The Twilight Saga

ok this is a story about if bella was in roasle's place and rosalie was in bella so if you don't like it don't read it thanks
[all cahracters belong to SM and mt books]

Whoa can you say boring? I thought while I was in my gemotrey class someone really needed to teach these kids how to mix and match with colors not neutrals.I think that was ny only mistanke in moving here no shopping partners well except for my dad but he didn't count.My purple marc jaob shirt, My seven jeans,yellow jacket and, orange wedges totally showed them whos boss.
"hello, ms.rosalie look at you,"Mike said flirting with me as always,"you're alive...."
"Yeah I am,"I said confiedently as always.
"Look I was wondering if You would like to go to the dance with me?"
"well I actually had plans that weekend so sorry."Though I wasn't really I just didn't like him I mean come on blonde and blonde not my style.THem walks in edward cullen the totally breathe taking one who I couldn't he;p but smile at .......

"Hey I was wonderin

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It awesome! Please Keep writing! Keep me posted please :-)


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