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Some of you know about my Robert Pattinson Dailies on my Fan Fiction Born To Be Wild. Since it's getting cluttered I've decided to move everything over to this thread! This thread will contain lots and lots of goodies for you- and I hope you enjoy the idea. Feel free to leave comments!

This thread will contain:

- Robert Pattinson Daily [RPD]
- Save Me Updates
- The Rumor Patrol [TRP]
- The News Room [TNR]
- And More!


RPD- A daily picture of RPattz- and a little bit of my hilarious rambling. I then leave the floor open to you for discussion.

TRP- When a rumor arises, look to me for it to be debunked. I'll be blunt, I'll be funny - but more importantly I'll be truthful.

TNR- Want Twi-news? Well you got it! When important news hits, you'll hear it first, or maybe second :)

Movie stills, graphics, offical photos- you name it! Whatever I find, I'll share. You know I will :)



Freaking gorgeous, even smoking a butt. This was from his spread in GQ magazine- one of my favorites. GOD, I wanna' keep him. Hopefully he'll pop up in my dream tonight. Who knows, maybe we will get baked- like I did with Kellan! Haha, or he could just serenade me with his music, I'm down for anything :)


Ok, so that was the very first RPD. I'll be posting all the previous ones, plus new ones!

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When Rob wears a suit, or more specifically a SKINNY TIE- I feel like I should speak with a sexy hispanic accent, and call him Rrrroberto. Weird, but true. I'm a good R roller. Just to let you know Rob. *waggles eyebrows*
Hai! I'm back to posting regularly now, thankfully! Um, no FRF today - I need to read in order to rec. Lol. Possibly tommorrow, no promises though. Well, off to read some Fic, loves. It's been awhile. :)
welcome back..........i have missed u
You can now Pre-Order the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Official Illustrated Movie Companion on Amazon! No cover has been released, yet. It hit shelves in December :)
Rob to play legendary singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley in upcoming biopic? According to E! Online, it's likely. Rob has met with prodoucers of the film, and has shown great interest in the role. No word if he'll be strumming heartbreaking tunes onscreen yet - but something official should be released in the coming weeks. The film is slated to start filming before the end of the year.

I hope he gets it. That role would be beyond perfect for him.
Famed fashion designer Carolina Herreara was revealed as Bella Swan's wedding gown designer. The dress is still one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood, maybe more so than Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen gown. But, sources from Summit have said to keep your eyes peeled - the dress will be revealed in the next few weeks.

Whomever said 'good things come to those who wait' is an idiot. Is it November yet?

Pros and Cons by SydneyAlice. Complete.

Foul Territory by rinabina. Complete.

Empires of the Mind by Hibbleton78. Complete.

Rabbit Heart by KitsuShel. WIP.

Phew! I haven't read that much fic in 3 days, for a LONG time. Enjoy!

PS- I think some of you are following me on Twitter (@kristinsays_). If you are can you let me know? Because I've gained new followers, and if I 'know' you, I will follow back, lol.
Hey, everybody...Sorry for disappearing off of the face of the earth for ages. I had a few finals and well, I think we all know what comes with them. Bottom line, you're looking at a high school graduate. Its a little scary to actually have proof of time passing like that. Just yesterday, I was a frizzy haired, baby faced 8th grader :)*sighs*

I've got a few fic recs too, K.

It Happened One Night by Spanglemaker9

A Garment of Brightness by Miaokuancho

A River Between by WildRedPoppies

Romance Is Dead by Kat097

The Music of The Night by theladyingrey42

And something that makes me squeal when I see an update...

The Elusive Mr Cullen by DariaChenowith

Btw, Kristin, I'm FFaddict_108 on Twitter. You followed my already :)

well ladies welcome back

here are my recommendations

Washed Up by xrxdanixrx

A Matter of Life and Death, by Derdriu oFaolain‏


Pinky Swear, by kharizzmatik‏ ( the author of EP) WIP


Nightingale, by Lady Gwynedd‏( Author of The mail order bride, it is a period fic) WIP




The Sports Agent, by LauraAnn22‏


There is a Light, by belladonnacullen‏9 (An 80 th Bella)



 In Your World, by solostintwilight‏ ( Amish Edward)

Lol Alias - get out of my brain! Washed Up was on my list for Friday. Haha.
Welcome back Riya! I know the feeling of graduating. It's terrifying. I'm actually going back to school in a few weeks - living on campus and everything. I'm nervous but REALLY excited.

It's not officially college - but close enough. Lol.

But I get what you're feeling. That whole - what the hell do I do now? feeling. It'll pass eventually. Wait until you're about to turn twenty - and leave your teen years behind. *bites nails* I'll have lived for TWO decades in October. Insanity.
PS: I had a inkling that FFaddict was you R. The voice of your tweets t'was very familiar :) If I had a cooler phone we could tweet RobPorn back and forth, but, alas I don't. I'm still stuck in the flip phone period. *snorts* Not only that, it's pre-paid. *shakes head*. Still, I get pretty entertaining on the Twittah.


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