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Chapter 1.



 "Rose its not my fault she kissed me" i screamed. rose just caught Subrina kissing me and shes abt 2 destroy me. About a year ago Carlisle bit someone tht was dying of cancer and her name was Subrina. She became a Cullen and now we figured out she has a thing 4 me. And while Rosalie was hunting she took a kiss but Rose was done hunting and came in and saw. "bUT Emmett,she dosn't even way half as much as you. You could of easily thrown her off of u" she said. "Im sorry but i love u not her. Shes just some other new Cullen. Your'e my girl Rose." Just then Alice and Bellacame in. "Um were sorry 2 disturb."our little pixxie sister said. "But um Rose Subrina did kiss Emmett. He didnt kiss her. And remember technicaly she is still a newborn so she actualy stronger then him."Bella sed. "Fine fine i believe u guys sorry Emmett"rosalie finaly gave in. "Thank u"i sed. Ilooked at her with my big gold eyes she loves and she jumped in my arms. we kissed with so much feeling. it was my best kiss we shared in my oppinion.



Alice cleared her throat. all four of us chuckled."We'll leave u guys alone"she sed. And as thy walked out we shared another kiss full of forgivness and passion and love.



Even though Rosalie wuld give me up 2 be human i love her with all of me. She is my reason to live. She pulled her lips from mine"I forgive u but im never letting u out of my sight with Subrina. And were going to have a talk with her and Carlisle." "Deal"i whispered. and the whole night well u kno. lol.



The next day at breakfest. "Daddy can i go 2 the park"my sweet frootloop of a nease asked Edward. "Um yes. Maybe all the girls of the house would like to go 2." he answerd. "Thats a fantastic idea lets go"my mother answered. After everyone said good bye subrina said "um i actualy need to go hunting so i"ll meet u girls there after im done. um Emmett wuld u lyk 2 goin me? Just the 2 of us?" i cant believe she jst askd me tht infront of everyone. Including Rose! "Um why Subrina? no im good i'll stay with my dad and brothers. bye." Rosalie looked at me with a good job expression. "Fine. Then i'll stay." "I dont think thts a good idea Subrina" my dad told her. "I dont think so either" Rosalie sed taking a step glaring at Subrina. subrina walked to the car where Renesmee and all the other girls were waiting and watching.



They left and i sighed. and my 2 sarcastic brother laughed.   We sat down and started discusing wat we shuld do abt the thing. 3 hours later Ring Ring! My phone it sed Bella so i put it on speaker 4 edward and evryone else. On it Renesmee was screaming words. I culdn't understand. All i culd makeout were the words: Aunt Rosalie Subrina woods next to house and the word fight. We all immediatley ran fullspeed to get across the lake to them. all i could think was oh my gosh Rose please no. Rose dnt get hurt. We got 2 them and........


Tell me what u thnk. I'll tell u wat happens in the next chapter.  

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lovvvveee it
Chapter 8-Renesmee.

We were trying to find a parking spot when momy said "Remember Renesmee don't touch Ms.Jessica,becaus of your gift.""Yes ma'm"Isaid in response.Dady gets mad if i don't use good manners towards momy.I try to do my best.We parked in the 3rd row in the 7th spot.We walked up and there was Ms.Jessica waiting."Hey"momy said giving her a hug."Hi Bella.""Um Jessica this is my daughter,Renesmee"she said taking my hand."Hello nice to meet you Ms.Jessica"I said smiling."Hi. Wow Bella she's a perfect resemblance of you and Edward"she said in aw.Momy laughed."Most people say she is a little Edward"she said laughing.Jessica laughed too,"Well she certaintly has manners like him.""Dady"Isaid. We all laughed.This was the first time Jessica and i have meet.

"Where to first"Jessica asked looking at momy."Um i dont care.Renesmee do you want anything"she asked."No but i have an idea.We should get Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rosalie a gift.""Oh ya hows everybody"Ms.Jessica asked."Um fine thats a good idea Renesmee.""What about 'Girls Blus Clothing Store'"i suggested."Ok "momy and Jessica agreed.We walked into the store."Oh im sorry i didn't notice what happend to your arm Ms.Jessica asked with alot of curiosity on her face."Um i broke it.I.....I...I was climbing a treee and fell"Isaid as an exscuse."Oh im sorry honey"she said in response.She didnt even relize my studder of my lie.Momy was looking at plad clothe capreeze so was Jessica.

"Momy can i go look at those earings"i asked.There was a spinning little rack that earings were on.They looked pretty and i was thinking of Aunt Rose."Sure but just there then come straight back"she said serisouley.Momy is very worried about my safty,always has been always will.I turned around towards the earings.They were all very pretty but none caught my eye except one pair.They were dark red rose buds with green as the center.I thought these would be perfect for Auntie Rose.I went back to momy and Ms.Jessica."What about these"i sugested holding up the earings."They are gergouse i think rosalie would love them"Ms.Jessica said admiring them.I put them in our shopping basket.At that store momy got those earings for Rose and a pair of light,and dark blue plad clothe capreeze.Ms.Jessica got a very pretty purple necklace.

(The next chapter is also going to be part of their shopping trip and the shopping trip ends in the next chapter sorry ive not been posting alot and theres not been any really interesting chapter bt i hav the next 2 already writtin and chapter 10 is so cool something big happens)
Chapter 9-Renesmee

After 'Girls Blus Clothing Store' we went and got Uncle Emmett a shirt that says 'Wanna wrestle i bet i bet i'll win'. Momy said it fits his personality great, i agree."Momy since i was so good can we go into the kids bookstore"i try to use my puppy dog face. Ms.Jessica laughed, Momy smiled,"Of course."

I looked around for about 15 minutes and found a circus coloring book i wanted and something else. Momy and Jessica were sitting in chairs next to the register. I put the coloring book in momys lap. I noticed she picked out a book and Ms.Jessica picked out 2. I held up a paint set in my good arm "pretty please!" They both laughed,"I love you,yes sweetie you can get it.""I love you too!" I kissed my moms cheek. We payed and started walking towards the cars.

"Thanks for calling we had fun"momy said before going to our car to Ms.Jessica. "Thanks for coming,i had fun too. Bye Bella bye Renesmee. Tell Edward i say hi.""Will do"my mom shouted back. Then we split up to our cars. Momy put the bags in the trunk and helped me in and buckle up because of my arm. On the way home this is all that happend. "I like her"I said. "Good. Oh and nice fast exscuse about your arm honey"momy said smiling glancing at me in the nirror. I giggled.

We got home and dady helped carry in the bags. We showed them what we got. They said Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rosalie would absolutley love their presents. Jasper and them were still hunting. That night Aunt Alice and I made tortias for dinner. I colored 4 pictures in my coloring book, there are 36 in all. Grandpa said I didn't have to take my medacine for my arm if i didn't hurt, which it didn't, so i didn't. They wern't back from their hunting trip by my bed time and momy said i had to go to bed ontime tonight, 7:45. So dady said i can give them their presents tomorrow. My parents and i went back to our cabin so i can go to bed. I was asleep by 8:00.

(The next chapter is the 10th chapter. Theres only 2 0r 3 chapters left in my FanFic. Hope you enjoy!)


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