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I would like one :) Your banners look awesome
Oh of course Minn! :) I understand, unless they're character banners or something I don't particularly like making multiple banners for a FF(:
I'm sorry if I offended you I just really needed a banner soon because I am going to be finishing my fan fiction and its a pain to keep typing the same thing. And I do value your time and effort in fact I used to have a banner shop and I am aware how hard it is. I ordered it from several shops so that I could see the different styles that the designers could do and didn't have to tell one designer to make me several. Frankly, I thought it would be easier for you that way.
It is Rachel, and I appreciate your concern for the designers(: If your banner is not first on my list, however, you'll have to wait a bit lol
Thats fine :)
Omigosh Emily I am SO SORRY I never got to yours!!!!!!!! :(

Texture by Lauren!!!

Let me know if it doesn't work -- I'm experimenting with the sizes of profile pics :D
thats awesome! thanks!
Love's Overrated
The summary is on this link as well as the story
Hailey, I'm gonna need pics to make a banner... (:
Ha ha, thanks for being patient! :D
Title~ A Father's Unknown Love
Author~ Corey26
Quote~ "Did you ever think about what I wanted?! Once???"

Summary~Alright I know this has been done before, but not by me. So in this fan fic, Bella and Edward’s compromise happens in between Twilight and New Moon. But in this compromise, they are together and then are planning to get married, when Bella’s birthday party happens and then the Cullen’s leave. Well, about a week later, Bella finds out she’s pregnant. When she gives birth, she has Renesmee. Well, a visiting vampire named Antonio, a former Volturi member, who, after Carlisle left from his time from the Volturi, had a realization and disappeared, living as a vegetarian nomad. Right before Bella is about to die, he changes her. When she wakes, she falls in love with Antonio and they have a life together. She changes her last name and they, Antonio, Bella and Renesmee, live as a family. Bella never tells Nessie of Edward or the Cullens.
Eventually, they decide to take up a semi-permanent residents in Alaska, where the Cullens are living with the Denali’s again. Nessie goes to high school, now looking about 15-16, but with a different last name, the Cullen’s have no idea who or what she is.





i would love it if you could make this banner

PS: you don't have to use those pics, their just the ones I found
Sorry this is taking so long, I have a draft all made! (: Almost done!


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