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Ps:when you read the story lisin to this song


(it brings mood to the story)


Chapter 1

Bella's pov

Today was going to be the worst day of my life, Today my best friend Edward Cullen, was getting married to Tanya Denali,

Edward and I have been friends since birth, he was 18 and I was 17, just one year apart

Ever since the 8 grade, I started to get a crush on him, but I never told him how I felt, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship,

As the years went on I started to get closer to him, and I started to fall for him hard

Whenever I was with Edward I felt so many emotions, happiness, Love, comfort,

But he was never going to be mine,

Edward was a good looking guy, who could get any girl he wanted, or be the popular type of guy

He had untidy bronze hair, six foot five, and was bulky

But me I was, the a plane Jane, I had brown hair and eyes, five foot four and slim,

I was extremely shy around people, and I wasn’t good at fashion,

The girl Tanya, she was so much better than me.

Tanya had blond hair and blue eyes, five feet and could look like a model.

She was smart, funny, outgoing and so much more

I could never be at her rank,

Edward and Tanya where meant for each other, I just didn’t want to admit it .

Tanya never liked me or Alice, because we were always against her

But the rest of the Cullen’s loved her,

Alice was the only person I told, that I loved Edward.

I heard a knock on the door and was brought out of thought

"Come in” I said

Alice walked in wearing a dress, while I was still in my skinny jeans and long sleeved T-shirt with a pair of convers

"Bella why aren’t you dressed yet, it starts in half an hour" she said

"Alice" I said “I don’t think I can do this" I closed my eyes because they started to water

Alice sighed came over and gave me a hug

"I’m so sorry that you have to go through this Bella" she said in a sad voice while pulling me into a hug

"but if you don’t come" she paused then pulled away" Edward won’t go through with it “she wisped

"He needs you to be there" Alice said

The truth hurt, if Edward wouldn’t marry, because I wasn’t out there, I would stay in here for ever
But I knew that that’s not what he wanted, he wanted to be with Tanya, he wanted to be happy

"As long as he's happy, I guess" I sniffed

"But I’m not going to wear a dress" I said to her

"She was about to say something, but closed her mouth and gave me a comforting smile


30 minutes later


The guest where arriving to the house, the Cullen’s wanted the weeding to be at there house.

Emmet and jasper where dressed in a black tux

"Hay there Belly Bee !!!" Emmet shouted with a grin on his face

He came over and gave me one of his bear hugs

"Emmet can't breathe" I said

"Oh sorry" he said then he set me down and Japer gave me a hug

Emmet was going out with Rosalie and Jasper was going out with Alice

Edward and Tanya where only 18 almost turning 19, but they wanted to get married at a young age.

"Bella" I heard someone say from behind me

I looked back to see that it was Edward he was wearing a Black tux just like Emmet and Jasper but it had a better design

his hear was untidy and bronze, it looked as if he tried to fix it but failed

"Hey Edward, you look handsome today" I said to him

"You look “beautiful today Bella" he said giving me a hug

It felt so right to be in his arms like I could stay in theme forever

"Thank you for being here today “he said in a soft voice

And then me Heart sunk. I was here for Edwards weeding and I wasn’t the bride, I felt like crying at the moment but held it in

"What are friend are for?" I said, tears where coming down my face, Crap

"Bella, why are you crying?" they all asked concerned now

"I’m just so happy for Edward" I said while wiping my tears away, inside I was dying and crying my head off, it felt as if someone stook a blade in my heart.

"We are all" they said Emmet hit Edward on the back and Edward glared, I cracked a smile


20 minutes later

Edward was standing at the end of the Isle with Dr. Cullen standing next to him

Everyone was sitting down and waiting for the bride to walk in

And then the music turned on, the doors opened and in came Tanya, she was wearing a beautiful weight dress, her father at her arm, she had a smile on her face, just like everyone else,

Well except me and Alice, inside

soon they started to say there values, at the end the priest said" you may kiss the bride" Edward lifted the cover to her face and kissed her, and everyone cheered, some even cried out in joy,

I was crying to, but not from happiness, but heart break and sadness,

Alice looked at me, and gave me a sad look

I had to get out of here, I went up to the second floor and went to one of the balkanizes, I leaned over the wall and gazed out into the sky, it was slowly turning into Twilight,

I pulled out my IPod the song “Harder then you know “by escape the faith started to play

The words spoke to me, like it was made for my feelings for Edward

I felt a slight tap on my shoulder, I turned around to find Alice and Jasper giving me sad looks

