The Twilight Saga

Renesme POV


Chapter 1.

 I was in mom and dad's house, grandpa Carlisle was vistiting our cottage. It was nice when Carlisle came alone, a break from Aunt Alice and Aunt Rosalie's fashion show with me. The best part of my day is when Jacob comes to bring me to La Push. I always have fun, we never have nothing to do.


 Carlisle went home, Esme was making a plan to make a stone wall around the house. The door bell rang. Mom went to the door. Dad smiled. " That's Jacob alright!" He smiled. "Hey Bella!" Jacob smiled. " She's already fed and she is very excited to see you." Mom told him. "Ok, I'll get her tired." Jacob chuckled. I walked in the room. " Hi Jacob!" I grinned. "I missed you Nessie!" Jacob picked me up.


 We walked outside. Jacob opened the door of Billy's truck he'd borrowed, helping me with my seatbelt. "So, what should we do today?" Jacob asked. " Do you think it's too cold for swimming?" I asked. "Nope. We should get our swimsuits from my room. Still have yours from last time." Jacob smiled. Last time I fell in the water. "Don't bring it up!" I groaned. He smiled and opened the car door.


 We went into Jacob's room to get our swimsuits. "Privacy!" I giggled pointing toward the door. "Of course my dear!" Jacob walked out the door. I put on my blue swimsuit with a little blood stain from when I hunted right after swimming. Mom couldn't find a way to get it out.


 The waves were at high tide. "Whoa! Lots of water today." Jake exclaimed looking at me. Quil and Embry were walking by. "Hey guys!" Jacob said, picking me up. "Hey Jake. Nice weather isn't it!" Quil grinned. I heard a big rumble. "Did you here that!" I asked, a worried look on my face. "Yeah, wonder what it is!" Embry cocked his head. "Lets go see." Jacob said. "Leah! Can you watch Nessie?" Jacob asked. "It's in my abilities Mr. bad grammar!" Leah laughed. "Will you please watch Nessie?" Jacob asked. "Of course I will! Come on sweetie!" Leah smiled.


 We walked in the Clearwater's house, Seth was drinking chocolate milk. "Hi Seth!" I said. "Hey girls! Where's Jake?" Seth asked. "Looking for the booming noise." Leah answered.  Jacob and Quil ran in! "What happned!" Leah exclaimed. "Danger! Renesme I'm taking you home!" Jacob looked horrified! "What is it?" I asked. "I'll explain later!" Jacob said. We ran to the car.


** I will continue if there are any comments to do so.**

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thats reallly good please write more and send me a messge when you do:)
good chapter
continue writing more
This is sooo goood !

Just asking.. But how old Nessie spose to be in this ? :]

Haha, Keep writing ! :D
Just so you know Renesme is 10. (fast growth.)
Chapter 2. (Renesme POV)

Jacob drove really fast. I could barely see where we were going. We stopped about a few steps away from home. Dad and Mom ran to the truck fast. "Jake what happened!" Mom exclaimed. "The Volturi came as a threat. It was Aro, Caius, and the short on Jane." Jacob sounded scared.

"Renesme! Run to get your clothes. Im guessing your staying with Jacob for a while." Dad looked sad. I ran towards the house while the grown ups talked. I grabbed all my things and put them in two bags. I wondered if I would ever see anyone, ever. I saw Jacob in my mirror's reflection. "You done?" He asked. "Yeah." I answered. He grabbed the bags and we ran outside.

Grandma Esme scooped me into her arms. "We'll miss you baby!" She hugged me tight. The hardest person to say goodbye to was mom. We were both crying by just looking at eachother. " Renesme, I love you. We may see eachother again, but for a few months you'll be with Jacob." She looked sad. "Months?" I asked sadly. "Hopefully. I hope this isn't forever!" She cried. We hugged.

I sat in the back of the car and waved. Dad seemed the most upset, looking into my eyes, holding mom towards his chest. Soon they were nowhere in sight. "Are you ok?" Jacob asked. "I'll miss them." I cried. "It's ok. Just have faith. It's the best we can do." Jacob answered.

I honestly had no faith. I guessed the Volturi would kill them all. I sighed. "Want to hunt quick or get some drive thru food?" Jacob asked. "Whichever." I sighed. "Don't be so mopey." He smiled. I smirked. "Drive thru." I answered and we drove to the nearest burger joint.

(To Be Continued! Third chapter coming!)
love it UPDATE SOON and can you plz update mee!?
love it
waiting for next chapter and please update me
I will, no worries!
Thats so good! Renesmee is adorable! Send me another message when you put the 3rd chapter up!
Thanks. I'm a little sick so I'll try to write some more tonight
Renesme POV
Chapter 3.
I looked at a picture of my parents. Even though it was Jacob I loved, it would be a nice thought that they were alive. We stopped at an airport. Jacob opened the door. "Thanks." I said, I jumped out. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Alaska. The Elders of my kind live there. So instead of looking at the sky, we can phisically talk to them." He answered. "Are they able to leave? Is Alaska Heaven?" I had so many questions. Jacob chuckled. "Only heaven to werewolves. They aren't able to leave. Unless they give up helping. And they want to die. And never see anything ever again, except darkness." Jacob said.

We got on the plane. Soon enough we landed. Jacob run through the woods, I was faster I knew so I stayed at his pace. "I know you won't be, I have to be a wolf in order to communicate with the elders. Please don't be scared." He handed me his shirt. We ran in together. Jacob bowed down to the tallest wolf. I couldn't understand them. All a heard were growls and howls. Finally the elders seemed to agree with Jacob.

Soon they were all human forms. "Hello young Nessie" The tall one said. "I am Jacob's grandfather Emphriam." The tall one said. "Hi. Do you understand what I am?" I asked. "Yes I do. You aren't against the law at all." Emphriam said. "All of you, go to the woods, I'd like to talk to the child, alone." Emphriam ordered. They all left, accept for Jacob. "That includes you grandson." Emphriam smiled. Jacob kissed my forehead and ran off with the others.

( Chapter 5. Coming Soon! Sorry this was so short, I have a cold.)


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