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Some of you know about my Robert Pattinson Dailies on my Fan Fiction Born To Be Wild. Since it's getting cluttered I've decided to move everything over to this thread! This thread will contain lots and lots of goodies for you- and I hope you enjoy the idea. Feel free to leave comments!

This thread will contain:

- Robert Pattinson Daily [RPD]
- Save Me Updates
- The Rumor Patrol [TRP]
- The News Room [TNR]
- And More!


RPD- A daily picture of RPattz- and a little bit of my hilarious rambling. I then leave the floor open to you for discussion.

TRP- When a rumor arises, look to me for it to be debunked. I'll be blunt, I'll be funny - but more importantly I'll be truthful.

TNR- Want Twi-news? Well you got it! When important news hits, you'll hear it first, or maybe second :)

Movie stills, graphics, offical photos- you name it! Whatever I find, I'll share. You know I will :)



Freaking gorgeous, even smoking a butt. This was from his spread in GQ magazine- one of my favorites. GOD, I wanna' keep him. Hopefully he'll pop up in my dream tonight. Who knows, maybe we will get baked- like I did with Kellan! Haha, or he could just serenade me with his music, I'm down for anything :)


Ok, so that was the very first RPD. I'll be posting all the previous ones, plus new ones!

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67 days 2 hours 26 minutes  and 50 seconds until BD Part 1 graces our presence!!!!  I seriously cannot wait, but I know it'll be here before we know it.   Also very exciting to me (this may be old news to you)  there is a new TTS limited edition set.  The books are white i/o black and look pretty sharp. I might just have to invest. 
Whoa my God!!! Just watched the theatrical trailer!!! Didnt breathe thru the whole thing! It looks absolutelyamazing. They included a lot! Bella looks amazingly horrifying! Thats all i'll say until you all have seen it. Hurry up!
Yes, I've seen it about eleventy-billion times J ;) Cannot wait for BD! Who's bought their tickets?

And here it is, one of the moments we've been waiting for:

 the tracklist and cover art for the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack

which is avaible in stores on November 8th

In case you can't see the songs and their respective artists,

[I know it's small print], here is the tracklist as follows:


1. Endtapes - The Joy Formidable

2. Love Will Take You - Angus and Julia Stone

3. It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

4. Turning Page - Sleeping At Last

5. From Now On - The Features

6. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

7. Neighbors - Theophilus London

8. I Didn't Mean It - The Belle Brigade

9. Sister Rosetta (2011 Version) - Noisettes

10. Northern Lights - Cider Sky

11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine (Wedding Version)

12. Requiem On Water - Imperial Mammoth

13. Cold - Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz

14. Llovera - Mia Maestro

15. Love Death Birth - Carter Burwell


Deluxe Edition*

Tracks 1-15, also including

Like A Drug - Hard Fi

Turning Page [Instrumental] - Sleeping At Last

Eclipse (All Yours) - Kevin Teasley

It Will Rain [Music Video] - Bruno Mars

*Deluxe edition only available on iTunes


And there you have it. Thoughts?

I find it fitting that Carter Burwell be a part of the last 

installment of the Twilight franchise - after all, he was

a very large part of the first movie - creating that beautiful, and

recognizable score for Twilight. Let us not forget that he brought

Bella's Lullabye to life. I also think that bringing back Iron & Wine's

Flightless Bird, American Mouth was perfect. I think we all know

what Edward and Bella's will dance to for the first time as

Husband and Wife.


A few things we missed: Muse, RPattz, and 100 Monkey's.

Muse has been apart of every Twilight soundtrack thus far,

but yet not apart of the most important one? Maybe they are saving

up for a guitar and bass heavy tune for the Volturi throwdown in BD Part 2?

Bill Condon told us in an interview with MTV that we may see a cast member

or two on the soundtrack. Who better than Rob and Jackson? Where are they

Bill? I mean you teased us saying that Rob sang and played piano for Mackenzie

Foy - so... why can't he sing for us? Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself - and Bill

may suprise us all and Robward will croon about loving his mutant spawn in Part Duex

of Breaking Dawn. I say the same for Jackson - I wouldn't put it past anyone and say

that you can probably expect to see J's band 100 Monkeys on the second soundtrack.

