The Twilight Saga



Chapter 1.



 "Rose its not my fault she kissed me" i screamed. rose just caught Subrina kissing me and shes abt 2 destroy me. About a year ago Carlisle bit someone tht was dying of cancer and her name was Subrina. She became a Cullen and now we figured out she has a thing 4 me. And while Rosalie was hunting she took a kiss but Rose was done hunting and came in and saw. "bUT Emmett,she dosn't even way half as much as you. You could of easily thrown her off of u" she said. "Im sorry but i love u not her. Shes just some other new Cullen. Your'e my girl Rose." Just then Alice and Bellacame in. "Um were sorry 2 disturb."our little pixxie sister said. "But um Rose Subrina did kiss Emmett. He didnt kiss her. And remember technicaly she is still a newborn so she actualy stronger then him."Bella sed. "Fine fine i believe u guys sorry Emmett"rosalie finaly gave in. "Thank u"i sed. Ilooked at her with my big gold eyes she loves and she jumped in my arms. we kissed with so much feeling. it was my best kiss we shared in my oppinion.



Alice cleared her throat. all four of us chuckled."We'll leave u guys alone"she sed. And as thy walked out we shared another kiss full of forgivness and passion and love.



Even though Rosalie wuld give me up 2 be human i love her with all of me. She is my reason to live. She pulled her lips from mine"I forgive u but im never letting u out of my sight with Subrina. And were going to have a talk with her and Carlisle." "Deal"i whispered. and the whole night well u kno. lol.



The next day at breakfest. "Daddy can i go 2 the park"my sweet frootloop of a nease asked Edward. "Um yes. Maybe all the girls of the house would like to go 2." he answerd. "Thats a fantastic idea lets go"my mother answered. After everyone said good bye subrina said "um i actualy need to go hunting so i"ll meet u girls there after im done. um Emmett wuld u lyk 2 goin me? Just the 2 of us?" i cant believe she jst askd me tht infront of everyone. Including Rose! "Um why Subrina? no im good i'll stay with my dad and brothers. bye." Rosalie looked at me with a good job expression. "Fine. Then i'll stay." "I dont think thts a good idea Subrina" my dad told her. "I dont think so either" Rosalie sed taking a step glaring at Subrina. subrina walked to the car where Renesmee and all the other girls were waiting and watching.



They left and i sighed. and my 2 sarcastic brother laughed.   We sat down and started discusing wat we shuld do abt the thing. 3 hours later Ring Ring! My phone it sed Bella so i put it on speaker 4 edward and evryone else. On it Renesmee was screaming words. I culdn't understand. All i culd makeout were the words: Aunt Rosalie Subrina woods next to house and the word fight. We all immediatley ran fullspeed to get across the lake to them. all i could think was oh my gosh Rose please no. Rose dnt get hurt. We got 2 them and........


Tell me what u thnk. I'll tell u wat happens in the next chapter.  

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ok i wil thnx
wow i really want to know what happens next
lol ok i will post chapter 2 nxt week probaly
next week.. i dont think i can wait that
haha i feel the same way abt another fanfic clld rizing horizon srry u'll jst hav 2 be patient
patient isnt my speaciality. ^-^
so good!
what happened!? lol
lol u'll find out i'll probaly post chapter 2 nxt week
luv it keep me posted
ok will do


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