"Bella" I’m so sorry" Jasper said

"About t what?" I asked

"What you had to do down there was brave, I could never do that" he said

"How do you know" I asked in a soft yet confused voice

"I told him" Alice suddenly piped in

"Why? “I let out a sigh

"He knew there was something Rong with you “she said

They both came over and gave me a hug

I felt comfort in my friends, hopeful I can make it through the after party


3 hours later


Everyone was having a great time, they were drinking and dancing

They had moved the after party to a casino in Seattle,

I was about to leave for home,
Because i felt tier

I was getting my coat when, I heard someone say my name

"Bella" he said in a drunken voice

Was there a drunken guy behind me from the engaged mint party

Looking behind me I found Edward lying on the floor

"Edward are you ok" I asked kind of shocked ,he never got this drunk at parities ,mostly at home with Jasper or Emmet

He didn’t respond, I went over to help him up

"Thanks baby" he said in a lazy voice

I blushed at him calling me that

"Ummm... you’re welcome" I said,

"Bella!!" someone shouted

I saw Jasper holding Emmet, who looked kind of drunk as well

"Hey jasper" I said

“Hey, you found Edward?" he asked surprised

"What" I asked

"He started to drink, for no reason he started to get upset and left Tanya drunk at the party “he said

"Oh "was all I could say Edward was putting all his weight on me

"Maybe you should take him home" Japers said, Emmet was poking him in the ribs and chest, It was kind of funny

"What about Tanya" I asked

"she’s going to stay with the girls at Rosalie’s house" he paused" they’re going to take her shopping tomorrow" he said

"I thought they were going to their honeymoon tonight" I asked

"They’re going on Sunday" he said “this might be your last chance to see him “Jasper stated, giving me a sad smile

today was Friday, but I had college classes on Sunday, I know I’m only 17 and in my junior year, but it’s never to early to plan out your life, that’s why I had to get home, so that I could sleep until Sunday and not have to worry or stress out because of today

"Ok, so ill drop him off” I said

"Thank you Bella “he said in a happy voice

"Whooooooooo Bella and Eddie are going to have fun tonight" shouted Emmet, he was still drunk, he was wiggling his eyebrows at me

"Shut up” I said and blushed

Jasper covered Emmet’s mouth and threw me a sorry look,

As I was walking with Edward to my car, I turned red thinking about Emmet’s words, but that could never happen, Edward was married now.

Soon we were at the house, I could see the Cullen house, the lights where still on

I parked my Chevy in front of the house, Carlisle and Esme walked out of the front Door to find us

"Bella “They asked “Is Edward ok?"

"He’s fine “I smiled

"He drank at the party to much" I said

"Ok then" they said

"Do you need help" they asked

"No I’m fine" I said

"Why are you guys still here" I asked" i thought you were at the party

"We had to come back to clean up just a little" Carlisle said

"Where having our honeymoon tomorrow”, Esme said “so where leaving tonight"

"Oh, well have fun “I smiled “you gona make me an aunt?” I asked and they chuckled

They both gave me a hug and where off

I helped Edward up the stairs and into his bed room, it was dark and there was a New moon outside of his window, it was barley visible

I helped Edward take off his tux and shoes,

He was still drunk by the looks of it

"Baby" Edward wined

"Edward ..... Ummm are you awake" I asked while poking his leg

"Come over here "he said, while sitting up and staring at me

He pulled me into a hug, for at least 5 minutes I sat there in his arms,

I tried to pull away, for a drunken guy he was strong

"Ummm.....Edward I have to go" I said trying to get out of his grip

"Don’t leave me alone" he said in a worried voice, he must have thought that I was Tanya

"Edward I have to..............."I was cut off by Edward, in a shocking way

Edward was kissing heart was beating fast, blood was rushing to my head, half of my mind was doing a happy dance and singing, but the other was yelling at me “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING,HE'S MARRIED"

I pulled away, feeling guilty" No Edward we can’t, you’re married to Tanya" I said but he was still kissing me on my neck

"But I love you" he said still kissing me

He pulled me towards him, and flipped me over

He was now hovering over me, his lips never leaving my skin

and then he kissed me again, oath of my arms where pinned to the side of my head, hats when my mind went blank, which was very bad, and when I mean bad, I mean really, really, really bad


End chapter R&R =)

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Love it!!!!!can't wait to read more!!!!!!!
love it updates please!
update soon
Love it!!!!
chapter 2

~Bellas pov~

the next moning when I woke up,I woke up to somthing strange

the bed was soft and comfterble,I rolled over and hit somthing hard

it coudent be a pillow, it was worm,and moving up and down

at first I ignored in,and cuddled closer into it,I felt so happy and safe here

and then somthing pulled me closer,and my eyes snapped open

I was sleeping on a bare chest,that wasant right

and then I started to remeber what happend last night

Edward had made love to me,

but that was rong he was also a husband to Tanya Denali

now I felt horible and guilty,I tried to push him away and sit up

but Edward didnt budge he only pulled me closer,and I fell on his chest again,

"dont leave" he mutterd in his sleep " I love you" he wisperd and my heart craked,

no you dont love me,you love Tanya,I thought

I wanted to stay in Edwards safe arms forever,but it was rong,just plane rong

and I didnt want to see Edward freak out, when he woke up and find out that he just made love to his friend and not his wife