Its ghostly around here. Lets start it up ladies!

Just one week left....................

bought my tickets last night.  Can't wait!!!

I don't think I will waste my time trying to catch up on all that I've missed. I think it's safe to say we've all seen the interviews and pictures, and TV Spots - and just about anything and everything Breaking Dawn related, yes? I think it's also safe to say that we've all seen the movie by now - most of us more than once. I saw it at the midnight showing - and it was perfect.


There will be no spoilers in this post - incase you unfortunately haven't seen it yet. Breaking Dawn is the best yet - it follows the book closer than any other movie, thus far. There are also added moments - and I think without those th movie wouldn't have been twice as good in my opinion. However, I thought the sex scene should've been longer - but there is only so much room in PG-13 ratings. We do have vampire sex to look forward to in Breaking Dawn Part 2 though. The wedding was beautiful, the dress was amazing, the soundtrack was wonderful - the birth scene was all kinds of horrifying - in a good way of course; and the acting was stupendous. I don't think there are enough adjectives in the English language to describe exactly how amazing this movie is. Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Bill, Cast and Crew - you should be immensely proud of yourselves and this beautiful, amazing, wonderful, and stupendous project. We as fans, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work you've put forth these last few years. Thank you, for a beautiful ride.


Four down, one to go - and then --"That's all she wrote.."



"For as long as we both shall live."

Wow, its been a long time! We all disappeared! :O 

Ok so I know its a ghost town here, but this is the only place I can fully geek out about anything Twilight.  Just watched the teaser trailer released today.  Holy Crow!  Very impressed with the appearance of the covens, they look much better than I expected.  And Bella looks major bad a$$ running at the end.  So psyched!!!

It's been a long time ladies, and for that I apologize. When started this thread it was with every intention that I would post all day every day if I could. I was heavy into my Twilight obsession - living, breathing, eating Twilight because it helped me escape to a better reality then my own. But, people grow up, they get jobs, they have lives, and they change. Things they once loved doing fall by the wayside. My love for Twilight and Rob and Kristen will never go away. My love for fan fiction and all the beautiful stories I've read won't go away. I will always love Twilight. I will always love this fandom, and the many friends I've made here. But, time changes things - and it is with a heavy heart that I'm saying goodbye to the RPD thread. I wish I could continue to post silly pictures and fangirl all over Rob, or new stills, or the new trailers. Sadly, I just don't have the time anymore. I completed a nine month vocational programto be a Clinical Medical Assistant - this program took me away from home, and my at the time, daily routine. Now I am thisclose at landing a job at John Hopkins University Hospital, here in Baltimore. I'm exited for this journey I'm about to embark on, especially with three news that I've been accepted to college in the fall. I haven't made a concrete decision on whether I'll be attending or not, but I hope I will.

I couldn't keep promising you updates, when I know there isn't a possibility for one. I especially don't want to start updating now in light of what's happened to the fandom in the last 48 our so hours. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to your local grocer and pick up US Weekly. The only thing I will say in regard to the scandal is that, yes it is true, and not all things are what they appear to be.

Please don't let this "scandal" hurt you all. Don't let it tear apart a beautiful fandom that was built in dedication to these wonderful people who brought extraordinary literary characters to life. Please don't hate our bad mouth Kristen - she's a wonderful girl who made a mistake and publicly admitted her love and relationship to Rob. Albeit an apology, but it was Ann admission none the less. She and Rob should have nothing but support from their legion of fans right more during this difficult time. And as I said, nothing is as it appears to be, that I can without a doubt CAN promise.

Stay strong my loves. It has been my upmost pleasure writing and laughing with you all, sharing stories, secrets, and dreams. If you would like to keep in contact, feel free to DM me on Twitter (@kristinsays_) and I will give you my email address.

Don't not cry or be sad this is ending. Be happy that it happened at all.

With All My Love,
I will be leaving the thread up so you all can come back from time to time and relive all of our wonderful moments. Please don't be discouraged, and feel free to keep posting if you choose to. I myself will check in on our safe haven. And who knows maybe in the future the RPD will be alive with silliness and love once again.

I love you all very, very much.

All my Love
Be Safe,


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