heard Emmett and Alice arguing.
“But it’s not fair!” Alice whined. “You owe me though!” I felt a gust of vibrations as Emmett hunched his large shoulders in a shrug. “I. Owe. You. Nothing.” There was a long pause.
I walked into the room and saw Alice grin. “That’s ok,” She said, poking her tiny tongue out at him. “Apparently I’m stealing it!” Edward burst out laughing from behind me.
Jasper walked in the room, his blonde CRAZY hair seemed to be extremely messy. “Jasper!” Alice narrowed her eyes at him. “Where have you been? Let me go get a brush.” She ran out the room. Jasper rolled his eyes at her. His eyes, that were black, the last time I saw him, were now gold. “Hunting?” I asked him patiently, he nodded and smiled.
There was a loud thud against the front door.
I ran towards the living room. Charlie was standing in the door way, smiling? “Hey Bells!” He said cheerfully, Nessie and Jacob walked up behind him. “I came to say goodbye.” Charlie shrugged. “With you leaving tomorrow and all...” My throat burned, but I didn’t care. This really was ‘goodbye’. I ran towards Charlie at an unnatural pace. Then placed my arms carefully around his waist. “I love you Dad, you are the best dad...EVER!” I thought about that for a moment...would Edward be hurt by that?
Nessie cuddled him to. “You are such a good Grandpa too!” She added, kissing his cheek. Charlie blushed. “Thanks Bells, thanks Ness...” We both let go of him at the same time, then laughed. “I’m sure gonna miss you, will you be visiting?” He asked. I looked up at his deep brown eyes. I would miss him, allot. “Of course Dad, don’t be so silly!” He smiled and then put his jacket back on. I tilted my head, and looked at him. “Well I...” He blushed. “Sue is cooking dinner for me...” I smiled at him. “It’s ok Dad, go. Have some food.” He grinned and then hugged Nessie and I. “I really am going to miss you. And my son in law.” He added, winking at Edward over my shoulder. He winced slightly at how cold I was. “I’m going to go now. Love you!” He called as he walked out the door. “Love you!” Nessie and I called back.
Then he was gone.
I would miss him. But we would see him again soon... Wouldn’t we? I thought about that, and sat on the couch. Of course we would. I thought to myself. But I couldn’t help wonder.
Good chapter! Will they be going to the airport now? Oooooh...will there be mischief while at the airport? airplane? :-)
i really like what you have wrote so far. please tell me when you add new chapters!
great so far! I'm going to continue reading!
Real good story! Tell me when you write more.
great story!
OMG..... I cant wait for this book to come out its alwaysz a mystery at the end of each chapter. i wanna just keep reading omg im so impatient


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