I wated for a while untill he fell asleep again,and his grip losend, I got up and got dressed

I tried to wash up,as the best I could in Edwards batroom,before he could wake up

when I got back into Edwards room, he was still usleep,he looked like an angel

I walked over to him,and lightly louched his face, a smile grew on his lips

then I bent down and kissed Edward on his forhead and wisperd

"I love you Edward, I always will" I choked out,

becuse,this was the last time I was going to see his beautiful face,

Edward would never be mine, and he would never know about this speical night I spent with him

this was my first time I lost my virginity to my best friend, and I was happy about that

I could never trust anyone,not even Jacob black, but when it was Edward ,it just felt right

he stured in his sleep I thought I herd him mutter my name

my ears and brain where probably playing trikcs on me

I shook my head,then stood up and walked toword the door,I felt kind of teense,

I glanced back at Edward and wisperd" good bye" then closed the door gently

tears started to streme down my face, as I walked toword my truck and got in

but I had to keep strong,for Edward,and his family,fir my second family

if they ever found out that I slept with Edward

I would brake up there new family

I started to drive twords my house,Charlie was at work already

today I was going to miss out on class and stay home

I just didnt feel like going to school and moping around

my friends would ask questons

I took a shower and changed into new cloths,

then laid in my bed and tried to fall asleep,

I pulled out my head phones,and started to listen to my lullaby

soon I driffted into the dark, lisning to the song that Edward had made me

End R&R =)
so AWESOME!!!!
Chapter 3

Bella’s pov

I didn’t visit the Cullen’s for a while, I still felt bad about what had happened with me and Edward, the night was literally imprinted into my memory , it was killing me inside

Hours turned into days and days tuned into a month, the month turned into what felt like an eternity

Edward and Tanya had left to their honeymoon; I cringed, at what they could be doing right now

The Cullen’s grew worried about me I didn’t answer the phone or answer the door when the bell rang

Charlie was concerned about me, and was going to invite Dr Cullen over to the house, but I told him I was fine

For some reason he believed me, and didn’t inform Dr Cullen, at least now I didn’t have to worry about the Cullen’s

but that all changed one day, out of nowhere Emmet smashed down the front door and came running into the house

His face was worried and livid, I knew he would be angry with me, I made a promise to Emmet that I would tell him if I was having problems

Jasper was standing next to him the same expression; the girls were behind him with worried expressions

I was on the couch in the living room; hopefully Charlie wouldn’t mind the broken door

There was this sick feeling in my stomach; it’s started a couple day ago

"Bella?” they all asked and crowded around the couch, while I sat up on the couch and stared forward

I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want to look up into the eyes of my family, they could read me Easley

"Bella ?” I heard Emmet’s voice ask, he kneeled down in front of me and stared me strait in the eyes

"Belle Bear? Pleas speak to me” he begged" I’m worried, were all worried"

I glanced at Emmet, then everyone else and gave theme small smiles

"I’m fine, you guys, I’ve just been sick for a while" I stated then stood up and walked into the kitchen to get something to eat

I haven’t been eating that much either dropped about 10 pounds, but I didn’t tell Charlie, he would freak

I couldn’t find something to eat, so I just sat in my chair, the Rosalie and Alice took the others

While the guys stood up and leaned against the table still giving me concerned looks

"Bella, you’ve been missing for about a mount, we don’t even see you at lunch anymore"

When at school, I Didn’t eat in the lunch room anymore, I just sat in my car, thinking and sulking

"Bella, you need to tell us what’s’ve lost weight?, have you been eating?" This time it was Rosalie’s voice

I glanced at her and nodded my head, Rosalie was like an older sister to me, I didn’t want to lie,

After a while it was silent but Emmet started to go through the fridge and make breakfast, it was strange, because I was the one who cooked for the Cullen’s

"Were going to take care of you Bells ,until you’re better" Alice said “you always do it for us, so were here for you “I cracked a smile

"Thanks Alice “she smiled then glanced towards Emmet" Emmet can you help Bella up to her room, it looks like the couch is uncomfterble"

Emmet turned around, with a wicked grin, he always loved to carry and scare me "Emmet “she warned “don’t be rough, she’s sick “Emmet nodded his head

"Come on Baby Bella, let’s get you to Bed “Emmet conned and I glared, while the rest of the Cullen’s chuckled

Emmet picked me up without a warning, he was about to walk up the stairs when there was a knock at the door. I wonder who it is, I thought

Emmet layed me down onto the couch again “I’ll be back sis” he smiled, I watched over my shoulder as he opened up the door to the mysterious stranger ......

End chapter hope you like it =)R&R
Luv it

I love it!! Write more soon!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome!!! Please keep me updated!!!
Love  it... Who's at the door?
LOVE IT!!! Omg Bella should tell Alice, she'll think of something! I wonder if Edward even remembers!!!! Please update me?! Thank you! Please write soon!!! :)


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