The Twilight Saga

This is my first fan fic, it is Jacob and Renesmee's story. Hope you like it!! let me know what you think. Thanks.
Its pg-13 for now!!!

Thanks to any one who made me a banner!! i love them!!

Before i start, i do not own any of these characters, they belong to Stephanie Meyer.

Chapter One: Sixteen

" Get your bum out of bed Renesme Carlie Cullen!!! " Alice shouted at me.
"go away alice." i groaned
"not a chance nessie, its your birthday and you have presents to unrap!!!"
"oh yea. my birthday."
" yep, HAPPY SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY RENESME!!!" she yelled at me
" Alice let me sleep!" i mumbled, rolling my face into the pillow.
"Haha, what a joke." She pulled on my ankles, and suddenly i was facing her.
"Lets get you dressed, and fast, emmet wil be up her in two minutes to drag you down if your not down there" she laughed
"how do you," i stopped as she tapped her temple and laughed with her. "oh yea"
she danced over to my wardrobe and pulled out a few things, undressed me and then redressed me. She then dragged me to the bathroom and put on foundation, lip gloss and mascara.
I looked in the mirror and my jaw dropped.
I was staring at the cutest pink dress, but it was sooo short! it stopped just above my knees, was strapless and exagerated all of my curves. But the part that shocked me was the height of the silver stilettoes.
"alice, nooo way!!!" i tried not to let my voice break, but it did anway
"Ohhh, Renesme your my favourite neice, and its your sixteenth birthday, let me have fun!!" she whined
" Aunty alice im your only neice. Fine."

She carried me down the stairs, were i could here my family, but i couldnt see them.
they emerged from every where, scaring the life out of me.
Dad saw me, and gave Aunt Alice a dirty look.
"oh settle down edward, shes sixteen."She said playfully
Jasper hovered to her side, and watched Dad carefully.
"Edward" He said warningly.

And then i saw Jacob. He walked into the room, and then paused, his eyes lingering on my dress just a moment to long.
Dad growled at him, and i giggled, imagining what it was he was thinking.
"Happy Birthday Nessie" He said softly, to low for human ears to her, but ofcoarse i heard it.
I smiled as he walked over to me.
He kissed my head then handed me a small rapped box.

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thats funny. i like your story and really would like to read more. Edward is going to kill alice 4 dressing nessie up and then kill jacob 4 the thoughts he has. I really feel sorry 4 them lol
ok ill right more soon
thanks for the comment!!
that was awsome I couldn't stop luaghingmy mom actually thought I was crazy for laughing at a computer
i agree you should keep writing lol i wanted to see if edward would bite his little head off
lol funny
THats really good!!!! Keep writing!!!
lol i absolutely love it .. edward really is gonna kill alice for dressing nessie like keep going im really eager now to read more :]
I gazed down at the small silver box i held in my hands. I had inherited my mothers dislike for presents, though i did love partys. Dad chuckled over in the corner.
Well it couldnt be to bad, if he was laughing about it.
"Im laughing at your thoughts not whats in the box Renesmee." He scowled at Jacob.
How many times have i told you to get aout of my head!! i thought angrily.
" Come on nessie, your sixteen, i can buy you presents, just open it." Jacob murmered, trying not to anger Dad further i guessed.
"Nessie, i dont know what it is, if you loved me you would open it!!" Aunty Alice whined at me.
"O alright" i sighed, already half way through unrapping my little gift.

The silver rapping paper fell to the floor as i gaped at the beautiful box. It was handmade. Jacob had carved a wolf into the wood, with a beautiful moon carved into the backround.
"wow jake, its beautiful!"
"nessie, open it!!" he sighed in frustration.
I glared at him, and Uncle Emmett laughed from behind me. there was more than one present. I carefully removed the beautiful lid of the box and curiously peeked at what else Jacob had bought me.
"Wow." was all i could say.

A beautiful hand made wolf hung from a silver necklace. It was so precise, every detail was perfect.
I looked up as jake strolled over.
"turn it over, then ill put it on you" he said impatiantly.
On the back were six simple words, but those words meant everything to me.
Jake took the necklace from me, fastened it around my neck, and whispered in my ear
"i love you, forever and ever." He whispered in my ear.

I felt a sudden urge to feel his beautiful lips on mine as i turned to face him, and i didnt understand. i frowned, i knew Jake loved me, he always told me that, why was this different.
"Whats wrong Nessie?? dont you like it??" he was suddenly concerned.
"No, i love it. I love you."
His face lit up at the words, and i suddenly wanted to kiss him again, this confused me even more.
Dad growled from the corner, and walked across the room a bit to fast.
"Renesmee thats enough. I dont like what your thinking. Lets go open the presents from your mother and I." He threw a warning glare at Jacob

As Jake removed his arms from there protective hold around me, i felt mad.
"Dad im sixteen now, and if you dont like what im thinking, you shouldnt be in my head!!! i yelled at him
As he was about to argue further, Aunt Alice stepped in.
"Lets open my present first!! Youll love it Nessie!!" She said a little to happily.

