The Twilight Saga

Chapter One

My name is Nichole Johnson. I am 17 years old and a senior in high school. I live in La Push, Washington.
I have two main friends. My brother, sad, Chris and then his girlfriend/my best friend in the world, Scarlett. My brother used to have other friends but they all ditched him. Their names were Jacob Black, Embry Call, and Quil Aterea.
I think it was about three years ago when they left. It was Embry, then Jacob and then Quil. Now they hang out with Sam Uley, Paul something and Jared something. And the Clearwaters.

“Nikki,” Scarlett said. We were currently doing homework at my kitchen table.

“Sorry,” I said. “What?”

“The square root of 25?” Chris said.

“That’s easy.  Five. Right?” I said

“I think,” Scarlett answered. “I gotta go home. See you guys tomorrow.”

Then she picked up her stuff, said goodbye and left.

“Thank you, Miss Matthews,” I heard our mom say.

Oh yeah and our mom runs a daycare and catering service. Our dad is the chief of police in Forks. Charlie Swan used to be chief but he retired like a month ago.

It’s currently the end of the school year. It’s May.

I walked up to my room and changed into pajamas. Then went to bed.


I woke up the next morning to Rockstar by Nickleback.

I hit the off button. Then got up and got ready.

Scarlett wasn’t there like usual and Chris looked sad.

“Where’s Scarlett?” I asked.

“She just left,” Chris said. “I’m not going to school today.” Then he stood up and walked upstairs.

Looks like I’m taking my car today, I thought.

I grabbed my car keys and got into my car. Then drove to Forks High. I don’t know why I go to Forks High if I live in La Push.

I saw Scarlett and ran over to her.

“Where were you today?” I asked.

“You haven’t heard?” she asked.

“No,” I said.

“Taylor Matthews spread a rumor around school that Chris slept with her and then her brother said that I slept with him. Chris and I just decided that we didn’t really want to date anymore anyways so we broke up,” Scarlett said.

“Oh,” I said. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?” Scarlett asked.

“That you didn’t like my brother anymore,” I said.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Bye. Gotta get to class.”

Then she walked away straight over to Embry Call. She dumped my brother for Embry! How do I know this? Because then he kissed her!

I walked in the other direction and looked in my bag while I was walking. Bad decision. I ran into someone. I tried not to fall but I did and so did the other person. I looked up at the person and he was familiar but I didn’t know his name.

I grabbed my books and cell phone.

“Sorry,” I said.

“It was my fault,” he said. “I’m Seth Clearwater.”

“I’m Nikki Johnson,” I said. “Uh. Bye.”

“Bye,” Seth smiled. I walked in the other direction then realized that I was going the wrong way. Then I turned around and Seth was still there, staring at me. Embarrassing. I walked past him, blushing.

In forth period, I was called to the office. I grabbed my stuff and walked to the principal’s office.

“Sit down, Ms. Johnson,” the secretary said. I sat down in one of the chairs. A ton of other people were there.

“Nichole Johnson,” our principal, Mr. Refolds, said. I stood up and walked into the office. Then sat down in one of the chairs.

“Where is your brother today?” Mr. Refolds asked.

“He wasn’t feeling well,” I said. “He’s at home.”

“Well, the hospital called. Your father was shot.”


“Your father was shot in the chest and is dead,” Mr. Refolds said with absolutely no sorrow in his voice. It was actually more like the ‘I knew that he would get shot one day and I don’t even care that he’s dead’ voice.

I almost smacked him across the face. Almost.

I stood up and walked out. Tears started running down my cheeks. I walked outside and didn’t even make it to my car. I sat on the curb and started to cry hard. Really hard.

I wiped away my tears and then heard somebody walking behind me. I looked over my shoulder. It was seth. When he saw me, he walked over by me and sat down by me.

“What happened?” he asked.

“My dad got s-shot and he’s…” I trailed off and started to cry alittle.

“I don’t want to say the traditional, ‘I’m sorry,’ but I cannot think of anything better. So I’m sorry,” Seth said.

“Thanks,” I said. “And I hate our principal.”


I told him about the principal acting like a major jerk and almost smacking him.

“Should’ve,” Seth said.

“I know,” I said. I felt strangely comfortable with Seth. “Well, I gotta go.”


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