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Chapter 1. Secrets.


“Momma, when can we go hunting? I want to try and catch a lion!” Renesmee said, pouncing on the sofa, obviously pretending to pounce on a lion. I giggled.


“Renesmee, your much to young. And don’t worry were going this afternoon” I reassured her, while making her, her human-breakfast; Eggs and bacon.


Renesmee walked over to the table where I put her plate. Her face screwed up and she grunted.


“Momma, I hate human food. Please don’t make me eat it!” she moaned. I sighed and sat down on the chair next to her.


“Renesmee, you know you have human food every breakfast time” I told her.


“Doesn’t mean I like it though!” she groaned, while picking up her fork and messing with the bacon.


I kissed her softly on the cheek and ran my fingers through her delicate, bronze locks. “It’s part of your diet sweetie. Your half human, you need human food.”


She sighed “It’s disgusting.”


I couldn’t disagree with her on that. Now I’m a vampire my diet and my senses have changed.

 However, when I was human I couldn’t understand why Edward thought human food was so repulsive - it was just food. But now I understood why.


I rolled my eyes and walked over to the sink to clean the saucepans, and the Edward walked in.


His bronze, messy hair looked like it was locked under clear crystals. It was raining? Hm, I didn’t notice.


“Daddy!” Renesmee beamed, running over to him and leaping into his arms. I smiled.


Edward kissed her on the cheek and held her tight.


“Hey Ness. How’s my little girl?”


“Fine. Except I have to eat my breakfast…” she sighed. I rolled my eyes again and smiled.


“Well you better get back to eating then” Edward smiled kissing her on the cheek. And then placing her on her feet.


Renesmee groaned and dragged her way back to the table, and went back to picking at her food.


I walked over to Edward and kissed him lightly.


As I pulled away, he had a beautiful smile spread across his face “How’s my other favourite girl?”

I grinned “I’m okay.”


“Good” he smirked, kissing me again. I giggled and pulled away, to see Renesmee making a please-don’t-do-that-in-public face. Renesmee is only three years old - but she acts very mature for her age. And grows quite quickly too. It’s a half-human, half-vampire thing.


“She looks just like you” I said randomly “The way she looks, the way she acts.”


Edward took my hand “So are you saying I act stubborn?”


I looked up at him to see him grinning “Hmmmm, let me think about that…” I said sarcastically. It was true though, him and Renesmee were stubborn. But I guess I could be too.


Edward laughed and rolled his eyes “Okay, okay. She may act like me. But she’s beautiful, just like her mother.”


If I could blush, I would have. “She only has my eyes…”


I was human, when I gave birth to Renesmee. And I’ve changed a lot since then.


“No…” Edward said bringing me into a hug “She has your gorgeous smile. And can be quite clumsy like you too.”


I glared at him playfully and smacked his arm. Even though I’m a vampire now, I still could be quite clumsy and a bit out of place. But the good new was, that I wouldn’t blush every time I tripped - which was a good thing.


“Renesmee is just beautiful in her own little way…” I said.


“I agree” Edward breathed. We both looked at Renesmee and smiled. And then she turned to face us, with a confused expression on her face.


“Are you guys talking about me?” she mumbled. God help us, for when she becomes as teenager


“No honey” I smiled “We were just talking about how beautiful you are.”


All of a sudden, a faint pinkish colour appeared among her pale cheeks. And her cherry-coloured lips puckered into a cute, shy smile. She was so adorable.


“Oh” she murmured, bending her head, not knowing what to say. “Um - thanks.”


Me and Edward both laughed.


I sat at the table with Renesmee, while Edward put back on his coat. Where was he going?


“Edward? Where are you going?” I wondered, looking over my shoulder.


He buttoned up his jacket “Alice wants to see me. I won’t be long.”


He came over to us and kissed us both on the cheek.


I was going to ask why Alice wanted to see him. But I didn’t want him to think I was being nosey, so I just left it. I’ll wait to see if her brings it up tonight.


“Okay” I murmured “See you later.”


“Bye, love” he breathed. He then looked at Renesmee and smiled “Bye, beautiful.”


Renesmee blushed again, and I couldn’t help but smirk “Bye daddy! Love you”


“Love you to” he said heading for the door. And then he was gone.