Dad growled " Alice, im only just holding back for what she is wearing, " He stopped short, she had obviosly thought of her present for me.
"No way Alice !!! shes not old enough!! She is still breakable, NO NO NO!!" He was suddenly enraged.
Jasper floated to Alice's side and stood protectively over her, glaring at Dad.
"Dam, i tried so hard. O well." Alice was only disapointed for a split second. Then she had me in her arms, and was running.

Suddenly, i was face to face with an absolutly addorable beautiful pink porche. It looked just like hers, only smaller, and pink.
"O. MY . GOSH" i tried not to yell.
She smiled, obviously satisfied with my happiness of her present.
"Happy Sixteenth Nessie." She said happily.
That was chapter two : Presents.
It's really good :)
LOVE it!
Hurry up writing the next chapter pleeaase!!
Chapter Three: Five Years Old

I stood there, stunned. Watching the beautiful porsche, my beautiful porsche. I could almost fell Alices happiness. I took my eyes of my car for a moment when Jasper joined us in the garage. He smiled at me, obviosly pleased with his wifes happiness. They kissed quikly but passionitly for a moment, then Jasper pulled away and growled.
Aunt Alice frowned at him. Then glanced behind him.
"Oh alright Edward. Join us, but Jasper will loose it if you do."but please dont loose your temper.
Alice, why didnt you ask me or Bella." Dad was obviosly trying not to raise his voice as he spoke to her.
"I did ask Bella, and i didnt ask you, because you would have said no." She poked her tongue out at him when she finished talking.
"Alice." Dad growled.

"Alright already guys!!!." I put in before the fight got bad.
Emmett strolled in then, and handed me an oddly shaped object, wrapped in paper with dolls on rocking horses printed on it.
"What the..??" I stopped, though dad knew what i was thinking any way.
Emmett grinned down at me. "Happy birthday kid!!" He laughed at his joke.
I opened the present to find a card with a huge 5 on the front. I opened it, and stared at the words in disgust.
Emmett had written across the card in huge letters
I lifted the card to find a barbie doll wearing a tiny blue dress. I grimaced at it.
"Thanks, Em." was all i could manage.
"No prob, Kiddo" He laughed again.

After many more presents, all of which i loved, Emmett gave me a proper present, that Rose bought. A bunch of new beautiful jewellery, ranging from earings to braclets and everything in between now filled my new jewellery box. Rose had spoilt me. Grandma and Granpa had re-done my room and Mum and Dad had given me a CD with all of dads songs he played on it, a new yellow CD player and my own piano. (It was smaller than Dads, but i liked it more.)

I lounged on my new bed, listening to my Mums lullabye when Jake walked in. He smiled at me, and then sat next to me.
"Happy Birthday Nessie." He whispered, then pulled me onto his lap. I snuggled into his warm chest and sighed.

"Renesmee, your mother and i are going hunting, dont do anything stupid while im gone, Aunty Alice is down the hallway, ill be back by tomorrow morning. Make sure she sleeps tonight Jacob." Dad said, he then walked over to me, kissed my head and left.

Five minutes later, Mum walked in closely followed by Dad.
"Goodnight Nessie, I love you." She said.
Mum and Dad hugged me, and then left holding hands.
I heard them run through the woods together, but i guess Jacob heard them go further.
Jacob pulled me tighter into his chest, and held me there for a minute, then released me.

I looked at him, and felt the need to kiss him again.
"Jacob, i have a present for you." I whispered.
"What??" He was to loud, and shocked.
"SHHH!!" i giggled. Then, suddenly serious, i lent towards him, and whispered
"I love you Jacob Black, more than my life." And before he could reply, i pushed my head forward that little bit more, and kissed him.
He seemed shocked at first, then pulled me closer, and kissed me back. We stayed like that for a while, stopping when he pulled away to whisper
"I love you Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I always have, I always will. You are my life,"
I cut in before he could finish, he didnt really seem to mind.

But unfortunatly, i yawned. He pulled away, and laughed at me. Then picked me up and carried me to the top of my huge bed, then tucked me in. He kissed my forhead, then smiled, and kissed my lips.
"Goodnight Nessie." He smiled.
"Love you Jake." I whispered
"Love you to Nessie. I always will." He reminded me.

And i feel asleep, wishing that night could have lasted forever.


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