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Some of you know about my Robert Pattinson Dailies on my Fan Fiction Born To Be Wild. Since it's getting cluttered I've decided to move everything over to this thread! This thread will contain lots and lots of goodies for you- and I hope you enjoy the idea. Feel free to leave comments!

This thread will contain:

- Robert Pattinson Daily [RPD]
- Save Me Updates
- The Rumor Patrol [TRP]
- The News Room [TNR]
- And More!


RPD- A daily picture of RPattz- and a little bit of my hilarious rambling. I then leave the floor open to you for discussion.

TRP- When a rumor arises, look to me for it to be debunked. I'll be blunt, I'll be funny - but more importantly I'll be truthful.

TNR- Want Twi-news? Well you got it! When important news hits, you'll hear it first, or maybe second :)

Movie stills, graphics, offical photos- you name it! Whatever I find, I'll share. You know I will :)



Freaking gorgeous, even smoking a butt. This was from his spread in GQ magazine- one of my favorites. GOD, I wanna' keep him. Hopefully he'll pop up in my dream tonight. Who knows, maybe we will get baked- like I did with Kellan! Haha, or he could just serenade me with his music, I'm down for anything :)


Ok, so that was the very first RPD. I'll be posting all the previous ones, plus new ones!

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PS: Did ya' really think he was going to ask you inside for a Heinekin or a cup of tea, if he found you?

No, you would've seen the inside of a paddywagon so fast, you wouldn't have been able to scream 'I love you Rob, marry me!'

And you all wonder why he's such a recluse. Seriously.

I don't know what the hell happened to us, and when it all started going downhill. But, my bets are on when Rob was in NYC filming Remember Me, and that frizzy haired lunatic jumped the poor guy, making us all think it's ok to completely invade his privacy.

Such a shame.
first, while i absolutely love the pics of robsten kissing, i still think it's an invasion of privacy. i mean it's not like we didn't already know what was going on between them, you can tell by the way they act around each other. to snap a shot of them kissing...i don't think i could have done it. the person who took that had some guts.
second, those girls hiding in the bushes...flipping insane. i agree with everything you said about them. and then it comes back to what i said about privacy. he's another person, just like every one else, and he deserves the same privacy in his home that we expect in ours. it's common decency. give him the respect he deserves.
Agreeing with both of you. Have any of you read "The Screamers" by Kiya Raven? Well, in that Edward is a famous musician who is followed by packs of screaming girls called Screamers. And he is absolutely terrified of them!

I bet Rob has this (some-what accurate) vision of fan girls being all crazy, screaming, frizzy haired wierdo's, who bat their eye-lashes at him, screaming "Bite Me!" and cause him nothing but awk-weirdness. And thats just plain sad.
no i haven't read it. and he probably's sad because then there are us normal fans who get a bad name all because some people don't know how to control themselves.
Ok, the hiding out in bushes outside his home is completely gross, creepy and inexcusable. However, as much as I feel sorry for them being followed around everywhere by camera's and lunatic fans, I have to be honest and say I don't feel bad that they were caught kissing. (ducks in caution of flying objects). Honestly, and you all know how much I love Robsten, but if you want your life to be private, then don't kiss on the street, IN PUBLIC, where every Tom, you know who, and Harry can witness it. YES, they "should" be able to live their lives as normal people would, but, unfortunately, that's not the reality for them and they know that.

IMO, maybe, just maybe, this was either: 1. Their way of saying screw it and announcing to the world they are together, or 2. (and this would be hilarious) a game they are playing to mess w/ our minds. Think about it...why would they do that, knowing everyone is watching them???

Just something to think about...Happy friday!
It's another Friday, so...


Bedroom Confessions by JamdMsMommy. Rated M. Complete

Nature of Love by drotuno. Rated M. Complete

Game On Baby by Drizl. Rated M. Complete. WARNING: Don't drink or eat anything while reading. You may choke from laughter. Sketchy plot with a whole damn lemon tree.

Maybe by 107yearoldvirgin. Rated M. Complete.

Happy reading!
Ya know J, you have a point. I don't feel bad they were caught per say, I just feel bad for looking. Those types of pictures are like sticking a shot of whiskey in front of a recovering alcoholic. They're most likely going to slam the shot, and then feel bad about it later.

I have read The Screamers, Riya. Tis one of my favorites, and I find it hilarious that Rob is in it.

Maybe you're right J, maybe this WHOLE thing is just one of those Jedi mindtricks they put on us. Who knows?
I do know this: I wish I was a fly on the wall during the conversation between Robsten and their publicists after the pics went viral.


I'm sure it was one hell of a talk.
Total LOL. Jamie, I never thought of that, but yes, Robsten aren't exactly the most trustworthy when it comes to their relationship. The almost kisses at the VMA's, the whole vacationing together( Isle of Wight, Rob coming to visit Kristen etc), they do play with our heads.

I loved the fact that Rob is in it. I'm half way through, Kris, see you on the other side.

Don't you find it weird and delightful that fan fiction has SUCH a following? We discuss it with such seriousness (MOTU, UOEM etc) and they have fan followings within fan followings! Things like The Office and Wide Awake are literally famous, and tby789, lolashoes, SR are legends. I feel like I'm part of a little secret society that both entertains me, allows me access to amazing pieces of creativity and improves my writing. What say you?

Um, Fic Recs...

A Matter of Trust by quietruby

C 56 by ss10

This Buried Life by Emanuelle Nathan

A Little Less than Before by Burberry bugsy

Ohh, and absolutely ANYTHING by SydneyAlice. She's brilliant, and has several completed things.
I find FanFiction absolutely fascinating. Just the whole dynamic of it is mind blowing. The number of reviews some of these authors get makes me jealous, and awed. The plots are, dare I say, sometimes better than the original.

Like you, I feel like a member of a secret society. I might even go as far as saying that FF have a bigger following than the Saga itself.

*ducks under table and types from there. Hiding from the banshee's*

SydneyAlice is one of my favorites. She has a way with words that one.
Ooooh, Wide Awake was BRILLIANT. Loved it.
So a number of younger fans sent me messages, begging me to shoot down the Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene rumors.

I'm sorry to tell you I can't. Looks like A is following Robsten's footsteps, by being pictured kissing 'rumored' beau, Joe Jonas this week in NYC.

You can peep the pics at

Sorry to those of you who asked 'say it ain't so'. 'Fraid it is dolls, I'm afraid it is.


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