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Some of you know about my Robert Pattinson Dailies on my Fan Fiction Born To Be Wild. Since it's getting cluttered I've decided to move everything over to this thread! This thread will contain lots and lots of goodies for you- and I hope you enjoy the idea. Feel free to leave comments!

This thread will contain:

- Robert Pattinson Daily [RPD]
- Save Me Updates
- The Rumor Patrol [TRP]
- The News Room [TNR]
- And More!


RPD- A daily picture of RPattz- and a little bit of my hilarious rambling. I then leave the floor open to you for discussion.

TRP- When a rumor arises, look to me for it to be debunked. I'll be blunt, I'll be funny - but more importantly I'll be truthful.

TNR- Want Twi-news? Well you got it! When important news hits, you'll hear it first, or maybe second :)

Movie stills, graphics, offical photos- you name it! Whatever I find, I'll share. You know I will :)



Freaking gorgeous, even smoking a butt. This was from his spread in GQ magazine- one of my favorites. GOD, I wanna' keep him. Hopefully he'll pop up in my dream tonight. Who knows, maybe we will get baked- like I did with Kellan! Haha, or he could just serenade me with his music, I'm down for anything :)


Ok, so that was the very first RPD. I'll be posting all the previous ones, plus new ones!

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Sigh. Rob wore a skinny tie on Jay Leno. His suit was bringing back memories of GQ and the Wolverine hair.

Great interview. I kinda want to record his laugh. It's so dorky, but adorable. Adorkable.

Skinny tie.

*mops up drool*
Ditto Ditto.
i loved Rob's dad. He is so sweet and he seems to have a friendly kind of a relationship with Rob.
while i was watching the interveiw , i began to believe that Rob family ties sems to be strong , i have seen his parents attending his interviews so many times and i dont remember any other cast member doing anything the same
it was an amazing interveiw
Yeah you can see the respect and love he has for them written on his face. That's not something that's very common in men. I can see where his looks come from, his Mom is stunning.

If you haven't seen the Access Hollywood interviews- go watch! They made me laugh.

'Of all the random things to do he bites a pillow.'

Lol, oh Rob. Sigh.
"I dont walk around with my shirt off all the time!"

Total Lol. I loved that, I so wish he did, though! *winks*
He looks like he has bulked up, for sure. I wonder how different his body is now than it was in New Moon Italy scene. According to Kellan, apparently Rob's abs are more defined in Eclipse.

He looks even bigger now than he did when he was filming Eclipse. Hmm, I wonder if he will have shirtless scene in WFE? ;)
I read MOTU in like two days. I feel like it is an accomplishment having read it, haha. Probably because it has so many chapters. But it really isn't as intimidating as it looks because each chapter isn't that long. Oh gosh, it pwned the hell out of me. <3
who wrote MOTU?
Snowqueens Icedragon is the author of MOTU. :)
thanks so much
Yeah Rob looks like he filled out quite a bit. The paps have caught him leaving the gym a few times.

Is he even shirtless in Eclipse? I know there are parts in the books where the shirt disappears, but not sure about the movie.

Anyway- I assume you're talking about Master of The Universe, Mo. I keep wanting to read it, but truthfully I am a little intimidated. Not for the amount of chapters, for the content. Doesn't it have a lot of BDSM? I can't really get into that. I read The Red Line a long time ago, and that was kind of stretching it. Darkward freaks me out anyway. Lol.


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