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Glad you like it!!! (:
i have a request
Special Order ~
could you add at least one of these quotes?
-but why is the rum gone?

-you are, without a doubt the worst pirate i've ever heard of.
-ah, but you have heard of me.

-you're mad.
-but if i wasn't, this would've probably never worked.

do whatever you want with this and take your time, there is no rush
thanx in advance :]
Until I finish all the orders!
Thank you for your patience!
<3 Ash
Love Songs --

Texture by Vampire Girl

Purple Rose --

Texture by Snowii

Kaitlyn Marie --

Texture by Eva

(Kaitlyn -- Not sure if the size will be right... let me know if it isn't!)
A Necklace --

Texture by Paige

In A Heartbeat --

Texture by Rhia

Jack Sparrow --

Texture by Xenia

Officially open for orders again!
Thank you for your patience!
<3 Ash
Can I have 2 more banners?
Title-When we meet again
Author-Michie Cullen
Quote- Half Human, Half Vampire... What will Bella do when her real parents come into her life?

Summary-So This story kinda begins differently, Bella has stayed in Arizona all throughout High School. So she decides to go to College in Forks. To stay in touch with Charlie. And here is a twist. Charlie and Renee Adopted her. Esme is her Biological Mother. And Bella is half-vampire Renee and Charlie know, But have kept it a secret for Bella's sake. So what will happen when she returns to the Rainy town of Forks, and encounters Esme? Will she know who she is? And I bet your wondering were Edward fits in this Story?




Title- Bitter or Sweet Pleasures
Author- Michie Cullen
Quote- It's been 4 years. There are new Vampires, Victoria is dead. And you come back

Summary- What if Jake jumped of the cliff with Bella.Edward who had never gone to the Volturi. Bella would still be waiting them to come back. While the pack hunter Victoria. 3 years later new vampires come and bella,and the people of La Push are under 24/7 watch by the wolves. 1 year later they come back. Bella welcomes them back. Everyone but edward.



title:There Goes My Life
summary:Based of the Kenny Chesney song 'There Goes My Life'. This will be emmetts thoughts of the birth of his daughter. Leading up to when he finds out at homecoming game to the birth.
quote: whatever you can think of

if you can have emmett and rosalie somewhat see through so that the focus can be on their daughter. that would be perfect


no rush on this one
Oh I'm sorry Michie, I never saw these! I'll make them soon! (:
AHHHH! IAN SOMERHALDER!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3 :DD


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