“Momma, please can I leave the rest?” Renesmee begged, pushing her plate away.


I looked at the plate. She only left a few strands of bacon “Okay then…”


“Thank you!” she beamed, removing herself from the table, and running into the living room to jump on the cream sofa. She was always so lively - but that’s what I loved about her.


Me and my new family moved to Portland Oregon three years ago. Charlie wasn’t completely alone though, he had Sue - and I still call him every now again, to let him now I’m alright.


Jacob Black. My best friend. And the shape shifter who imprinted on my little girl, also stayed in Forks. He had a commitment to his pack. But because of the whole imprint thing - he visits everyday. But it doesn’t take him that long to get here, I mean he is a werewolf. Werewolves can run fast. So everything was kind of the same, like how it was in Forks - except I’m an immortal. Which isn’t a big change, right? I smiled to myself.


“Momma” Renesmee called from the living room “I’m gonna challenge uncle Emmett to another arm wrestling match. I think I’ll beat him again!”


I laughed “I’m sure you will sweetheart”


Actually, I was certain she would win. Emmett always let her, which he wasn’t to happy about doing. But she is only three. Renesmee loves wrestling with her uncle Emmett, just like she loves dressing up with her Aunt Alice and Aunt Rose. But I think she like’s the wrestling more… Probably because she is always so lively.


“Are you going to get dressed yet?” I teased. “Jacob will be here soon. Maybe he can take you hunting” I suggested.


Renesmee perked up when I said Jacob’s name “That sounds like a good idea.”


“But no mountain lions” I said again, pointing a finger to let her know I was serious. She was much to young. And even though she is half-vampire, she’s not as strong as a full vampire - like the rest of my family. So she could still get hurt, and I could never risk that.


Renesmee sighed it disappointment, but then smiled and walked over to me. She hugged me “I promise momma” she then paused “… But can I when I’m four?”


I groaned “Mmmm, maybe still a but young.”


“Momma!” she complained, pulling away and throwing her hand’s in the air “I’m a big girl!”


I sighed “Honey, I couldn’t bare to see you get hurt.”


She grinned “Hey, no pain no game.”


I locked my jaw “That’s the worst saying ever. I don’t want there to be any pain in the game. That‘s the whole point.”


“Please momma!” she begged again. I noticed how she puckered her lips into a pout and made her chocolate brown eyes in sad-puppy-dog eyes. Aww.


I gave in “Okay maybe when your … four” I said, still not sure.


“I guess that’s okay” she grinned “…But I would of liked it to be now, maube today? You know because I’ve been-”


“Renesmee” I warned her.


She rolled her eyes “Okay four years old it is.”


I giggled and opened my arms for her. Her pearly white teeth shone as she smiled. She skipped over to me and sat in my lap, hugging me. I kissed her hair.


It was silent for atleast two minutes until Renesmee opened her mouth again “I am a big girl though, and I am capable-”


“Renesmee! I’ll change it to five!” I warned her again. She wasn’t going to catch a lion at three years old, and that was that.


She sighed, knowing that was the last attempt “Fine.”


I giggled and held her tighter in my arms “I’m just being a mom, honey.”


She laughed to “An over-protective momma at that. Not as protective as daddy. But still over-protective.”


“It’s cos we love you, baby” I said kissing her cheek. She looked up at me with a cute little smile. She was so adorable!


“Yeah, and I love you too!” she mumbled.




We both laughed and then she jumped off my lap “I’m going to get changed now momma.”


“Okay darling.”


She then skipped off up the stairs and shut her bedroom door behind her.


I walked over to the window to see the big white house opposite - the house where the rest of my family lived, and where Edward was now. I was mildly curious on what Alice wanted with Edward. Was it important? Was it about this family? I hope not, there’s already been a lot of drama in our lives for the last couple of years - we didn’t need more.




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sounds interesting!!wonder what alice wanted edward for.update soon!!its fab!!
gr8 story so far. i wonder wht edward and alice r up2
post soon
x x x
Amazing story, I have a feeling its going to be intense in some chapter :) haha
I really wonder what Edward and Alice are up to... Hmmm I guess we'll find out soon :D
Please keep me updated and write more because I cant wait XD


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